Alex Becker Net Worth and Biography (Updated 2020)

Net Worth: $7 Million
Born:May 24, 1988
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2020

Alex Becker has taken the online marketing world by storm in the last years.

Applying entrepreneurial and marketing skills he’s been able to build and later sell the widely used SEO freelancer marketplace Konker, and then launched other vastly successful companies like Market Hero.

He’s well known for his YouTube videos where he sharply teaches everything he knows about entrepreneurship and marketing with a no B.S. style.

As of 2020, Alex Becker’s Net Worth is estimated at 7 million dollars.

Who Is Alex Becker?

Before starting his tech companies, Alex Becker had a short story working in the Air Force, after which he became an SEO consultant in Texas, where he was born.

He quickly started getting more clients, particularly plastic surgeons, who were looking for more leads.

The first big turnaround in Becker’s career has been the launch of SEO platform Konker under the management of his company “First Wave.” Konker is a freelancer marketplace specialized in SEO services, similar to Fiverr, but with just expert in this branch of online marketing. He later sold Konker for an undisclosed amount.

With the money from his first successful exit, Alex Becker started different other businesses, in particular, these are the main ways how Alex Becker has been growing his net worth.

Market Hero

market hero alex becker

With Market Hero, Alex is trying to revolutionalize how email marketing is done. Email can be one of your most profitable channels and one that will hardly fade away like other fads.

After all, when you’ve built an email list, you have the chance to reach out to this potential customer over and over for little to no cost.

In 2018 Market Hero had about 4,000 active users. (source)

Spekter Labs

spekter alex becker

One of the biggest passions of Alex Becker is biohacking, means enhancing human performance. That’s why he invested in a cutting edge nutrition venture which sells supplements tailored for improving focus, relaxation, gaming, even socializing.

Agency & Consulting

Another one of Becker’s profitable activities it’s his consulting business with which he helps entrepreneurs, particularly SaaS owners, to acquire and retain more customers fast, leveraging on what he’s learned along the way and his team.

He does not only 1-on-1 consulting but also sells online courses on different business topics such as dropshipping and SEO.

Interestingly, Alex Becker participated to Sam Oven’s Quantum Consulting live mastermind.

Is Alex Becker a Scam?

Alex Becker has certainly a blunt attitude that you may whether love or hate. On his videos, he frequently shows his sports car and is not afraid of hiding his wealth. However, like other entrepreneurs sharing their life on social media such as Tai Lopez, he received some scam allegations by other people on YouTube.

Not only he has a track record with a successful exit and multiple successful companies, but in his videos and advertisements, he shows how truly good is at marketing and entrepreneurship with undisputable advanced skills.

He’s certainly someone that you can learn from if your goal is financial freedom, but of course, like with anyone else, you might want to take Alex’s words with caution simply because each one has is own path and what Alex Becker has done might not fit with your skillset or ambitions. He’s also very transparent with his journey so I don’t see any reasons why Alex Becker should be considered a scammer.

  1. Nice review Angelo I completely agree that Alex is NOT a scammer. He has definitely put in the work and offers a lot of free training to his followers.

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