Kartra vs. Clickfunnels: What’s The Right Platform to Grow Your Business?

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Sales funnel builders are versatile online marketing software which contains all the tools that a business needs to communicate, market, advertise, computerize, and increase revenue.

It is used in creating the necessary systems that a client makes use of when they try to purchase from you. Overall, it can also have important communication features such as webinars, seminars, courses, and even affiliate marketing.

It is important to get an efficient yet effective Sales Funnel Builder for your business, as it can make or break your profits. Prospective subscribers need to know the pros and cons of the different software in the industry so that they can find one best suited for their needs.

Presently, two Sales Funnel Builder are in close competition with each other: Kartra and Clickfunnels. Both of these softwares have their own strengths and weaknesses, but you still have to use only one of them. I acknowledge that you only want to make use of the Builder that best suits your business, so let me tackle Kartra and Clickfunnels deeply for you.


Kartra is an all-in-one business management platform designed for online marketing, e-mail marketing, list building, and web-hosting. By using one account through their software, you gain access to profit-increasing advantages that has benefited many businesses in the industry. The application was created by Genesis Digital Company which was founded in 2013. Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime developed the system to help marketers like them in having easy lives. Today, it stands strong as one of the most well-loved Sales Funnel Builder in the world.

Kartra uses web-based systems to operate. Its computations occur in the cloud network, and it is mainly used on personal computers and laptops. Compared to its competitor ClickFunnels, Kartra is relatively new in the industry; but it is still making impact in terms of sales and audience. Their all-in-one system might be seen as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none application, but many clients are satisfied with it. Kartra has received positive reviews in its short time in the industry.

Overall, Kartra is suitable for online professionals who are determined to create their own brand in the industry. If you desire to increase competitiveness through full access in web-hosting, affiliate marketing, and online marketing, then the software would be perfect for you. Just keep in mind that Kartra requires time to learn due to its numerous features when compared to ClickFunnels.

Here are the pros and cons of Kartra


·        Effective brand promoting strategies

·        All-in-one platform that does everything excellently

·        Removes the need for third-party e-mail marketing and video hosting software


·        Smaller community

·        Steep learning curve, difficult to master

·        Vague steps in funnel creation


ClickFunnels was created in 2014 for the purpose of improving the time’s Funnel Building solutions. Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, through numerous frustrations facing incompetent Sales Funnel Builders, decided to create a system that would allow them to create funnels efficiently and seamlessly. The software has gained massive traction and impact in the industry, as it became the default go-to application for funnels. ClickFunnels has simply mastered the art of building landing pages for the benefits of their customers.

ClickFunnels puts great emphasis on making a business owner’s life easier. Thus, they have created a system which only requires dragging and dropping for development. This makes funnel creation easier for solopreneurs and entry-level owners, as they don’t have to face further complications. With this, converting clicks to sales becomes less stressful and more productive, resulting in better sales and profits.

The strength of the application lies in making easy and straightforward marketing steps and processes for its patrons. With numerous pre-built funnels to follow, there is no need to reverse engineer your business just for the sake of creating better sales funnels.

Here are the pros and cons of ClickFunnels:


·        Great for entry-level business owners and solopreneurs

·        Easy and straightforward funnel building process

·        Integration with other autoresponders


·        Not all-inclusive (lacks some of the features offered by Kartra such as video hosting)

·        Requires knowledge in integration of third-party software

·        Focused more on landing pages, and lacks emphasis on other pieces

Features face-to-face: Summary

Interface Design

·        Kartra has a great design that is suited for online marketers who want to create their brand

·        ClickFunnels has an interface great for individuals who lean towards creating landing pages for profitability

Free Plans

·        Kartra offers no free trial for businesses.

·        ClickFunnels has a 14-day free trial for prospective clients.

Monthly Subscription

·        Kartra’s basic plan is $99 a month, while the platinum plan is priced at $499 a month.

·        ClickFunnels has a basic plan of $97 a month and a platinum plan of at $297 a month.

Business Suitability

·        Kartra is useful for people who desire to run and grow their businesses in one all-inclusive software

·        ClickFunnels is beneficial for business owners who want to sell and promote products, courses, and services online.

Now that you have read the basic advantages and disadvantages that they offer, its time to delve deeper into their features. In this section, we will look at basic Sales Funnel Builder functions such as Landing Page Builder, Membership Site Builder, E-mail Marketing, Video Hosting, Webinar, Pricing and Support. We will also declare the winner of each section so that you’ll have a grand idea regarding your choice.

Sales Funnel Builder Major Features

Landing pages

Landing pages are unique web pages that are purposefully designed for marketing and advertising. Simply put, these are the pages that a visitor is directed to once they click a link from Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, Twitter, Google or other sites in the internet. Having a great landing page is crucial for a business, since it makes or breaks connection with a client. Your future sales funnel software should be capable of creating attractive yet efficient landing pages that will complement your business.


