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Fastest VPN Review

Fastest VPN is a VPN service with a strict no-logs policy that includes AD Blocking, Malware Protection, and Internet Kill Switch. With multi-device compatibility and multiple log-on, this service is worth its price but does not come without problems or limitations that in some cases might clash with your business’ needs. I am Alessandro and this is my unbiased review.

Achieving anonymity online today is harder and the number of services and websites that enforce country-based access restriction increases. I wanted an extra layer of privacy when navigating the web and a way to get around the country block that some of the services I wanted to use implemented. Given that both these needs were not fundamental for me to fully conduct my activity I didn’t want to invest a sizable sum on a service that wasn’t essential to my business. Fastest VPN got my interest due to the fact that it offers a lifetime plan. I now use a VPN service that helps me conceal my IP and DNS online but that is far from the perfect service.

VPNs and Anonymity Online: do They Really Work?

Before describing the goods and the bad of this product let’s break down what a VPN can, should and won’t do. You might have heard that VPNs can conceal your identity online. In most cases, this is a lie. If you need to be anonymous online, a VPN might be essential but will never be sufficient. Don’t buy a VPN hoping that it could save you from prosecution for an online crime because your digital identity consists not only of your IP address and DNS but also of your behavior in general. If you send a message containing your personal information to someone or if you log into your bank account with credentials that only you should know, you are giving away your identity. If you commit a crime against the government of the United States, there is no private service that will risk their activity just to protect your identity. 

Fastest VPN has a lot of security-by-design features (no-log policy, killswitch, IP/DNS leak protection) but it is merely a private service that won’t (and shouldn’t) answer for your online crimes. With these considerations out of the way, we can dive into the product features.

Fastest VPN: a User-Friendly and Versatile Product.

Fastest VPN offers its clients the possibility to access the internet through private servers spread across 30 countries and counting. In fact, they declare on their official page that more countries will be added to the list. As of now, you can already access more than 30 different servers, as some countries are accessible through more than one server; for example, the USA is accessible from 8 different servers at the moment. If compared to other competitors that occupy a more leading position in the market (PureVPN, NordVPN) we can immediately see that the offer is not the widest available, so before buying the product you might want to check if the countries you need (or you are more interested in) are enlisted. If they are not you can ask to add your desired location through a quick feedback box dedicated to this purpose on their server list page. The app is available on all the major devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) and a VPN proxy extension is available from Firefox and Chrome; no such features for Edge and Opera unfortunately, which is definitely a minus, but the fact that the app is available for Kodi, AndroidBox and Firestick makes it a versatile enough app that you could run on most of your home devices. The same company offers also a proprietary router for rent in case you want to connect a device that does not support the app. If you have a small business, this device might be an even more effective solution to your problem than the application itself.

How Fast is Fastest VPN?

So, the question you probably want to be answered by now: is Fastest VPN actually the fastest VPN service available?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If the speed of connection is critical for your business, you might have a problem as this VPN might impact the performance of your original speed. You should also notice however that the impact may vary depending on the server you connect to. 

Original Speed Without VPN

Speed With Serbia's Belgrade Server

Speed with UAE's Dubai Server

Speed with USA's Denver Server

As you can see from the images some servers outperformed original speed while some others caused a loss of almost 25% of the speed. It might be due to the traffic request, obviously higher in the United States than in Serbia, but whichever the reason, Fastest VPN is far from being the fastest.

Another notable deficiency comes as soon as we download the app. The app certificate is not signed, and it is thus blocked by Windows 10 smart screen both on windows home and pro. On the first I just had to manually set smart screen to accept the app even if it came from untrusted source. My windows pro machine however was previously set to negate scalability on privileges, and I had to contact the customer service even before the app was installed. To be fair, I solved the issue quickly and easily, but I had to make extra step and ask for a second opinion to find the solution. The customer service proved to be excellent and very responsive, and I did a double check on the app safety through Virustotal before installing

Virustotal Scan's Result

As you can see the app is safe to install and use and it’s a pity that this minor issue could cause distrust in some users.

On the additional feature side however, Fastest VPN provides successfully a lot of side features that in some cases can proof more important than speed itself. In my case, I was really excited to prove the internet kill switch feature, a warranty against any data leakage, and I have not been disappointed. These are the results of the DNS and IP leakage tests I did

DNS Leakage Test Result

IP Leakage Test Result

The IP and DNS shown are both from the provider’s server (the same shown in the speed test), which means that there is no leakage. These protections make it so the privacy provided is guaranteed and fail-proof. 

