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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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Visme is a cloud-based visual content creation and collaboration platform, empowering anyone to create professional, branded content no matter their design background.
  • Easy to use and intuitive editor
  • Create any type of visual content
  • Flexible plans to suit individuals, small businesses and large scale organizations
  • Animation, interactivity, and audio features
  • Exclusive graphic assets that are free and searchable
  • Great for both designers and non-designers
  • It can take time to learn and get used to all the features
  • Limited templates and features for free accounts
Creating visuals that look good and shine in performance remains the top priority of all content creators, be it marketers, educators, influencers or nonprofits. Presentations, infographics, Instagram photos—the internet is full of attractive visuals. If you want to stand out, you need to create your own. But not everyone can afford to hire a professional graphic designer, which is why more and more people are turning towards DIY design tools. Thankfully, you don’t need to know complex software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to be able to design beautiful graphics. With a tool like Visme, anyone can create beautiful and professional-looking visuals right in their browser. Even if they have no design skills!

Visme: A Robust Online Design Tool

visme dashboard
Visme is an all-in-one design tool that lets designers and non-designers create beautiful infographics, presentations, reports, social media graphics and more. It's packed with tons of features, some necessary and some exclusive ones that you won’t find in any other online design tool. From an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to hundreds of customizable templates, free graphic assets and interactivity—it’s got everything. Here are the top features of Visme that make it the “swiss army knife of visual content.”
  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor

One of the key features to look out for in any online design tool is its ease of use. If a software requires too much effort to create a presentation, poster, flyer or an infographic, it can potentially hinder your creative process. With Visme's user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you don't have to worry about this at all. Replace text, images and any graphic element with a single click, resize your icons and shapes, access stock photos, videos, icons, illustrations and more right inside the editor, and more.
  • Hundreds of Professional Templates

visme business
Visme has a huge library of ready-to-use templates—simply replace the placeholder text, add your own brand logos, colors, and fonts to make them your own. All of Visme’s templates are fully customizable, so you can change any part of the template as you see fit. Here are some popular template categories inside Visme:
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Social media graphics
  • Brand guidelines
  • Business cards
  • Flyers, brochures
  • Media kits
  • Magazine covers
  • Ebooks
  • Reports, plans, proposals
  • Email headers
  • Facebook ads, Instagram ads
  • Resumes
Other than these templates, you can also use Visme’s Slide Themes to create your own personalized presentations. Visme’s exclusive Slide Themes are divided into three main types:
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Creative
Each Slide Theme consists of hundreds of ready-to-use slides across over 20 categories, so you can mix-and-match them according to your design needs. This helps you set up a structure for your presentation in minutes. Instead of customizing each slide from scratch, you can simply choose from a plethora of premade slides. Whether you are looking to create your own personal brand, or looking to boost sales of your ecommerce store, or a nonprofit looking to raise awareness of a cause—there's something for everyone!
  • Searchable Libraries of Free Graphic Assets

visme libraries
To customize your designs, you can tap into Visme’s free graphic assets and drag and drop them on to your visual. For example, you can access 10,000+ ready-to-use icons and shapes. Visme icons come in several different styles; outline, flat, multicolor and isometric. It’s a good idea to stick to only one distinct style of icons to make sure your design is consistent. Resize or rotate any icon and shape, change colors, apply effects, and even animate your icons if you wish. Visme also has a library of millions of free high-resolution stock photos. Use the editor to add or remove filters, frames, or overlays. You can also access a large library of free stock videos and audio to add to your designs. For example, you can add background music into your presentation. This helps create more engaging designs, which you can then download as a video or HTML5 file, or share online using a link. All of the asset libraries in Visme are searchable so you can find the right element for your design quickly. Search for the right kind of graphic by typing in the keyword/s you're looking for, browse through the options, and choose the options that fit your design best.
  • Animated Characters, Illustrations and Gestures

visme animated
In Visme, you can also access and use animated characters, illustrations and gestures that are exclusive to the tool—you won’t find them anywhere else! Choose from a large collection of animated assets, modify them by tweaking the speed and repetition, and even change colors if you wish. Visme’s animated characters come in several different categories, such as casual, professional and mascots. This is one of the coolest features to make your presentations, social media images and infographics more interactive and engaging.
  • Large Library of Free Fonts

To make your text stand out, you can choose from a large list of pre-installed fonts in Visme. From simple, modern and elegant to creative and edgy fonts, there's something for everyone. If you want to use your own brand font, or don't like the ones in the library, you can simply upload external fonts and use them inside Visme.
  • Advanced Data Visualization Tools

