Andy Frisella Net Worth, Story, Wiki, Age, Wife

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Andy Frisella net worth: Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker with an approximate net worth of $33 million dollars.

Owning a business isn't easy, especially if you're just starting out.

For me, the secret of a successful businessman and an entrepreneur is their courage, dedication, creativity, and skills.

But what if you're just a simple man who has a dream to become one of them?

The first thing I can suggest is to read about their struggles and their victories in life. You might start reading about Andy Frisella.

Andy Frisella Net Worth

Andy Frisella is a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, and an influential speaker. Andy Frisella is also featured in the INC., Entrepreneur, and Forbes magazine. He is also the CEO of Supplement Superstores, Paradise Distribution, and First Phorm International. Also owns multiple other companies, which are Alpine Sports Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, and 44Seven Media. All in all, he has over $ 100 million net worth annually as of September 2020.

Now we already know Andy Frisella net worth and who he is, let's keep reading about his personal life, what's his age height, and weight, how he started, what he owns, and how he makes his money.

Biography and Wiki: Who is Andy Frisella?

Early life

His full name Andy Frisella, and he was born on 29 September 1984. As of this writing, Andy Frisella age is 35 years old. With his age height is 182 cm tall and his weight 95 kg.

There are just a few details about his family history. I only find that he attended college at Missouri State University(formerly known as Southwest Missouri State University).

Andy Frisella describes himself as an underdog at his younger age. He was a little overweight and reserved. Also, he was mocked at being fat and getting low grades all the time, that his own teachers told him that he couldn't be successful. I'm wondering what his bullies and teachers were thinking about him now that he is considered as one of the richest men in the world? Well, don't judge the book by its cover.

Anyway, despite not being a successor in his early life, he has always been supported by his father. Thanks to his father, who always fights for him when he's being mistreated, especially in his school. His father also taught him how to have an unbreakable mindset and competitive. His father also taught him that dedication and a great work ethic would help him to succeed in life.

Andy Frisella has been inspired to show people what he's capable of. He started to lift weights and did some sports, making his body in good shape. He also changed his diet and became stronger and more confident. As he grows, he realized that having better looks makes you feel good about yourself and motivated to thrive in your personal life. But let me make that clear. Feeling good about yourself doesn't mean you've got to be pretty and handsome or have a very fit body. We've got our own way to feel good about ourselves. Being in good shape and having good looks is his own way of feeling good about himself, all right? let's go ahead.

Who is Andy Frisella's wife?

Andy Frisella has been married to Emily Frisella. His wife is an Amazon-bestselling cookbook author, a healthy living chef, and a successful entrepreneur who manages four of her own businesses.

Besides his dad, Emily Frisella is also his biggest fan. His wife is with him before he has a net worth of over $100 million a year. They've been together for quite a while now, and their marriage works pretty well for them. They love to work together, too. Andy Frisella's wife is helping and supporting him not only in his business but also in his personal growth.

They made a Youtube video of Q and A's about their relationship. He and his wife answered questions raised by their fans in their social media accounts and in person.

Now that we've learned some of his personal life stories, let me share how Andy Frisella started to make his money and what he owns to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

How did Andy Frisella make his money?

As an Entrepreneur

Andy Frisella making his money by being an entrepreneur. Let me share what does Andy Frisella owns and how he makes his money.

I found his interview with Local Success, where Andy Frisella talked about he started to be an entrepreneur.

Andy Frisella has been a business-minded guy since he was young. He did all he could to make money, such as selling baseball cards, lemonade, snow cones, light bulbs, etc. Andy Frisella was only 19 years old when he seriously decided to become an entrepreneur.

Today, he owns multiple companies that stand over $100 million net worth annually. So let me share his two main companies where he initially started.

Supplement Superstore(S2)

Andy Frisella and his highschool friend, Chris Klein, decided to open their first supplement store in 1999 in Springfield, Missouri. It took them eight months to make $200 a day of sales. Andy Frisella's father never gave him money to start a business, so he learned how to stand on his own. They did a variety of summer jobs like painting stripes at the parking lot to pay their rent for the shop and applied for credit cards to fund items.

He has learned about the core values of entrepreneurship, which is service-based retention. It took three years to develop their name on the market and another three to four years to open the second branch of their supplement store in August 2006. It's worth having the second branch because it made the first store profitable. Later that month, they were able to purchase chains of retail stores that had gone out of business. So from one location to six locations really quick in 30 days in time.

Today, they still have these stores, which are called Supplement Superstores, Paradise Distribution, and currently have 24 store locations and franchises.

1st Phorm International

In the year 2009, they began producing their own products. This is when the 1st Phorm International was born. It all started when Chris and he were talking about the health supplement industry. They want to produce supplements that are affordable and efficient.

Together with his brother Sal Frisella, they managed to make 1st Phorm International one of the largest suppliers of muscle and nutritional supplements. 1st Phorm is now worth $175 million.

Host at Podcasts

Like many other entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Jordan Belfort, and Tai Lopez, Andy Frisella wanted to help his team as well and wanted to make a bigger impact. So he decided to set up his top-rated MFCEO Project Podcast, a business and success-oriented podcast. This is where he shares his life experience, lessons, and interviews with successful people. From 2015 until now, this podcast is consistently the world's top 1. He also got another podcast called Real AF Podcast.

Writing bestseller books

Children book series

From weightlifting to multiple supplement stores owner, to selling muscle and nutritional supplements, to writing children's books? Maybe you're thinking, why not about entrepreneurship since he's an entrepreneur? why not about building muscles, and so on?

Well, it's a good way for him to teach children a good mindset about success at an early age. As we already know, he doesn't have a nice childhood experience, so maybe that's also one of his reasons why he decided to write children's books because he wants the children to have the right way of thinking to be successful or to be tough, etc. How about you, what do you think about him writing children's books?

Introducing… Ortiz and Charley's Hardworking Tails, his children book series. Each book in this series contains moral lessons that help children develop strong values and work ethic in a way children understand and can relate to even when they're still young. One of his series is entitled Ortiz and Charley Play to Win, which is about competition and sportsmanship.

75 Hard program book

On July 2,2020, he released the 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself. This book tackles how to manage your personal life in 75 days. He described this book as a brain Ironman. I highly recommend this book to people who want to start their own success stories. What's so special about this? Well, it will help us change the way we think. It's all about mental toughness, confidence, self-worth, fortitude, grittiness, etc.

Social Media Influencer

Andy Frisella is also active in social media because he wants to have a wide community and build his own personal brand. He has official Facebook, Youtube Channel, and Instagram. His social media features his life experiences, and his theories and principles.

What do we learn about Andy Frisella's life?

As I read his life story and what he's doing all over the net, I've learned that a simple man can become successful in life. We've learned that he didn't have a good childhood experience, but instead of being motivated by that, he proved to the people who belittled him what he could do.

According to research by Child Trends, adolescent suicide attempts ranged from seven to nine percent between 1990 and the early 2000s. What am I telling you about this? I just wanted to show you that kids and teenagers who don't have a tough mind will think of suicide as their way to escape bullying and any other problems. Sadly, it's still true today. That's why I agree with him that we need to teach them while they're young. We need to establish a good mindset, not only to be successful but also how they will face hindrance, just like what he did. It also applies to us, not just children.

His life story is a good one to read, especially for an aspiring businessman and entrepreneur. He started without money on his hand and as a result of hard work, he is now earning a net worth more than a million dollars. Literally from rugged to rich. It only shows us that we don't need to be special to be successful.

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