15 Slack Bots to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

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Yes, Slack does help productivity.

But, you shouldn't count on Slack for everything.

Sometimes email could be a much better solution as a communication mode.

For example, Slack's reminders are quite useful but often bring too much disruption for certain tasks, so perhaps a calendar assistant or email would suit it better.

So, don't forget that Slack itself is not enough when you need to bring your efficiency and productivity to the maximum. To accomplish in that mission, the best solution is to make bots work with you.

Add Bots To Slack

Whether you've got certain tasks that you do over and over again on a given day, or you want a resource for your team's questions on company policy, there is at least one Slackbot made for you. They say you could tell a person by the company he or she is in. So, be in a good company, surround yourself with smart Slackbots and boost your productivity.

1. Vacation Tracker (leave management tool)

If I asked you: “Is there anything better than a vacation?”, you would have to ponder for a while, before giving me the answer. But, organizing a schedule, synchronizing free days and vacations is a painful chore for the ones who are in charge of it. Luckily, there is Vacation Tracker to help us to make leave management a piece of cake. Banana cake with cream cheese, chocolate on top.

What is Vacation Tracker?​

It's an app to take care of a thing that is somehow most cherished by all employees – vacations. But, not just that this software handles any type of leave; it keeps track of whether your team members are on vacation, having free, sick days or simply are not available at the moment. Leave management system plays an important role when it comes to good internal coordination in any company. It administers (and controls) time off and tracks all the changes. Likewise, it enables employees to make their request for leave (whether planned or unplanned) any time of the day or night.

Vacation Tracker is an essential app for project managers, HR managers, or any Administrator managing a team. Your organization, whether large or small, needs a reliable tool to take care of the absence of your coworkers. This one shines with its simplicity. It provides a straightforward system for organizing and monitoring all your days off. In fact, it is as easy as falling off a log, and with VT you can actually keep that leave log of days off, and the precious log will always be available when there's a need to check who is currently in the office and who is not (and if not, when has Elvis left the building).

It takes minutes to set up, so you can plan your vacation, spread your wings and fly away.

Time is money, and money talks, so make your time and attendance systems work like a swiss watch.

Vacation Tracker is integrated with Slack, so it is ideal for teams to manage their request for vacation directly in Slack. Furthermore, you can program up to 25 kinds of Leave Types, such as Long and Short Vacations, Sick Days, Days allocated for conference attendance, Days of Remote Work, Paternity Leave, and more. Vacation Tracker is, naturally, very much remote-team friendly.

As a worker, you can finish all the trouble of making a leave request in Slack and the confirmation (or refuse) comes the same way.

Right on the spot, you can also:

– Check how many precious days off you have left

– Verify the status and disponibility of other team members

– Check the non-working day for holidays

As you jot down “/vacation” in your Slack and the magic is about to happen. A friendly chatbot will walk you through the basic steps to request a leave. After sending it, your request will be pending on the screen of the person in charge, waiting for confirmation.

It's even easier for managers. When your employee sends you a request for leave, the supervisor will receive it instantly, along with a summary of the request. It even tells you which team members are off during the requested period. According to a current situation, they can confirm or refuse the request with a single click.

Transparency and simplicity lead to less waiting time for vacation request approval. Teams end up happier and more wisely coordinated. Which naturally turn to even more productive and engaged workers.

Remember the days when you had to call in sick, but you were somewhat embarrassed, so instead, you choose to trudge through the day? Or you just couldn't go to your boss or HR office to tell them you have to go home, even though you needed it more than anything else. Well, dog days are over. Vacation Tracker makes it easy for you to request leave from your desk or even from home if sick, it is as easy as typing a few letters in Slack channel.

No more AWOL, and the trouble it causes. Now, stand the ground and know who and when we stand it with, in less than a few clicks.

Leave management shouldn't be a hassle, it's a job for Vacation Tracker, while you should focus on being creative and more productive.

Tell your boss to get it, or even try it for free, in a 14-day free trial!

2. PagerDuty (Platform for Real-Time Operations)

Better save than sorry.

When the times get critical, you need a reliable ally! What we're talking about here is a solution for matters as alerting and incident management.  It is then that you need to notify the right people to take quick actions when every second matter. We need to do our best to prevent an incident and prepare in case it happens.

