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Swyft Filings is a web-based legal service that can help you form your small business entity quickly and easily.

Swyft Filings began operating in 2012 and is a relatively young organization in the LLC formation industry. Despite being relatively new, Swyft Filings has quickly made its way up the ranks of the industry featuring plenty of reviews and alternatives.

The company now boasts more than 20,000 clients and has managed to carve out a significant market share in the industry despite the intense competition. 

What Is Swyft Filings?

Swyft Filings is service under the ownership of an experienced lawyer who saw the need to automate the business filing process. An automated filing process makes things significantly easier for small businesses and consumers, who are now in a position to launch their businesses without having to worry about any legal fees. 

The service is designed to help set up a company and ensure that it is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Swyft Filings have a staff of knowledgeable business incorporation specialists capable of guiding clients through every step of getting incorporated. 

How Does Swyft Filings Work?

Swift Filings have a three-step process that helps incorporate a business in less than ten minutes. Interested entrepreneurs can utilize their services using the website. The first step in the process is selecting your business type. Not only does Swyft offer an LLC formation service, but clients can also choose between LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation, and Nonprofit. After that, they must choose their state and what package they want. 

The company offers three main LLC formation packages that a user can choose between. Each package has different pricing levels and features. Clients can choose between the basic, standard, and premium package. These are the packages in full detail. 

Swyft Filings Basic Package 

The basic package includes all the necessary services that a company will need to register as a corporation, including electronic delivery of state documents. 

1. Preparing and Filing Organization Articles 

To become an officially incorporated company within a state, an organization needs to complete a certain amount of paperwork. Then they must file the papers with the Secretary of State's office in their respective state, file incorporation documents, apply for a federal tax id, and pay any state filing fees. Swyft Filings will take care of the entire process, so business owners won't have to worry about anything. 

2. Name Availability Verification 

Incorporated organizations can't have the same company name as other incorporated organizations. To avoid any lawsuits, businesses need to check the state's official database to ensure there aren't any other companies using the same name. It can be a lengthy process as there are potentially hundreds and thousands of registered companies. That's where Swyft Filings come in and help verify the name of your company. 

3. Lifetime Customer Support 

After signing up with the basic package, clients will receive online access and lifetime customer support over their phone or by email. 

 4. 30-Minute Tax Consultation 

Attending this consultation session is entirely up to the client. Swyft Filings will schedule a 30-minute meeting with a national accounting firm so the client can discuss tax details about the business. 

5. ComplianceGuard Company Alerts

Swyft Filings also provide their clients access to the corporate compliance tool. It's a tool that manages to keep track of important deadlines and the filing schedule. With the corporate compliance tool, there's no chance you'll need to worry about missing any dates. 

6. One Year Free Domain Name

For the first year, Swyft Filings will provide the domain name and free business website for the client's company completely free of charge. After the first year, the clients will have to pay for their own domain, with the low price of $15-20 per year. 


The standard package includes all the features from the basic package and several additional features. Read on for a detailed list of all the other features clients get in the standard package. 

 1. EIN Number

An EIN number essentially serves the same purpose as a social security number. It's a nine-digit code that the organization uses to hire employees, pay business taxes, and open business bank accounts. 

 2. LLC Operating Agreement 

The LLC operating agreement is a document that contains the full outline of the complete ownership structure of the company. Some specific rules and regulations need to be a part of the document as well. It's a very long and important document, and clients can rest knowing that Swyft Filings will draft the document with precision  

3. Banking Resolution

Another crucial document that contains a list of all the people that have the authorization to open a bank account for the LLC. It's a feature that's often overlooked as the standard package includes an EIN number.

4. Organizational Meeting Document 

Swyft Filings aren't just focused on the documentation. They also provide tools that help manage the organization better. The standard package comes with a form that details the articles of organization.  


The premium package contains all the features from the basic and standard packages. This package also includes the highest-level features Swyft Filings offer. 

1. Digital Corporate Kit

The digital corporate kit is ideal for modern organizations. It features a symbolic digital seal representing the client's organization such as filing papers bylaws, and operational agreements as well as a ledger that tracks ownership transfers and custom stock certificates for the ownership group. 

 2. Website and Three Months of Hosting 

Swyft Filings in their premium package will help clients build their website. It's a basic business website, and Swyft will cover the hosting for the first three months. However, after the first three months, clients will have to cover the housing expenses themselves. 

Pros and Cons of Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is among the most affordable LLC document filing services on the market with thousands of customer reviews. They provide different services and features dependent on the package that best serves your business needs with live chat and customer support line that is available Monday through Friday. The company also offers special offers through the numerous business partners they have.

