Marketing secrets of Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Kanye West

Marketing secrets of Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Kanye West you can apply today

I used to be a massive fan of Kanye West in my teenage years.

I still listen to some of his music, though, but the thing is…

How can you even ignore him?

Same for Elon Musk or Donald Trump.

They go so controversial that people, whether they like them or not, HAVE to talk about whatever they say…

Resulting in millions in free press coverage and attention for themselves and their products. 

I’ve noticed a pattern.

About a month before Kanye West drops a new album he starts doing something news-worthy for gossip newspapers like:

  • Dropping a song which verses solely are: “Poopy-di scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop” after a couple of years not publishing any new music.
  • Wearing a MAGA hat (knowing that Trump is notoriously hated in the hip-hop community he is part of.)
  • Posting non-sense tweets.
  • Getting some of his upcoming songs leaked.

I’m now saying you should use these same tactics.


Let’s analyze the principle behind it.

We see this with people like Elon Musk, as well.

No wonder CNBC reported that Tesla is the most controversial stock on Wall Street.

How can you implement this in your business?

How can you make your customers come back every day to check what’s the new things you’re going to say?

It all comes down to what the late notorious copywriter Gary Halbert said:

“The most powerful weapon in advertising to grab attention: Curiosity.”

Curiosity gets sales.

However, I know that the thought of writing copy, whether it is ads, emails, or sales letters that get the right people’s attention (and ultimately sales) can make you break out in a cold sweat (and run for the door.)

There’s this new book I recently read called “Copywriting Secrets” (, you can get it free for a limited time.

Copywriting Secrets” will help you (no matter what you sell) because it reveals simple ‘plug play’ copy formulas to help any business get more leads, sales, subscribers, and fans… no copywriting experience required!

To your success,

– Angelo Sorbello

P.S. Whether your motivation is getting Taylor Swift’s fans angry, or getting the kind of attention in your industry that Elon Musk gets every time he opens his mouth, you want to check out this book to discover how:

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Angelo Sorbello, MSc, is the Founder of Astrogrowth, the fastest-growing business software directory that helps every day thousands of entrepreneurs to select the best software for their needs. He has been a consultant for Techstars-backed and Appsumo featured companies, and the first company that he started at just 13 years sold was acquired in 2013. You can learn the secret strategies he uses to get more sales and build a powerful network here

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