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Roll20 is a free, complimentary, and easy to use way to play tabletop video games (such as pen and also paper RPGs) on-line with others. It's totally web-based, so it runs right in your web browser. It supports video clips and even voice chat, background songs, character sheets, a substantial art library, and much more!

Elegantly Simple

Roll20's digital tabletop, Compendium, as well as Character Building devices are powered by HTML5 innovation and also run straight in your web browser. There's nothing to download and install or set up as well as no messy arrangement apply for Game Masters or players.

Narration, Enhanced

Roll20 provides you methods to boost your own unique storytelling games using drawing tools, straightforward handouts, secret murmurs, history music, and various other real-time common elements.

System Agnostic

Roll20 does not favor one collection of auto mechanics over an additional so that it can be made use of with a range of video games. Play D&D online (any kind of version), Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, FATE, parlor game, and a lot more

Easy to Use

Being a video game master is already hard enough. Roll20 makes it as easy as possible to save you from the inconvenience of configurations or setups. To use Roll20, you just need to open Firefox or Chrome via Windows, Mac, or Linux as well as begin through your web browser.

A lot more powerful features:

– Character Sheets
– Dynamic Lighting
– Video + Voice Chat (Including Google+ Support).
– Dice Rolls (3D + QuantumRoll).
– iPad + Android Apps.

What Is Roll20?

Roll20 is the cost-free, easy method to play tabletop video games (such as pen and also paper RPGs) on the internet with others. It sustains video and even voice conversation, history music, character sheets, an extensive art library, as well as much more!

Being a game master is hard sufficient. Roll20 makes it simple as possible, saving you the trouble of setups or arrangements.

Best Roll20 Alternatives

We all love virtual tabletop online games, and Roll20 is one of the most popular virtual tabletop role-playing software available. Roll20 was created by Riley Dutton, Nolan Jones, and Richard Zayas. It can work with different systems, including windows, android, Mac, and Linux.

But are you tired of playing the same games again and again? Well, we feel you! This is why we have come up with a list of alternatives to Roll20 so you can enjoy a variety. You will get an opportunity to play alone and along with your friends.  

Let’s jump right into the products!

1) Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a virtual online gaming table. It is designed to allow you to do things that you may be able to do at a typical gaming table. It becomes a part of this list because it is an “upgrade alternative.” You will be pretty happy with some of its advanced features.

· Fantasy Grounds is a software app that needs to be installed. Also, it would be best if you tweaked the firewall to allow incoming connections.

· It will enable you to drag and drop items to your map, organizing character sheet, and even rolling dice.  

· You can play games yourself, but there is an option of playing in groups too.

· It can reduce the burden of GM.

2) Map Tool

The map tool is an excellent alternative for Roll20 because it has “great customer service.” The team of map tool responds to queries promptly and helps you out when needed.

· This game allows you to play face-to-face play or through internet role-playing.

· For this, you require Java 6+. In most of the software, this is not needed.

· You can voice chat with other players, wherever in the world they are.

· It is free and has an active development team.

3) Beyond Tabletop

Beyond tabletop, makes it to the list of the Roll20 alternatives because it is the “closest match.” Its features are similar to those of Roll20.

· This game has a variety of tools that allow the RPG players to play smoothly.

· It has two new products, including the battle map and character sheet, they are designed for pathfinder and can run on many systems.

· It is also available on the Roll20 website.

· It is subscription-free and can be used on all devices.

4) D&D beyond

· Allows you to choose handouts and maps that you can share with other people.

· The dungeon master is capable of altering official adventures so that they can fit their campaign.

· The dungeon master can even pre-place enemies in case of combat encounters.

· It also allows you to see the health of players, and you can interact with them.

· You can see immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities.

The D&D Beyond is a “budget alternative” for Roll20.

5) Battle Grounds RPG addition:

· It allows you to play online and offline.

· You can play board games, war games, card games, and dice games.

· No scripting or XML involved.

· You can easily play in groups.

Battle Grounds, allows easy and smooth networking, no matter what part of the world the other players belong to. This is why it is added to the Roll20 alternatives.

6) Astral Tabletop

· It allows you to play and host games.

· You can communicate with your friends through live video chat.

· All the features of this software are not free, for advanced features and map management tools, you can get your hands-on paid versions.

· It only supports web browsers with Windows and MAC.

· It might have some hanging issues.

Astral Tabletop is more durable and more enjoyable because if you get bored with the typical features, you can get advanced features with the paid versions.

7) EpicTable

The addition of EpicTable into this list is because of its “ease to use.” You will get a fantastic game playing experience.

· It uses the standard windows interface and allows you no-hassle networking

· You can easily share files

· It is a sturdy dice roller

· You can play with index cards, tokens, virtual miniatures, and text objects

· Kitchen table licensing table, this is quite different from the typical licensing

· To join the game, the referee sends you a code through email


Each of the software that we have listed in the list of “top 7 alternatives” is somewhat similar to Roll20, but it is clear that Beyond Tabletop is the winner because it is very similar to Roll20, you can easily access it. You will not have to pay for it, just like Roll20. It can run on various systems. Fantasy grounds is a runner up because you have to go through the hassle of downloading it. Also, it is not easy to use as Roll20. You may need a little time to get used to it. Battle Grounds is another runner up because it gives you the facilities you can get while playing Roll20.

The best alternative is also a personal choice, that is why we picked the top 7 options, and you can pick out your most favorite based on the cost, ease of use, and above all, your satisfaction.

Specification: Roll20

Customer Type Personal
Devices Supported iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS
Features Browser Based, Character Sheets, Dice Rolls (3D + QuantumRoll), Dynamic Lighting, Interactive Map, Share Internet Connection, Video Chat, Voice Chat
Pricing Model Freemium, One-Time Payment

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