Bring life to your boring financials and data by tapping into Visme’s data visualization tools. The graph engine inside the tool has over 14 different types of graphs and charts, including bar graphs, pie charts, donut charts, line charts and more. You can also create visuals out of single numbers and statistics, like percentages, by accessing Visme’s exclusive data widgets. There are 30+ data widgets to choose from, including progress bars, radial gauges, population arrays, watches, maps, and timelines. Not only that, you can also add colors, legends, and animations to your data visualizations to make them look better and easier to understand. Another cool feature in Visme is the ability to create flowcharts. Visme’s advanced flowchart maker will help you explain processes and break down steps in an engaging, visual way. You can either enter your data inside Visme’s graph engine manually or import directly from Google or Excel sheets.
  • Interactivity Features

Go beyond animations and make your visual designs interactive in Visme. Add links to your designs, like CTA buttons and websites. You can also add hover effects, insert audio narration and music in the background, or embed any other content like video.
  • Multiple Download and Share Options

visme download
Once you're done creating your presentation, infographic, reports or any other visual, you can download it in several different formats:
  • Image format: PNG or JPG for social media and email.
  • Document format: PDF for printing or email purposes. There’s also an option to download with bleed marks.
  • Video format: Download your animated designs in MP4 or GIF formats.
  • HTML5 format: To preserve animation and interactivity for offline use.
  • Presentation format: PPTX for presenting on Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.
Other than downloading, you can also share your design online in several ways:
  • Publish on the web: This generates a URL for your design, which lets Google index it and makes the design accessible and searchable to the public.
  • Share privately: If you want to host your design online but wish to share it with only specific people, you can generate a private link for it.
  • Embed: Generate a responsive or fixed width embed code to add your designs into your web pages and emails.
Sharing your graphics online eliminates the need for you to save your designs and share them via a hard drive or USB. It also helps save storage space and is useful if you’re not designing on your own computer. Plus, you can connect your charts and graphs to live data, and if you go back and update your designs, you won’t need to reshare the file as the link will automatically update on its own.
  • Team Collaboration Features

If you have a Visme team account, you can share your projects with other designers or team members to work on a design together. This not only saves time for a design approval within a team, but also potentially improves the quality and speed of the results.
  • Brand Kit to Store Your Brand Elements

If you want to use Visme regularly to create designs that are on-brand, use the Brand Kit feature to store all your brand assets, like colors, fonts and logo, for later use. This is also helpful if you have different team members using Visme to create graphics. Storing your brand elements helps everyone create consistent visuals that don’t clash with your brand every single time.
  • Import/Export PowerPoint Presentations

Want to take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level? You can Import PowerPoint presentations into Visme and edit them to make them look much better than a standard slideshow. Use Visme’s exclusive icons, animations, illustrations, data tools and more. This is also useful as you can host your presentation online and share it using a link. You can also export your PowerPoint presentation if you’d like.

Pricing and Plans

Visme offers three pricing plans, all of which cater to a different audience. So, it depends entirely on how you intend to use the tool. Here are Visme’s pricing plans:
  • Individual

individual pricing
  • Business

business pricing visme
  • Education

education pricing visme

What others say about Visme

Here’s what Visme users have to say about the tool: “I love that I can get high quality output with minimal effort. It's very nice to just be able to jump into a template and adapt it for my company's needs.” “I use the Visme software to stay on top of menus and communications in my organization. No other tool helps my small business create amazing presentations, menus, communications with such ease.” “Visme is a web-based Presentation and Infographic tool. What I liked the most is that Visme has some great looking, modern templates that can be used to create amazing presentations.” “I like that we can use Visme for simple and common business graphics that we can add to other media such as presentations or video. We can also use it to create actual complete presentations on their own. There are a surprisingly large amount of presentation and graphics templates that we can choose from. It's also great that we can edit down some of the designs of those templates to a certain degree to help meet our unique branding and general design needs. I think that the design quality is very modern and the way that the editing tools are set up allows us to to just perform a few simple actions to switch out our content.” “It's so intuitive! It's very drop and drag, and similar to other programs which makes it easy to adopt. You can make presentations, reports, files, etc. Even better, you don't have to be a graphic designer, they have built in shapes, forms, etc. to make it easy to make graphics!” (Source of the Reviews: Capterra.)

Is Visme right for you?

Visme is a powerhouse of a design tool. It delivers everything it promises. But before you sign up with Visme, make sure you know your individual or business needs so you can opt in for the right plan. To help you find out if Visme is right for you, here’s a list of pros and cons of the tool.


Finding the right design tool can be a tricky decision, especially when you have so many options to choose from. If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use but still full-featured, Visme is a great option. We like that it has so many flexible pricing plans to help you choose the right plan that offers just the amount of features to fit your usage requirements. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a free Visme account and take it for a test drive!

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