How Much Does Lexington Law Cost? Reviews, Pros and Cons (2020)

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Lexington Law helps buyers rectify their credit scores. For a month to month expense, it will assist you to evacuate negative things from your credit report. The method can, within a number of months, lead to a better, a much better a higher, a stronger, and an improved credit score. With the assistance of Lexington Law, you'll evacuate, out of line, misleading, or unconfirmed negative items from your credit history. Lexington Law might too grant you the devices and abilities you’d have to screen your credit history and keep up a great credit score in the future.

How does it work?

Lex Law’s first step is to confirm all the data on your credit report. In this first stage of the credit repair handle, you'll get a duplicate of your report and counsel with the lawyers and paralegals from Lexington Law to choose which items in your credit report may be contested. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires credit bureaus to record only irrefutable and exact data. In the event that the negative things on your credit report don't meet these criteria, they must be removed. If you recognize erroneous or deceiving negative things on your reports, Lexington Law’s lawyers will send letters to the three credit bureaus asking these things to be removed. If these negative items alone are causing your awful credit, you’ll be back in commerce inside a couple of months.

Does Lexington Law really remove charge offs?

Lexington Law can't ensure that it can remove a charge off. In any case, depending on the circumstances, it may be able to induce a charge of expulsion from an individual's credit report. Generally, banks charge off debt once it has gone unpaid for 180 days. In a few cases, you'll be able to get a charge off expelled by disputing it or arranging payment in trade for the lender checking the debt as paid in full. While Lexington Law doesn't say how many charges it has gotten expelled for the sake of its clients, it includes charge offs on its list of services for which it can offer assistance.

How much does Lexington Law cost for credit repair?

Concord Standard:

The fundamental plan, Concord Standard, costs $89.95 a month, and it provides the devices most individuals got to get their credit score repaired. This plan gives you the fundamental credit repair benefit that incorporates bureau challenges furthermore lender challenges recorded on your behalf by Lexington Law Firm. This plan can help ensure you get reasonable credit announcements by your lender and an exact score from the credit bureaus. Eventually, you’ll get offer assistance implementing the Reasonable Credit Detailing Act.

Concord Premier:

If you would like more effective service devices, Concord Premier can provide them. This service level includes a month to month credit score investigation and continuous credit checking on the beat of the Standard plan’s features. This service level costs $109.95 per month. This can be the finest credit repair plan for anybody on a budget who still needs control over their credit score repair.

Premier Plus:

The best complete plan is called Premier Plus. It costs $129.95 per month. The Premier Plus subscription features following and investigation of FICO scores and offers assistance in managing third-party obligation collectors and indeed auctioneers.

This service level includes personality assurance and has character theft protections scope worth up to $1 million. The Premier Plus package also includes a financial management tool that can link up to your bank accounts and help you plan your accounts based on your monetary goals. For most individuals who require assistance repairing their credit, the Premier Plus plan meets and exceeds their needs.

The first level “Standard” package will likely be sufficient for most potential clients, particularly in the event that you are searching for only credit repair. However, Lexington Law’s upgraded bundles may offer worthwhile benefits for certain credit repair cases.

Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of Lexington Law you should know before using it:


Better Customer Service

Most credit repair companies offer client service only during standard commerce hours. However, Lexington Law Firm offers extended client service hours. It’s not quite a 24/7 offer assistance line, but with accessibility both beyond business hours during the week, and added time slots at the end of the week, you’ll have more chances to get in touch along with your advisor about your plan and progress.

Legal Team 

One of the things that set Lexington Law apart is the use of lawyers and paralegals on staff. This guarantees the right legal channels to repair or rectify your credit score.

Fairly Priced Plans

Lexington Law’s packages are all reasonably priced. The leading credit repair companies should not be cost-prohibitive. Lexington Law offers choices to fit most budgets. The standard plan gets the work done.


BBB Rating

Lexington Law has experienced a few complaints to the Better Business Bureau that have influenced their BBB rating. Most complaints have been tended to by the company.