What do you do to prevent incidents?

PagerDuty is an operations performance platform whose main goal is to help teams detect and fix infrastructure problems quickly. PagerDuty integrates with all your monitoring services and allows for phone, email, and SMS alerting to the right sysadmin every time. Besides reliable notifications, it provides the ability to track incidents, on-call scheduling, and escalation policies.

PagerDuty's combines machine and human data to improve transparency and agility. Connected to any system, it will recognize incidents and acknowledge the ones in charge of performing the first aid. Only on-call management could be a painful chore, and not to mention providing customized alerting. Besides, you need your team members to spend less on dealing with the incidents, and more on creativity. It could be increasing your team's productivity by ten folds due to its perfect organization and visibility.

PD is essentially the brain (and very smart one, should we add) for the incident security of your digital environment.

PagerDuty integrates harmoniously with Slack and works perfectly in sync together to make real-time digital operations simple. Teammates can communicate easily with one another and trigger, acknowledge, view, and deal with PagerDuty incidents directly in Slack.

Users can activate trigger incidents from Slack with the slash command “/pd trigger”. It’s also really easy for a team member to see who is on call by typing the slash command “/pd oncall”.

There are other new features, some of them concern notifications as the easiest way to see what is most important. Transparent notification design includes the ability to view “contexts” from monitoring tools, directly from Slack and also ability to see Incident Priority.

From garage start-ups to Fortune 500 skyscrapers, teams trust PagerDuty in dealing with real-time signals in order to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to the customers and accelerate innovation.

PegerDuty tries to keep the digital world always on, and prevents it from shutting down unexpectedly.

3.Caviar Food Bot (food delivery)

When you've set your productivity efforts to the max, you deserve a nice lunch.

Lunch is not a small thing and actually has a huge impact on employee happiness. Taking this matter lightly, or God forbid, skipping lunch can always make considerable damage. To spur on the productivity of your team, you need quality fuel.

You probably know the quickest way to someone's heart? A two-sided incision at a high left region of the breastbone. Cut me some Slack instead, and if you're not a surgeon… then maybe the wiser idea would be food.

I was always wondering when will the day come when I will say to my bot: “Put the kettle on and I'll be there in a minute.” To come to him a bit later while hot tea or coffee is waiting for me.

Well, with a smart Slack bot like Caviar, you'll get not just coffee, but the whole lunch. And delivered it to you, without ever leaving the desk and going through the drudgery of collecting orders.

Caviar is an ordering platform that delivers the best restaurants in your city right to your office.

Let Caviar collect each colleague’s order (with full photo menus), place the order automatically and just wait for the glorious food to arrive. Too hungry? Check your progress of the food order.

Unfortunately, Caviar Food Bot is currently available only in the USA. (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Boston, Philadelphia, Main Line, Washington DC, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, and Los Angeles).

But, we hope and expect the network to grow and cover more cities and countries. Or, maybe try Lunchbot.

4. Trello (team management app)

Is there a time and a place for everything? Yes, there is, and no, I don't mean college. What I mean is serious business, and to quote Benjamin Franklin: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” No, Mr. Franklin wasn't talking about Trello in these good old days, yet Trello is sort of embodiment of that idea. Keep it all in one place, keep it interconnected and clear.

Trello is at the very top of team management apps. It's a visual collaboration tool that really helps to organize any kind of projects, whether you’re planning a research project, new website design, ski vacation or your wedding plans.

Trello uses customizable boards to simplify things and improves visibility. The goal is to achieve the state of maximal interconnectivity and transparency of all information, thus making the tasks open and clear. At a glance, you will know who's doing what and what needs to be done. Furthermore, cards and lists create a shared perspective on any project, enabling you to prioritize projects in a fun and flexible way.

Trello can be part of the browser also but comes to full power as an app. In case the team is already accustomed to Trello and then it might be easier to simply get this app as an add-on to Slack.

It will create a seamless and collaborative workflow between your favorite apps, in order to maximize the power of productivity.

With Slack integration, teams can tackle their to-do lists with ease, without ever changing tabs. The key word here is simplicity. It brings the pleasure of having all of the information in one collaborative location, which means fewer emails, fewer meetings, and more productivity.

