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How to win in competitive markets (even if you don’t have a big budget)

My first online magazine was in a relatively competitive niche: video games.

I then proceed towards even more competitive industries: poker and payday loans.

A few years later, those publications I created got acquired.

And I did this while in high school, so you can guess I had little to no financial resources.

When you have less budget to spend, and fewer employees working on your projects, something you can always do to get a share in a competitive market is:

Striving to have superior knowledge about your market.

A friend of mine is a dating coach teaching men how to get the girl of their dreams.

He knows well how being insecure and shy feel like because he used to be like that before.

That how he knows what the aspirations are and why his clients can’t sleep at night.

That’s why he can come up with outstanding sales pages that convert excellently.

“But Angelo, how can I get to know better my customers?”

1- Talk with them as much as possible. Join meetups, conferences, and groups around your niche.

2- If you can’t offline, lurk into subreddits, Facebook groups, forums, and similar.

Read all the reviews on Amazon of books around your niche, particularly the ones with 2-4 stars! That’s how you understand what’s missing in the information.

2.1- Schedule short Skype calls with them, even without pitching anything but simply to ask questions and understand.

3- Read the sales letters of your competitors, notice if you are enticed to buy or not, and what words they use. They probably did their research as well (not always.)

4- Watch the movies your prospects watch, read the magazines they read, listen to the podcasts, and so on. You got it.

One of the greatest copywriters that ever lived, Eugene Schwartz, once said every serious marketer should watch every movie that comes out that grosses more than $100 million per year.

BONUS – Spy what in your customers’ trash and stare at their private life from the window of their houses or through a giant telescope (I’m joking on this one point, just to be clear)

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to have superior knowledge of your market.

It’s not about how you say things, but what you say.

That’s why copywriting legends often say: “you have to enter in the conversation that your prospects are having inside their head.”

You can’t get to know what they think if you don’t hang out with them, whether online or offline.

If you live and breath their world and “speak their language.”

That’s why many people who start a business for the money never succeed or just stay mediocre.

They don’t have the thrive and passion for their niche to do those further steps to really get to know their customers.

They are like those acquaintances of you who seem to know everyone at a party, but in reality, they’re lonely (they don’t have customers.)

If, however, the thought of writing copy, whether it is ads, emails, or sales letters that get the right people’s attention (and ultimately sales) can make you break out in a cold sweat (and run for the door.)

I suggest you read “Copywriting Secrets” ( ). You can get it free for a limited time.

“Copywriting Secrets” will help you (no matter what you sell) because it reveals simple ‘plug play’ copy formulas to help any business get more leads, sales, subscribers, and fans… no copywriting experience required!

To your success,

– Angelo Sorbello

P.S. Please DO NOT spy on your clients’ trash or spy them in general. I’m not considered liable for your actions. I trust you.

P.P.S. For other copywriting advice that will help you double, triple, even quadruple your sales, check out the book Copywriting Secrets (

Angelo Sorbello, MSc, is the Founder of Astrogrowth, the fastest-growing business software directory that helps every day thousands of entrepreneurs to select the best software for their needs. He has been a consultant for Techstars-backed and Appsumo featured companies, and the first company that he started at just 13 years sold was acquired in 2013. You can learn the secret strategies he uses to get more sales and build a powerful network here

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