3M Mission Statement, Vision Statement Analysis, and Core Values


The 3M company was founded in 1902, hailing from Two Harbors, Minnesota. Formally known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, 3M made a mineral deposit for grinding wheel abrasives.

The company has always been focused on evolving and changing, later moving to the east side of St. Paul. Since then, 3M has been responsible for such innovative and iconic brands as Post-Its, Scotch, and Command. We all use these products almost every day, with very little thought on how these mini marvels started. 

3M is responsible for small household facts, but also major scientific and manufacturing accomplishments.

Find out what makes 3M a phenomenal powerhouse below. 

3M’s Missions Statement Analysis

3M’s mission statetement is as follows: “3M is committed to actively contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic progress. 

Let’s further assess this mission statement:

3M’s focus is leaving an imprint on every aspect of society through its brands. 

  • “Environmental Protection”: 3M makes use of science ingeniously, as evident by their reduction of fossil fuels. This company creates products that make utilizing renewable resources, such as solar energy, possible.
  • “Social Responsibility”: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Roman, cares about both his employees and his brand’s outreach to the world at large. Not only are there numerous procedures in place to keep employees safe, but employees are encouraged to share their opinion via the new “People&Culture” magazine. 3M also strives to bring new healthcare solutions to help those all around the world. During COVID-19, 3M put out several pieces of information for their employees as well as increased production of their respirators. 
  • “Economic Progress”: 3M tracks data so the world can use it’s resources more effectively. Not only does this tick the prior boxes by reducing waste and allowing everyone to have their fair share, but it also saves the global economy money in the long run. 3M creates numerous jobs by building factories and labs in low-income areas to jump-start their economies. 

3M’s Vision Statement Analysis

3M’s vision statement is “3M products enhancing every home. 3M innovation improving every life.” 

The vision of the company is pivoted to further development. 3M is a company rooted deeply in scientific exploration, problem-solving, and helping the world around them work efficiently and sustainably. 

3M has begun a plan through 2025. This plan would show their dedication to their vision statement by effecting their economic, environmental, and social impact. It features such steps as achieving zero-landfill status, investing in educational programs, and providing training to over five million people. 

As of 2018, they’re frequently showcasing their progress. They’ve achieved 30% landfill status, invested into numerous programs, and provided training to 98 thousand people and employees. 

3M’s Core Value Analysis 

3M’s core values are “collaboration, innovation, perseverance, passion for change, integrity, and honesty.”

3M enjoys its status as a front runner of its industry. They have enforced their values since the early days of the company, namely their dedication to innovation and collaboration. Its internal culture is built on these principles, allowing the company to focus on helping both the world and its employees. 3M is honest with both their employees and their business partners. 3M looks for what works and aggressively pursues it. Their processes are scientifically proven, making products relatable and trustworthy. 

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