It is ideal for team meetings, when you might want to assign teammates to tasks, add new comments to a card or change a due date.

Integration makes it easy to manage cards on your boards directly from Slack. If you want to add new Trello cards to boards just type “/trello add”. All other features are as well only a few keystrokes away from your Slack channel.

When it comes to the productivity of web developers it is crucial to easily reach your code from Slack. Two major repository hosting services, Github and Bitbucket offer the possibility to do most of the things you need to do without leaving Slack.

5. Github (repository hosting service)

GitHub is a development platform and a code repository. It is the world's largest community where you can publish, save and protect your code. It is an embodiment of global collaboration and sharing. You publish your code and offer it to those with greater knowledge (or peers) to review it and say their opinion. That way you can tweak it and create better software, but Github does much more than that. In order to help you improve the software you build it offers also a basic task management tools and provides access control and classic collaboration features.

Collaboration makes perfect. A happy marriage of Slack app and Github is a cocktail of open communication. But what does that look like in real life?

It means to bring your code to the conversations as a better way to work together, to push ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way. The conversations and code reviews that happen at the same place, so you’ll get updates about what’s happening on GitHub.

With these two workspaces connected, there is a great number of actions you can perform: subscribe to repositories, see updates from your repositories in Slack discussions for activities like new commits or new pull requests.

Of course, you can take actions from Slack with slash commands for usual GitHub actions.

Being a bit more adaptable than Bitbucket,  GitHub offers more options to make better workflows.

GitHub is the heart of public code whereas Bitbucket more targets private.

6. Bitbucket (repository hosting service)

Bitbucket is a prime competitor to GitHub, a strong repository management tool. It's a place where you can host your code, but also to have it tested, checked and reviewed. All this synergy should lead to building better software. It is free for individuals and teams that are not big (5 members maximum), whereas a commercial plan is offered for professional teams, in case you need bigger storages.

Created in Python, Django framework, it's a bucket, where you throw your code to test it and deploy it. Shake it up, steer it well and see what comes of it.

All of you bitbucketeers, do you know that bit-bucket used to be a funny name for the place for the lost files. Sort of “X-files” for your data and code, so it wasn't a piece of good news if it “has gone into the bit-bucket”.

But nowadays, Bitbucket is dedicated to security and protecting your code and data.

Integrating Bitbucket with Slack will help you to store your code more easily and improve collaboration with other developers. That way, you can do the most important Bitbucket actions directly from Slack, such as making pull request or activating pipelines.

7. Polly (bot for polls and surveys)

Meet Polly! Maybe this Polly didn't come along as Jeniffer Aniston knows how to sneak in (and not as hot-looking) but you might fall in love with her functionalities! Whether you want to conduct a poll (with 1 question) or a survey (with more than 1 question) Polly is a girl to go to. Polly enables you to measure and understand every aspect of your work.

When a team needs to make a quick decision, ask Polly.

Easy polls are handy and sometimes it's just about lunch order. However, voting is the best way to measure and act on your most critical decisions and this data can be a valuable tool that can lead to agreements about crucial matters.

Integrated with Slack app, Polly helps you to gather and evaluate feedback without ever leaving your usual channels. Therefore, teams get easy access to a complete suite of survey functionalities.

Polly surveys have a high response rate, 30% more compared to email or standard web surveys.

Its features will be most welcomed in HR, but also in event management and People Ops.

These features include everything from anonymity (and hiding results) and all the way to scheduled and recurring polls. You can also have automated reminders, multi-vote, add options and sharing surveys or templates.

Furthermore, you can use Polly to discover trends over time:

– Exports and advanced analytics (trend analysis, demographics, filtering, cross-tabs)

– Event-based surveys: triggering survey(s) based on an action that took place

For more complex surveys you can access Polly’s API to programmatically send surveys or query results. Use it to build a feedback-driven workflow to systematically access your survey data.

Dig into the bigger picture drill into more robust data on the web app so that you can drive better and more powerful decision-making.

The starting point to making a poll within Slack is to type the “/polly”, and like a Genie out of the magic lamp, Polly will appear to save your day.

Don't wait for general elections! The beauty of democracy is that everybody is involved and asked about opinion so that everyone can make their vote and have their say. Empower every employee of your team with the ability to gather real-time insights.

