13 Best Christian Affiliate Programs


Affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways to make money online. There are hundreds, if not thousands of niches, and specialized markets to choose from. And depending on your unique situation, you have an opportunity to earn healthy commissions promoting other people’s products online.

With that being said, the Christian consumer population is one niche that sometimes gets overlooked by affiliate marketers.

One reason may be the fact that some people get uncomfortable when considering the idea of profiting off of the Christian faith. But the fact remains that Christian consumers are ready and willing to spend their money on products and services that strengthen their faith.

So if you are looking for a way to promote strong Christian and family-friendly values and add to your online income at the same time, there are plenty of Christian affiliate opportunities available online these days.

In this article, we examine 13 of the top Christian affiliate programs available to you. These are solid companies with strong, faith-backed values. And should you choose to join these affiliate programs, you can be sure that you are serving your Christian audience with the best intentions.

1. The Jerusalem Gift Shop

Established in 2004, The Jerusalem Gift Shop has grown from a small gift shop based in the heart of the Holy Land to an international supplier of unique gifts for both the Christian and Jewish faiths.

The Jerusalem Christian Gift Shop specializes in a wide range of authentic, original gifts created by local Israeli artists. It is through these partnerships with local artists and creators that they are able to serve their customers the highest quality products sourced directly from the Holy Land.

And in doing so they consider it a blessing to be able to help support these struggling artists and manufacturers in Israel.

Affiliate Program Details

The Jerusalem Gift Shop offers many easy to use tools its affiliates can use to promote over 3,000 unique products from the Holy Land. Tools include, banner ads and links, newsletters, social media resources, and even QR code and bit.ly link generators.

The program pays affiliates 15% commission with a 45-day cookie duration. Affiliates can withdrawal their payout anytime through PayPal, but there is a minimum amount of $50 each time.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.thejerusalemgiftshop.com/affiliate-program-details/
Commission: 15%
Cookie Duration: 15 days

2. Judaica WebStore

At first glance, this online retailer may seem a bit of a stretch for your Christian audiences. Considering its target audience is the Jewish community. But it does offer one of the widest selection of “all things Israel.” Therefore their products can be marketed to the Christian community as well.

The online store offers many thousands of different products, including jewelry, art, books, home decor, music, movies, and more. The website also provides a selection of Israeli wines and food.

In addition to the online store, Judaica WebStore is owned by JWG Ltd, which also runs outlets for several large Israeli corporations. And they offer products for the average consumer as well as wholesalers.

Affiliate Program Details

Judaica WebStore offers an affiliate program through Post Affiliate Pro. The program is offered to all affiliates worldwide.

If you have a Christian audience interested in the Holy Land, Judaica WebStore offers many different Israeli brands and over 3,000 individual products to promote to your visitors.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.judaicawebstore.com/affiliate_intro.aspx
Commission: 10%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide is a global supplier of children’s products for hands-on learning. They have been in business for over a century getting there start in 1906.

Throughout multiple generations, S&S Worldwide has remained a family-owned and operated company. They aim to provide quality educational products for children and special populations of all ages.

With a dedicated Christian category, S&S Worldwide has a customer base in churches and Christian schools around the world. So you can be sure that your faith-based audience will have a wide selection of quality products for all of their educational activities.

Affiliate Program Details

S&S Worldwide offers affiliate opportunities through CJ Affiliate. With a huge selection of Christian themed crafts, games, and party supplies, you are sure to have the ability to promote unique offers for your visitors.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.ssww.com/affiliates/
Commission: 7%
Cookie Duration: 14 days

4. Worship Guitar Class

Worship Guitar Class provides excellent instruction to students interested in learning to play the guitar. Its flagship course is a DVD instructional series that takes students from the early beginner guitar stages and teaches them how to play their favorite worship songs.

But it doesn’t stop there. Worship Guitar Class offers many other products, including sheet music, webcam lessons, worship music CDs, and accessories like tuners and guitar stands.

They even offer DVD courses in drums and piano. And they have guitar courses specifically for designed kids. Whatever your intentions for learning music, Worship Guitar Class has products for any and all worship music enthusiasts.

Affiliate Program Details

Create unique product links to promote Worship Guitar Class instructional courses and other worship music products directly from your site.

If you have an audience containing Christian music enthusiasts, it will be well worth your time to promote these courses and products. Worship Guitar Class offers 20% commission on first-tier courses and DVDs and 10% on second tier products. And there is an opportunity for you to earn commissions on sub-affiliate sales as well.

But the best part is, they have a 2-year cookie duration. That’s right. You continue to earn commission on the traffic you send to the site for up to 2 years!

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.worshipguitarclass.com/associates/index.html
Commission: 20% on first-tier products, 10% on second tier products
Cookie Duration: 2 years

5. Nest Learning

Nest Learning is a provider of Christian educational curriculum for home study, Sunday School studies, and VBS curriculum.

Since it’s starting over 20 years ago, Nest Learning has become a leading supplier of Christian and family-based entertainment and educational products.