Kartra’s Landing Page Editor is easy to use and efficient. It maximizes productivity and minimizes effort with the help of its drag and drop mechanism. With this, there is no need for lengthy coding, since the system can shape your desired page with just a click.

If you desire to lessen activity in selecting the pieces of the landing page, then you can make use of their numerous templates. This way, you can save time in deciding as they have drafts ready for your convenience. Do not worry, because these templates are still customizable depending on your tastes.

Kartra can also make your life easier due to the page’s easy integration to the software’s other features such as webhosting, video-hosting and affiliate-marketing. The apps all-in-one capability is maximized in the landing page, and there is no need to include third party software in this process.

As a new software in the industry, Kartra does not have the same speed as its ClickFunnels Landing Page Editor counterpart. It can also be quite harder to use, since it is a reality that Kartra’s competitor has spent more time studying and mastering the Landing Page interface.


I am not exaggerating when I tell you that ClickFunnels has mastered everything about Landing Page Funnels. They are excellent in this part, and they take pride in breakneck speeds in editing and creating. Like Kartra, the software uses a drag and drop method, but it is noticeable that theirs is easier to manipulate.

As a pioneer in Landing Funnel creation, they have dozens of templates to choose from. Entry-level business owners will not be lost in the process as they’ll have drafts to benchmark upon. Furthermore, they offer an overall view of all the pages you have created for correction purposes. This way, errors in design can easily be identified.

ClickFunnels has developed and added m any features to their landing page, and they sometimes meet bugs here and there. However, these glitches are no big deal, and they are easily resolved by the software maintenance team. ClickFunnels is a real powerhouse in Landing Page creation, and they can be pretty hard to dethrone.

Match-up Results

In terms of Lead Page Creation, both software has a drag and drop system which makes things easier for patrons. They also have unique templates to serve as guides for users.

What sets the two apart from each other is their speed in usage. Clearly, ClickFunnels has been known as the pioneer in Lead Page creation and they have a better system that is faster and more efficient.

In terms of learning curve, ClickFunnels is easier to master since it doesn’t have the all-in package which Kartra has. Even though Kartra has its standalone web-hosting system, ClickFunnels still clinches this feature.

Result: ClickFunnels

Membership Site Creation

Membership sites are areas in your business that only active members have access to. Contents of these sites can range from exclusive products, discounts, specific communities, and even bonuses. With membership sites, connections with clients become stronger. These pages can be free or paid, depending on your preferences as a business owner.


Kartra’s membership site creator is capable of doing anything that you can think about. Thanks to their all-in package containing different features, their system allows you to appropriate and integrate different processes that can improve your page. With their help, it is possible to create levels for better audience targeting.

Similar to their Landing Page creator, Kartra’s Membership Site Creator also uses a drag and drop feature. This allows users to increase their productivity, as the hassles of coding are left behind. This way, business owners can focus more on creation rather than planning.


ClickFunnels Membership Page Creator seems to be stagnant with no clear signs of improvement over the past years. Subscribers of the product are often found with complaints regarding that they run this specific service. Furthermore, there is little to no support when it comes to video hosting, and this can be a problem in an era where multimedia dominates advertising.

Without inhouse systems such as native integrations, some modern day processes can prove to be fatal in ClickFunnels. For example, inserting multiple videos produces some issues that could have been easily solved by add-ons. This creates some trouble especially for those who desire to create their personal online brand.

Match-up Results

While the Landing Page Creation of both systems are close, it is clear that Kartra dominates the Membership Site Creation part. With many native applications that come with the application, owners have more freedom to exercise what they want with their pages. This allows better connection with clients, as well as more remarkable identity in a brand or service. Kartra single-handedly wins this portion due to its strength in adaptability,

Result: Kartra

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the easiest ways to gain traction and viewership in your business page. This is a method of sending various mails to prospective customers in hopes that they respond positively and subscribe to your product. A great Sales Funnel Builder makes use of a well-designed e-mail marketing system to reach out to possible customers and clients.


Kartra’s E-mail Marketing system is available in all their plans, even the most basic one. With their e-mail marketing by your side, you will be assured that broadcasts and sequences are read by your target individuals. They also have lots of automatic commands to minimize human intervention and error. To top it off, this service is native to the software, so no third-party integration is needed.

Kartra’s E-mail system is on par with other known marketing solutions int the market. Some even argue that it is better due to easier usage and familiarity. This e-mail system is supported by Kartra’s cloud servers, and this can make the process fast and reliable.

Major cons in this section is that Kartra has a watermark that may look very unprofessional. This can destroy an e-mail's formality, but it is still a small issue. Overall, the software’s e-mail marketing is one of the best in the market.


