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7.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category CRM
  • Unified location to manage email, task, appointments, schedules, and workflow
  • Unlimited number of email accounts for users
  • Flexible Interface customization in folders and filters
  • Import in various formats such as CSV, XML,vCard, CSV and many more
  • Synchronization with iOS and Android
  • Does not have deep email search functionalities
  • No trial version
  • Does not support Enterprise use

EsentialPIM is a personal information manager that allows people to organize their personal and business activities. It is also designed to be an all in one solution.

With EssentialPIM, you can easily schedule appointments, track activities and tasks, record notes, Setup your emails, manage passwords, and a whole lot of other activities.

Things to consider before buying a a Personal Information Manager

Lately, there is a lot of specialized software application, and you may end up breaking the bank to purchase all the software solutions that can help manage your activities.

Aside from first-time license purchases, some of them run on a subscription basis, and the recurring charges can be enormous as well.

EsentialPIM comes in all in one feature and can save you a lot of costs while helping you manage your personal and professional activities seamlessly.

Therefore if you or your business is on a tight budget and you are looking for a solution to solve a wide range of problems, EssentialPIM is your go-to software.

Also, if your goals are to maximize profitability and save cost, then you should opt for EssentialPIM.

Additionally, EssentialPIM comes in web-based, desktop-based, and mobile-based personal and business management application instances.

For mobile, it can run on both Andriod and iOS platforms. It can also synchronize no matter the number of instances you run the application. This can allow users to stay on top of their schedules while using any platform of their choice

What Is EssentialPIM?

EssentialPIM is a software solution that can help you organize your personal and business activities by storing all your information, schedules, communication, appointments, and lots more. It has a friendly and intuitive user interface, and users can quickly get acquainted with the system.

You do not require any technical expertise to get started with the solution, and you can easily set up your emails, appointments, reminders, and lots more with the application. Furthermore, it comes with a drag and drops user interface that can easily enable you to create reminders, set schedules, and also rearrange information as you want.

Additionally, EssentialPIM provides an all in one solution that works extremely well and would you do not need to spend above your budget to purchase it.

It can be argued that EssentialPIM has rivals, and one of them is Microsoft Outlook. But as awesome as Microsoft outlook has been, EssentialPIM is an excellent alternative to it. Microsoft outlook runs on the web, mobile, and desktop versions, and EssentialPIM also has the versatility to run on all those platforms as well.

Just like Microsoft Outlook, EssentialPIM is more than an email client because it has a host of other functions that can make life easier for individuals and businessmen alike. The aim of EssentialPIM, as the name implies, is to serve as a one-stop application of handling your entire task, communication, and streamline your processes in one unified location. One area that makes it outstanding is the ease at which workflow can be managed, unlike in Microsoft outlook.

The pro version of essentialPIM comes with a lot of advanced features such as AES 256-bit encryption, advanced backups, customizable email templates, and so much more. Another unique feature that sets EsentialPIM apart is that it comes in a portable version, and you can load it in a flash or other storage media for use on a computer. This is an extremely important feature and great for people who travel a lot of students. ‌

‌Features‌ ‌&‌ ‌Benefits‌ ‌

EssentialPIM comes with a lot of unique and advanced features for seamless process and communication management.

The email module of the software is exactly what you are looking for: Modern, sleek, intuitive with a simple to use layout.

Here are the essential features of the application.

  • Task management
  • Calendar
  • Password management
  • Email client
  • Notes
  • Open-source DataBase
  • Different printout options
  • Multiple language support
  • Cloud integration
  • Synchronization
  • Global search features
  • Multiple user Data Base and access
  • Links to external attachments
  • Notes

Benefits of Using a Personal Information Manager

As an application that can be used for personal and business purposes, EssentialPIM comes with many benefits. Users can leverage its capabilities very easily, and it can consolidate all information, appointments, and task in a central location. With its mobile, web, and desktop platform, it gives users easy access to their information and task on the go or wherever they are. Here are some of the benefits of EssentialPIM.

  • All information and Task in one location: Data and task are stored in a central and secured location. Users can also cross-link their information on various platforms in a scalable and fast database.


  • Data synchronization features: It doesn’t matter the choice of cloud solution you opt for because EssentialPIM can be synchronized with all major cloud solutions. They include Dropbox, iCloud, Google drive, office 365, and lots more.
  • Secure information storage: Data on EssentialPIM is encrypted with the industry-standard AES 256-bit key, and also cloud synchronization is protected via SSL. Therefore users would not worry about data compromise, which is prevalent with most personal information management tools.


We realize that before buying a product, it is important to see what tech experts say about the product and also what ordinary people who use the solution says about it. After a thorough search on the internet, we discovered that a lot of people are satisfied with EssentialPIM, and the positive reviews far outnumber the negative reviews.


No matter how efficient and popular an application is, it must have alternatives, and this also applies to EssentialPIM. Thunderbird and Gmail are alternatives to EssentialPIM although they don't match the power and versatility of EPIM


Thunderbird is an email client that can help users organize their personal and professional emails, including tasks and other functions. One of the areas that it completely differs from EssentialPIM is in terms of pricing. Thunderbird is completely free. It cannot be compared with EssentialPIM aesthetically, but it excels in functionalities and features.  If you are looking for a solution that would not restrict you financially, then a thunderbird may be good for you. It is also suitable for Startup organizations, students, and individuals who are under a limited budget.

Here are some features of thunderbird

  • Smart folders and filters for organizing items
  • Easy to use address books
  • Email security through PGP encryption
  • Advanced email search features
  • Calendar functionalities

G Suite

Gmail is a popular desktop, web, and mobile-based application that has a lot of outstanding functions and features. Unlike EssentialPIM that has a trail and paid version Gmail comes with a completely free version and a paid / professional version. Gmail users also have access to free 15GB of cloud space to store their information when they sign up. The application is robust and can replace a lot of desktop applications, here are some of the features of Gmail

  • Create a desktop shortcut and run in its own window.
  • Calendar
  • Task and reminders
  • Switch between multiple email accounts.
  • Offline email access (When set up on the desktop)
  • Organize emails using filters and labels
  • Deep search
  • Extensive navigate using keyboard shortcuts.

‌Conclusion‌ ‌

There are lots of personal information managers on the cloud today, but finding one that is an all in one solution and runs on Windows, web, iOS, and the Android platform is difficult to find.

EPIM can securely run on those platforms and help you manage the task, notes, appointments, password, contacts, messages, and lots more all in one secured and central platform. EsentialPIM has greatly evolved from its initial version and has become more intuitive, flexible, and secured. It doesn't matter the number of devices you have or your mobility. EssentialPIM synchronizes data between various devices and lets you manage your task and personal information on the go.

This product review is of great benefit to readers because it has to give a description of what EssentailPIM is and how it differs from a few other Personal information management tools. This would go a long way in helping readers decide whether to buy the software or not.