They offer a large line of Christian products (educational and otherwise) including, DVDs, toys, jewelry, apparel, and home decor. And they have a large customer base through both online retail and wholesale distribution.

Affiliate Program Details

Nest Learning Runs its affiliate program through the ShareASale platform. As one of the leading suppliers in educational materials, you can earn a commission promoting products you know will serve the greater good.

Affiliates earn an 11% commission with an opportunity to receive up to 15% from monthly sales volume incentives. There is also a 30 cookie duration on each one of your affiliate links.

Affiliate Program URL: https://nestlearning.com/pages/affiliate-partner-program
Commission: 11% with incentives to earn up to 15%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Ignatius Press

Ignatius Press is a trusted brand name in the Catholic community. It started by Father Joseph Fessio in 1978, as a way to translate some of the great theological works of the 20th century into English.

Until then there was very little exposure of this material to English-speaking readers in the United States. And it was of great service to the Catholic Church to provide this exposure to its followers in America.

Since then, Ignatius Press has thrived. Their mission has remained the same: to serve the church by spreading its educational and liturgical works to a broader audience. But over the years, they have become quite the multimedia outlet for the Catholic faith.

Ignatius Press now reaches audiences with Catholic works available in print, video, and audio materials. And they continue to embrace more modern channels through the internet and social media as well.

Affiliate Program Details

Ignatius Press runs its affiliate program through CJ Affiliate (also known as Commission Junction). It offers it’s affiliated a 10% commission on all sales with a 45-day cookie duration.

As an affiliate, you’ll also have access to Commission Junction’s state of the art tracking tools, as well as links and banners to add to your site. Affiliates can expect a monthly payout each time they earn over $25.

And Ignatius Press is one of the most trusted brands in the Catholic market. This will enhance your credibility with your site visitors while providing them with the quality products they are looking for.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.ignatius.com/AffiliatePrograms.aspx
Commission: 10%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

7. ChurchSource

ChurchSource has been a trusted supplier of resources for pastors and church leaders for 25 years. They have an impressive stock of products ranging from outreach, custom and personal bibles, to Bible study resources, Christian literature, and even full-service ministry programs.

Their website is a full-service online retailer of Christian supplies. With thousands of resources available, they can cover just about any need churches and Christian leaders require.

Sending out millions of newsletters and catalogs per year, ChurchSource is in constant contact with a large customer base.

And the fact that they are backed by two of the most trusted Christian publishers, Zondervan and Tomas Nelson, is a favorite among their customers.

In addition to name recognition and customer satisfaction, ChurchSource employs a top-notch team that provides expert advice and curated resources to churches and Christian leaders.

Affiliate Program Details

Becoming an affiliate of ChurchSource is sure to prove profitable with a 10% per sale commission and a cookie duration of 60 days.

The company uses the affiliate network service ShareASale, which handles tracking of sales, earnings, and commissions.

Affiliates are also provided with access to banners, text links, and data-feed. And ChurchSource offers free tracking tools, notifications of special offers, and free coupons.

Affiliate Program URL: https://account.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=6425&storeID=8
Commission: 10%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

8. DaySpring

DaySpring is one of the largest publishers and distributors of Christian greeting cards in the world. From its humble beginnings in 1971, DaySpring has been on a path of steady growth.

Since1999, DaySpring has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hallmark. The company is now one of the largest retailers of products serving the Christian and family-friendly communities.

DaySpring offers everything from books to jewelry, apparel, and home decor. It’s safe to say that this company is a powerhouse in the Christian retail markets.

DaySpring has an online store that ships to customers worldwide. And their growing network of brick and mortar retailers helps them reach a vast customer base.

In 2013, Mary and Martha were created as a division of DaySpring Inc. to empower women with business opportunities rooted in their Christian faith. This has provided additional market reach for the company, and it’s affiliates.

Affiliate Program Details

DaySpring works with the company CJ Affiliate to provide affiliate opportunities primarily for bloggers and online influencers. This offer is made directly from the DaySpring website.

However, when searching for the “DaySpring affiliate program” on google, the results turned up an affiliate offer for DaySpring through ShareASale.

This can lead to some confusion when trying to sign up. But it makes more sense to go through the offer directly linked to from the DaySpring website.

Although they do not list the exact details, like commissions and cookie durations, on their website, they do boast substantial benefits for their affiliates. Some of the more intriguing benefits include: “regular incentives and bonuses” and “rewards for top-performing partners.”

And if you’re looking for more information before signing up, they do provide a handy email address to contact someone on the DaySpring Affiliate Team.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.dayspring.com/affiliate-program
Commission: 13%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Ivy Robes

Founded in 2003, Ivy Robes is approaching their 20 year anniversary as a leading manufacturer and retailer of church apparel. They specialize in choral and clergy attire, as well as other garments for baptisms, confirmations, and christening baby outfits.

Since Ivy Robes manufactures all their products in-house, it can offer terrific quality assurance to their customers. Ivy Robes owns their factory located in Las Vegas, NV. And they produce their items in bulk, which enables them to lower their manufacturing costs and pass those savings on to their customers.