Pros: Here are the main advantages of Swyft Filings: 

1. Caters to different budgets

One of the main benefits of going with Swyft Filings is that they provide several different packages at different prices. The most basic package is incredibly affordable and is ideal for any organization that quickly wants to file their official documents without significant cost. 

2. Each tier offers the same processing time

While the more premium tiers have a wide variety of different services, there's no difference in processing time. 

3. Swyft Filings network

Swyft Filings is capable of offering several discounts and contacts because of their relationships with valuable partners. 

4. Key services

In their premium tiers, Swyft Filings provide several healthy features that include a free 30-minute consultation and a domain name. 

Cons: Here are some of the main disadvantages of Swyft Filings:

1. Certain premium features are time-sensitiv

The basic tier contains advantageous features; however, certain standard and premium features are contingent on both time and extra investment past the preliminary period. Some of the features aren't guaranteed to last forever, such as web hosting, and the domain name will expire without renewal.

2. No registered agents

Swyft Filings don't include a registered agent service in their packages. They do offer an annual charge of $149 for registered agents. 

3. Swyft Filings Pricin

Swyft Filings offer their services based on three-tier packages. The basic tier starts at $49 and is among the most competitive packages in the industry. It provides all the services that you require when trying to officially file all the documents. 

The standard package has a base charge of $149. It includes all the necessary features and other essentials for launching the business. Lastly, the premium package starts at $299. Each tier package also consists of the state fees, which may vary based on location.

What and Who is Swyft Filings Best For?

In recent years, Swyft Filings have gone on to showcase that they're a company that's growing at an exponential rate. They've been able to report such strong growth because of consistent customer satisfaction and a strong concept.

Most of their customers report back with generally positive reviews. While they aren't the ideal service for all businesses, there are certain circumstances where Swyft Filings will be ideal for a business. 

If the client is looking for a combination of an affordable price, fast processing time, and a satisfaction guarantee, Swyft Filings is ideal. The company begins processing the order as soon as you apply for the service. It's not the ideal option for clients that need the services of a registered agent.

While the different packages have a variety of features to cater to the client's needs, no package provides a registered agent. There's an extra $149 charge to hire a registered agent. 

The company also has ideal customer service that helps clients through any potential issues. They're always available and will help clients navigate through the entire documentation schedule. It's safe and low-risk for any business owner to use as they offer a full refund policy to all clients that aren't happy with the service. 

Swyft Filings Alternatives

Swyft Filings isn't the only LLC service provider on the market. Several alternatives on the market also attract a significant number of customers. The other main options are ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, and IncFile. 


ZenBusiness is an LLC service provider that operates similarly to Swyft Filings and has been on the market for a similar amount of time. Their services start at $39 for the most basic package and increase accordingly. Many people are a fan of their services because all of their packages include the services of a registered agent without an added fee.


LegalZoom is an alternative option for clients who can afford a higher budget. They're an LLC service provider, and the most basic package starts at $99. While they do offer a wide variety of services, the high price may be a deterrent for smaller businesses. 


A company that's bringing a completely innovative new idea to the LLC service provider industry is IncFile. They're offering completely free legal registration of organizations. Other organizations can't compete with their price point because their essential services are entirely free. The only worrying factor is that clients may have to wait longer for their orders to process. 

Tips on Forming an LLC for your Business 

Set the Name Properly 

An important tip that you need to remember when properly declaring your small business as an LLC, the name you register can be different from the name on the letterhead, signage, and any other marketing material. Each organization needs to incorporate the term “Limited Liability Company” into their name. They can choose between listing it as “LLC” or “Ltd.”

Get Familiar With EIN

As mentioned before, the EIN number essentially serves as the social security number for the organization. Once the organization has an EIN number, there's no need to use a social security number in the tax file. 

Tax Preparation

Getting ready to take your financial focus to the next level. The best action to take when looking to become an LLC is investing in accounting software. An alternative option is to consult with an accountant to ensure the implementation of fiscal best practices. 

Manage Your Business Bank Account

Once clients establish an LLC, separating their personal account from a business account is crucial. Banks require a minimum of at least one authorized signer on the market. 


Swyft Filings are an outstanding LLC documentation service provider. They have a variety of different packages that cater to the different needs of their clients.

One of the best ways to improve their performance further is including the services of registered agents in their packages. Aside from that shortcoming, Swyft Filings is definitely an excellent option for any small business looking to become an LLC.

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