There are many productivity apps that your business can use to create employee surveys, gather information quickly, but you will simply love Polly.

8. Asana (project management tool)

If you want to be a successful business owner, you need to stay organized, and it's a lot easier to do that with the right tools.

Asana is an application designed to improve team collaboration. It helps teams organize, coordinate, track, and manage projects and tasks. Asana is the easiest way for teams to assign work to teammates, specify deadlines and plan so you know who’s doing what.

Putting Asana and Slack together enables your team to communicate and collaborate even more effectively. The unity of these tools brings everything in one centralized location.

For example, you can turn any Slack message into an Asana task, by clicking “More actions” on the right side of your message, and then “Create a task”.

Actions you can perform:

– Take action on tasks directly from notifications

– To turn Slack messages into a trackable, actionable task in Asana

– Receive notifications from your work going on in Asana

– Link Asana project to a channel

With Asana for Slack, you can turn your conversations into action and create new tasks in Asana, without leaving Slack.

9. Statsbot (data management)

Chances are pretty slim that your business doesn't run on data. The only question there is “How important your data is to you?” But actually, whatever the answer is, this bot is a must.

It is always a good idea to be aware of your data. Statsbot sends you notifications, daily, weekly, or monthly automated reports. Seeing this real-time alerts enables you to act on your data and take quick actions when something important happens right in the same place you get insights.

Analyzing user behavior requires exporting data from related data services.

Statsbot is designed to work with raw data and help companies to build reliable analytics.

What can Statsbot do for you?

This new approach to data analytics using Slack will help you:

– Connect your database to Statsbot

– Connect your Google Analytics to Statsbot and send different metrics right into Slack

– Schedule reports to check metrics on a regular basis

– Share metrics fast and easy (share the data insights with the whole team)

– Get immediate notifications on crucial events in your database

The bot can be programmed to send regular reports and to update your entire team of any changes to your database.

10. Clockwise (calendar assistant)

It would be nice to make your calendar work for you. So, instead of being in the nick of time, be the king of your time! Because the first step to knowing who we are is knowing where we are, and when we are.

Modern age opens heaven of information, but this constant stream of information can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in the work environment.

Clockwise allows you to escape the chaos of work, find balance and achieve a desirable workflow.

Clockwise is your smart calendar buddy that helps you to design your day, in order to maximize your productivity. Take the stress out of scheduling, so that you can finally focus on what matters the most, whether it's a work project or personal activities. Clockwise tames the chaos by creating and protecting blocks of uninterrupted time on your calendar so you always have the time to accomplish your priorities.

You can count on Clockwise to handle resolving meeting conflicts, resolve double bookings, different time zones, and saving the right time for lunch. Are you a morning meeting person or a night owl? Clockwise knows your preferences and helps you find the right time for all your activities.

Use Slack to enhance the power of Clockwise and it will automatically sync your calendar to your Slack status, turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you’re in a meeting or in Focus Time.

It can even prepare you for your day based on a daily forecast.

Clockwise optimizes your calendar to free you up, so you can Focus on your work, not micro-managing your calendar.

11. Todoist (calendar assistant)

“Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute”. You know that, but you don't want that kind of productivity. You need a guide so that you start using your time from the first minute and finish well before the last minute.

Life can be chaotic as you usually have too many things on your mind. Trying to keep track of everything in your head is overwhelming. But, you don't have to remember everything. Let todoist remember it all for you, and to keep on top of things. Use the power of Todoist to make order in your work activities and usual daily tasks. Which literally means you will get a personal assistant to help you organizing everything from business ventures to grocery lists. So set your priorities, and let the Todoist do the rest and remind you when the right time comes.

Life shouldn’t be chaos, so how about you try to free up your mental space and regain clarity?

Keep calm and keep it all together with Todoist so that you can focus your energy on the right things at the right time. Use it and let it be your focal point from where everything starts.

Start each day feeling calm and in control get a clear overview of everything. You will discover that morning notifications could be your lifesaver.

With Slack integration, you can easily make a Todoist task just by typing “/todoist”, then include all the details, and Todoist will remember it.

Prioritize your tasks, and from overwhelmed, you will not just be on top of it, but you will also achieve peace of mind.