Best of all, with international shipping available Ivy Robes can reach a global market of Christian leaders and church officials.

Affiliate Program Details

Ivy Robes does not have any affiliate information on their website, which seems a bit odd. However, they are listed as having active participation in the ShareASale affiliate network.

You must become a ShareASale affiliate to view the Ivy Robes affiliate program.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.shareasale.com/index.cfm
Commission: 7%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Mozaico

When it comes to looking for an affiliate program to join, it’s not always about the biggest reach and the largest customer base. Sometimes it pays to invest your time in a rather small and unique niche.

Mozaico is certainly one of those companies. Specializing in quality, handcrafted, and custom made mosaic art, Mozaico serves a specific niche of art enthusiasts around the globe. They employ a small group of experienced mosaic artists that personally design and create all the mosaic art they sell.

And to make things more unique, Mozaico art employs a “self-installation” for homeowners and art collectors. Each mosaic comes with detailed instructions for assembly.

Customers love the unique mosaic art for their walls, floors, baths and showers, and even swimming pools. And with price points ranging from well under $100 to well over $1,000, they serve a wide customer base of art lovers.

Affiliate Program Details

Mozaico offers a 15% commission on every piece sold through your affiliate link and 90-day cookie duration.

They also offer various marketing tools, including advertising banners for your website and tracking tools. Affiliates are paid every 30 days via PayPal.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.mozaico.com/pages/affiliate-program
Commission: 15%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

11. PureFlix

As you can probably tell from the name, PureFlix is a video streaming service. It operates in the same way other streaming services do, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

However, PureFlix focuses on family-friendly and Christian entertainment. They offer many of the same forms of content such as animated kids movies and tv shows, documentaries, and more.

The service also has exclusive content not available anywhere else. And is compatible for streaming on multiple popular devices including: desktop and laptop computers, Roku and other smart devices, and mobile devices with apps for iOS and Android.

Affiliate Details

PureFlix digital affiliate program offers rewards for members who share the free 30 day trial of the streaming service. And for all plans activated through your link, you will receive $5 for every monthly plan and $15 for every annual plan.

You can sign up for all the benefits of becoming a media partner at https://pureflixalliance.com

However, when you click the button to “sign-up here” you are directed to a page with additional information. And there is nowhere on that page to sign up or even be directed to another page.

The site could be currently under construction or just need updated, but this proves to be especially irritating if you are looking to sign up now.

Affiliate Program URL: https://pureflixalliance.com
Commission: $5 for monthly plans, $15 for annual plans
Cookie Duration: 45 days

12. BeinHarim Tourism Services

Tourism is a very lucrative industry for affiliate marketers. And in this case, BeinHarim Tourism Services provides tours of Israel and surrounding areas that have long been considered by members of the Christian faith to be holy places.

BeinHarim and its tour guides are licensed by the Israeli government to provide it’s guests with an assurance of safety while traveling in foreign countries.

The tourism service is popular for its flexibility. Tours can be accommodated for a wide variety of languages and guests have the option of choosing both private tours as well as small group tours.

Affiliate Program Details

Affiliates have a wide selection of packages to sell, over 150 different tours are available. In addition, BeinHarim provides its affiliates with tools to track earnings and a dedicated support team to answer your questions.

As an affiliate you can earn 15% commission on every sale and a generous cookie duration of 90 days gives you even more opportunity to earn.

Affiliate Program URL; https://www.beinharimtours.com/partner-with-us/
Commission: 15%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

13. eharmony

Of all the dating sites available online these days, eharmony is by for one of the most recognized. And this brand recognition provides a bigger reach and broader customer base which is what you look for as far as an affiliate program being worth your time.

The popular dating site offers many different choices for specific dating niches, including Christian dating.

But most importantly each one of these specific niches are backed by eharmony’s famous “29 dimensions of compatibility.” Founded in 1997 by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eharmony has a system for matching its singles based on proven scientific data.

Affiliate Program Details

The eharmony affiliate program webpage doesn’t list specific commission rates or cookie duration. And that can be pretty annoying for potential affiliates looking to verify that it’ll be worth their time and effort.

But all in all, with a powerful brand awareness and regular advertising campaigns to support your efforts as an affiliate, you can be sure that you have a good shot at making this well worth your time.

The affiliate program is powered by CJ Affiliate, which is best suited for bloggers and influencers.

Affiliate Program URL: https://www.eharmony.com/about/affiliate-program/
Commission: 20% – 50% 
Cookie Duration: 45 days 

Final Summary

As an effective affiliate marketer, you must explore all your avenues for generating income. But more importantly, you must choose your affiliate programs wisely. It is, first and foremost, your job to serve your audience in the best ways possible. Whether via email, blog posts, running ads, or social media.

And if you are a person of the Christian faith who wishes to pass these values on to your audience, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to promote products from reputable companies in the Christian markets.

These are just a handful of opportunities available for online Christian affiliate programs. And remember, it is always wise to reach out to these programs and communicate with the representatives before joining as an affiliate.

Do your own research and decide for yourself whether each affiliate program is a good fit for you and your audience.

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