Another feature that is in the app and that might interest the more tech-savvy is the possibility to change the protocol used 

Windows App Settings Screen

This is a capture of the settings page and as you may have noticed the app is quite essential and offers a limited amount of customization possible both to the app and the connection functioning. This last consideration is not necessarily a minus, in fact I appreciated the non-invasive interface

Windows App Home Screen

As you can see the app launch page is just as essential as the setting and, again, this is definitely not a bad trait; if you have specific business-related needs however check these screens and make sure all you need is implemented.

The ad-blocking and malware blocking features had mixed results

AD Blocking Test Result

While I managed to block ads on a test page the YouTube ads seemed unaffected. My opinion is that the real lack is the fact that the end user has n control on neither of these features. Many content creators you might love rely on ads to sustain their activities and you might want to select which ads filter and which not. The same way, you might want to have more control over the possibly dangerous programs that you and your personnel can download. Giving the user more control over these features would definitely improve their usefulness and usability overall. I wouldn’t expect my VPN to substitute my personal firewall or antivirus but I would expect it to not be in the way when I need to work. 

Accessing geo-restricted content also gave mixed results. I failed at accessing Netflix but I managed to get around other restrictions. In general, if you are trying to access websites that are either new or do not make a great effort in enforcing geo-restrictions you should be able to overcome these limitations but be prepared for the worst. 

Finally, I have to point out that the app, while very stable and reliable, gave me some issues when launching. Sometimes the country list disappears, only the home page is working and it seems like it is not possible to change location anymore from the last selected. A temporary glitch that is quickly solved by logging out and then logging in again with your credentials. Again, a minor glitch that I solved very quickly, thanks to the astonishingly good customer support, but that required me to take extra steps, which are not what a business customer looks for when purchasing a service. As for the multi-login feature, no issue ever arose and I had no problem whatsoever in using my app on mobile.

What do Others Say About Fastest VPN?

The service, though relatively new and with a less solid customer base than its competitor, has a score of 4/5 on Trustpilot and seems to have a quite satisfied client base. Not surprisingly, as Fastest VPN manages to deliver what it promises with a few more additions and solid customer support that efficiently fills the holes that here and there one can find. 

Alternatives and Competitors

If we compare fastest VPN to other service providers, we see immediately that its greatest advantage is the fact that the company operates from the Cayman island, a jurisdiction that has recently implemented its own data protection law and that leaves to private business a lot of autonomy on the client information management aspects. However, Fastest VPN offers no free version of its service (unlike Tunnelbear). Also, other services (like Pure VPN and Nord VPN) are known because they offer many more servers and a more reliable connection that does not impact performance. You might want to consider these factors if you are looking for a VPN that should run constantly and service you through downloads rather than just for internet surfing and occasional streaming.

What sets FastestVPN aside from these services is definitely its price. Tunnel Bear offers a free service but it can be only used up to 500 mb of data traffic per month. Nord VPN offers up to 30 days trial version and Pure VPN only up to 3 days.  So, with all the downside and the upside seen so far, how much cheaper is Fastest VPN?

Pretty damn cheap. The annual plan costs 29.95$ in total (2.49$ per month) and offers a 10 device multi-login; of the three competitors mentioned, the cheapest is TunnelBear which costs 59.88$ per year (4.99 per month) with 5 device multi-login, while Nord VPN costs 83.88$ and grants 6 devices multi-login. Pure VPN can offer (among other packages) a 10 device multi-login for 600$. 

We can see that the difference is substantial. Fastest VPN clearly offers a cheap service that, although not as reliable and flawless as some of its competitors, is accessible to anyone. You can also find a lifetime plan for 10 device multi-login for as little as 34.99$ here.

The Verdict: Fastest VPN, Best Buy or Best Stay Away?

Fastest VPN is not an irreproachable product, but it definitely is worth considering and buying. Once we lose the illusion of total anonymity online, we can see clearly what a VPN worth its money should deliver: reliable access from servers in different locations and a good enough privacy policy. Fastest VPN offers more on the privacy side than on the reliability side but his price tag keeps it still in a very high price/value range. If you own a small business and you look for a quick, cheap solution to privacy issues rather than structural issues (necessity to access geo-blocked content with no performance impact), Fastest VPN is made for you. 

Specification: Fastest VPN

Customer Type Freelancers
Features ad blocking, Anonymous Browsing, Anti Malware, DNS Leak Protection, kill switch, Peer-to-Peer, Policy Management
Free Trial No
Pricing Model Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, One-Time Payment

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