Stay tuned from your phone, tablet, and watch.

We wish you merry organizing!

11. Zapier (an automation tool)

Do you know what a Zap is? Why, do you speak Zapier?

We use a lot of apps every day, but we spend a lot of time managing these tools and moving info and data from one app to another manually. A Zap is a very fast slalom through all your tasks. Its main goal is to increase your efficiency and help you to work faster and smarter by removing manual processes. That way you can now focus more on adding a personal touch to your work.

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you easily connect the key apps you use, to glue it together thus making it easy to automate tedious tasks.

For example, you use an email form to collect customer feedback. You can set up a Zap to automatically copy results to a spreadsheet.

Now, Zapier integration with Slack means more automation. Slack helps you move faster, and Zapier will make that process even more smooth and simplify the transition.

Zapier supports almost all apps that you know of like Gmail, Dropbox, HubSpot, Typeform, Mailchimp, Trello, Airtable, and so on, letting you easily move data between them. Zapier will make Slack your team's command center, and you will able to capture all the changes from your most important apps.

Some other things you can do with Zapier for Slack is to post details of new orders in your eCommerce app to a Slack channel, move important tasks out of Slack and into a project management or to-do app when you star a message and many more.

Still don't speak Zapier? This could be high time to learn it.

13.  PigeonBot (email bot)

Emails are time-consuming and often annoying.  As you already know, despite its best effort, Slack didn't kill email. Email is still alive and well. So you definitely need a tool to connect smoothly with a Slack.

PigeonBot is an awesome productivity Slack bot and its main goal is sending emails instantly through Slack, but it does much more. PigeonBot recognizes what is really urgent, and sorts out your messages so that certain messages are priority whereas others don’t require an immediate response.

Slack integration helps send emails to teammates directly from Slack.

Start an email via Slack simply by typing “/email”.

Why wouldn't you send a direct message without interrupting anyone?

For example, you need to discuss something that isn’t urgent, simply type “/email @user your message”.

14. Jira (project management)

Jira is a popular task manager that provides robust workflows and project tracking and agile project management. When we say robust, it literally means monster, since it named after “Gojira” which is a Japanese word for “Godzilla”.  Have no fear, this Godzilla is good-natured… well, if you're not a bug. If you are, then this exterminator will definitely make you shiver, because one of the Jira's main features is bug tracking.

This software most well-suited to plan and manage a software development projects. It helps teams deliver value to customers more effectively, and release great software.

With the Jira Cloud app, you can customize your workflow and collaborate without leaving Slack.  Type “@jira” and it is at your service, sending customizable notifications from Jira Cloud to you and your channels.

In case your team uses Jira, definitely integrate one of these apps, make Godzilla even stronger!

15. Stack Overflow for Teams (questions and answers website)

You got a question? Somebody most probably has the answer. Stack Overflow is a place where questions meet an answer. The point is to get the best possible answer in the fastest possible way.

It used to be called Stack Exchange, and as the name suggested you come there in case you want to give or receive the knowledge.

Basically, Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for programmers. But, within this basic concept, it is, in fact, so much more than your standard question-and-answer (Q&A) website. It is a place to see where you are and how far you've gone in the programming world.

It features a wide range of topics in everything related to computer programming.

Stack Overflow for Teams is integration in Slack that will help you not just to search for answers but to stay up to date with customized notifications pushed directly to your channel.

Staying up to date means getting notifications about activities like new questions and answers, updates to your answers and comments.


You need bots for Slack to make your whole organization more productive. With so many integrations and tools available for out there, you really don't want to be a slacker, but instead, why don't you be Super – Slackie! It will make you work faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

Good bots are like good coworkers. Nothing more natural than chatting with them, throw them few questions and they will throw you back some answers.

From time to time, I do my routine. I ask them the uber-question, you know, the one about the meaning the life.

“What is the meaning of life?”, I strike the keyboard and hit enter.

You guess, no answer on the screen.

It doesn't discourage me, and I will keep popping and hoping rest assured that machine intelligence will find an answer. Probably not the one to my satisfaction, but at least a good try.

If I can torture my bots with this kind of nonsense, then it is high time you began using your bots for meaningful tasks.

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