ClickFunnels, on the other hand, has an e-mail marketing system available in their Platinum package. For some of you, you might think that this system is intricate since it is only usable at the most expensive plan; but this isn’t true. Even at a high price, ClickFunnel’s e-mail marketing system is basic, and this can be a major turn-off.

Yes, it is possible to integrate a third-party e-mailing system if you are not satisfied with the built-in one, but this requires additional cash. This can also be difficult since there will be a need to learn the new software installed. For entry-level business owners which are ClickFunnels’ main customers, this can be a real hassle.

A notable feature in ClickFunnels’ e-mail marketing system is the follow-uo which allows owners to reach customers through text messaging. However, there are little to no segmenting features that you can tinker, and this can be a hassle in the long run.

Match-up Results

In terms of E-mail Marketing, Kartra’s system clinches the top spot once again. The built-in support has more advantages and disadvantages, and it allows you to save time and money when you use it. Furthermore, this system is included in all their packages compared to ClickFunnels’ which is only usable in the platinum one. You can do almost anything with Karta’s e-mailing system, and this can be a great leverage for brand-focused business or product-focused ones.

Result: Kartra

Video Hosting

Today’s society is focused more on the visuals. People nowadays have a shorter attention span, and videos prove to be beneficial in keeping them hooked. A great Sales Funnel Builder makes use of appropriate video hosting to attract audiences and keep them occupied. In this section, we will look at the capabilities of both software in terms of multimedia integration.


Kastra supports native video-hosting in its software. There are even added features for better usability such as command clicks and analytics. To better connect with audiences, an owner can choose to apply tags in the videos. This can generate more lead and viewership to your Landing Pages while giving a strong appeal to customers.

With a very concrete and strong video hosting system, Kartra users do not need additional costs for third-party applications. The features of their platform are flexible and adaptable based on your needs. Any owner has a chance to express themselves using this tool, and it can greatly help in generating profit and revenue.


There is not much to say regarding ClickFunnel’s video hosting. They do not support such syste, and there is a need to apply for third-party sites. Youtube and Vimeo are good choices for the software, and these are commonly used by ClickFunnels users.

When integrating a third-party video hosting, fees may be incurred. This can be a great downfall since it would mean additional costs for you and your business. There are free ones such as Youtube, but it has its own limitations and disadvantages.  

Match Results

Due to ClickFunnels’ lack of video hosting, Kartra easily takes this section away. With a powerful system that can match most video hosting platforms in the market, one can even say that Kartra is to good to be true in the aspect. With this application by your side, it is guaranteed that you can express your videos and media properly and attractively.

Result: Kartra


Many business owners see pricing as an indicator in going for a Sales Funnel Builder. It is important to look at this aspect to better the two software.


Kartra’s basic plan starts at $99 per month. With it, you’ll have 2500 leads, 1 custom domain, 100 pages, and 2 membership sites. You get all the features in this plan, such as video-hosting and e-mail marketing.

Their most advanced plan is priced at #499 per month. You are given 50,000 contacts, 10 domains, unlimited pages, products, and membership sites. This is an all-inclusive plan with every single feature embedded.


ClickFunnels’ basic plan starts at $97 per month. With it, 20 funnels are included, as well as 100 pages. You are also given 3 domains to use. There is limited access to some features such as their Backpack and e-mail marketing sytems.

Their platinum plan costs $297 a month. It is created for larger businesses, and contains unlimited pages, funnels, websites and domains. In this plan, the Backpack is included, as well as the native e-mail marketing software.

Match Results

Yes, ClickFunnel might be cheaper, but Kartra’s features are all-inclusive even in their most basic package. This makes Kartra the winner of this match, as they are a more practical choice in the market in terms of price.

Result: Kartra


Here is the match-up breakdown of the two Sales Funnel Builders.

·        Landing Page Creator – ClickFunnels

·        Membership Site Creator – Kartra

·        E-mail Marketing – Kartra

·        Video Hosting – Kartra

·        Pricing – Kartra

Choose Kartra:

·        If you desire better control in your business with all-inclusive features

·        If you are a brand-focused business who aims to create identity

·        If you are concerned about video hosting and e-mail marketing

·        If you are capable steep learning curves

·        If you are focused on business growth through different systems and processes

Choose ClickFunnels:

·        If you are looking for an excellent Landing Page Creator

·        If you desire product selling rather than brand-improving

·        If you want to improve your funnel building expertise

·        If you desire an easier way to create funnels

With all these things laid out, it is now your decision to choose a Sales Funnel Builder that best suits your need. Always remember that both of these have advantages and disadvantages, and the best software depends on your business type and business goals. With the correct Sales Funnel Builder, it is a guarantee that your profits and revenues will grow. Choose wisely to get the system that can best benefit you and your business!

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