Extra Reports Cost More

The Standard plan charges $14.95 additional for all credit reports. To avoid this charge, look to an app like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame to get a good idea of what’s on your credit report. You might also ask for your yearly free credit report from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax autonomous of Lexington Law.

Most Costly Plans

Unless you need identity theft security and other specialty customer securities from your credit repair company, for which Lexington Law’s Premier Plus plan essentially covers the most possible services possible, the plan can be too expensive. A credit repair firm makes its cash centering on quick credit issues. Just stick to the basic or intermediate plan.

How Does Lexington Law Repair Your Credit?

To begin with, Lexington Law recovers each client’s personal credit reports from all three credit bureaus. Lexington Law’s paralegals and legal counselors at that point comb through the client’s credit report to distinguish credit issues.

The firm invokes consumer assurance statutes to help secure clients and decide what to challenge and overturn. The company at that point sends a few letters (similar to our credit repair letter examples) to all three credit bureaus for the sake of their clients with respect to each person's line-item issues.

Lexington Law moreover offers advice to their clients on what activities the client ought to personally take in order to extend the chances of having certain issues resolved. In addition, the company’s follow up service through their app permits you to ceaselessly check on correspondence from credit bureaus and other offices with respect to the status of your credit report.

The company will communicate with your individual banks to assist keep up your score and guarantee its protection.

With their ‘InquiryAssist’ tool, the company permits clients to oversee the negative affect bank requests can have on their credit scores through request evacuation letters. Lexington Law gives their clients detailed credit reports on a month to month basis, so the client can stay careful and uncover any anomalies they may choose to challenge.

Additionally, Lexington Law includes preparing on how to challenge credit report issues within the future exterior of working with the firm.

Alternatives to Lexington Law

Credit Saint

Credit Saint contains a 90-day money-back guarantee and gives free consultations before you sign up. It also has an A+ rating from the BBB. There are three levels of credit repair plans available and each plan has a set-up charge taken, then a monthly repeating fee. Monthly prices start at $79.99 and go up to $119.99.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair has been around since 1989, which is a great sign in the credit repair industry. It offers a 90-day cash back guarantee. Pricing is clear with Sky Blue, which has just one all-inclusive package. It charges $79 to sign up and then a monthly fee of $79 while you're enlisted in its service.

The Credit People

The Credit People lets you select between paying month to month or a flat fee for six months of services. The company has been in the market since 2001. The monthly plan costs $19 to select and $79 monthly after that. If you pick the six-month plan, you'll pay a one-time charge of $419.

Credit Assistance Network

Touting their commitment to customization, adaptability, and alternatives, the Credit Assistance Network guarantees to supply only the services its clients require. Upon signup, you’ll get a chance to discuss and survey your credit reports and decide which things to challenge on the basis of law. Phone support is accessible Monday through Friday, but you’ll pick up 24-hour online access to your account entrance with point by point real-time overhauls. This service carries a monthly fee of $139.00

DIY Credit Paper

Another alternative is to take on the task of credit repair yourself. For some, the process of credit disputes may be overwhelming, but for others they are able to dispute charges and scores on their credit report on their own. Some tools and free forms are available online. Best of all, DIY credit repair is free. Test debate letters are available from the Government Exchange Commission (FTC) and take advantage of the free credit repair direct accessible right here at Credit Takeoff.

Lexington Law Reviews

One of the focal points of working with Lexington Law is the volume of existing customer input that the firm has available online. This allows you to consider how Lex Law benefited others. On the positive side, many customers say Lexington Law made a difference in improving their credit score after about six months. Let's have a look at positive and negative reviews of Lexington Law.

Here are some examples of recent customer reviews:

There is negative feedback that Lexington Law has received, too:


Lexington Law is one of the trustworthy credit repair companies that can help make modifying and repairing your credit quicker and easier. There are pros and cons to using their service, however, so it's vital to consider all your alternatives before signing up. If you’re ready to start, there’s no better time and no better way than to engage the specialists.

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