Cisco Mission Statement Analysis and Vision


Cisco Systems, Inc is one of the largest multinational tech companies based in Silicon Valley. The company is known for developing and selling cutting edge networking and telecommunications hardware across the world. 

Founded in 1984, the company is worth over $500 billion, ranking it amongst the 100 biggest tech companies in the world. While Cisco’s’ rise to success has been linear for the most part, many industry analysts insist that it is the company’s clear direction enshrined in its mission and vision statement, which has led to it becoming the behemoth that it is today. That’s why we need to take a close look at Cisco’s mission and vision statements. 

Cisco Mission Statement and Analysis 

Cisco’s mission statement is: “To shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.”

Cisco’s primary focus evident from the mission statement is to make accessing the internet easier and more profitable for everyone. However, upon closer reading, you’ll find that the company intends to do it by “creating unprecedented value…” by “value” they actually mean products. 

Cisco’s products are known to be reliable, which is what helps to attract more “customers, “investors” and people who want to be part of the ecosystem. 

The interesting bit in the mission statement and something that attracted our attention was “opportunity for our customers.” In the context of how Cisco works, it is clear that the company aims to create products that offer new opportunities. In more specific terms, these can be better encryption, 5G technology, etc. which makes it easier and faster for people to do business, which in effect is a better opportunity. 

Cisco Vision Statement

Cisco’s vision statement is: “Changing the way we work, live, play, and learn.”

Cisco’s vision is to change the way communities do many of the everyday tasks that they otherwise weren’t able to do efficiently. Being an agent of change for Cisco has, over the years, earned it the reputation it has today which is right in line with its vision. 

By producing more secure routers, better servers, and improved wireless technologies, Cisco is, in effect, changing the way the internet is used. Not only has the company made gaming easier but silently revolutionized streaming over the years. All of these indicate that Cisco is, in fact, an agent of change, similar to how they envision themselves in the vision statement. 

Cisco Core Values

Cisco’s core values are: “inspiring leaders, creating change, and inclusivity.”

What we find interesting about Cisco’s core values is that “creating change” is part of it. So, not only is being an influencer of change a part of the mission and vision statement but here too, it's part of the company’s value system. 

The company has created an environment that fosters talent and encourages its employees to become leaders so its value of “inspiring leaders” is a significant one. Almost every successful business inspires leaders in one way or the other. 

Finally, “inclusivity” is a value that ensures that all genders, races, and nationalities are equal contributors to the “change” often mentioned by the company. Cisco has proven that it will give anyone a chance to prove themselves regardless of who they are and it is one of the leading reasons why the company has grown tremendously over the years. 

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