The 7 Best CRM for Digital Marketing Agencies


The right Agency CRM software provides agencies with what they need to manage all their company's relationships.It helps an agency stay connected to customers while working to streamline processes.This effort can lead to improvements in organization and profitability.A well-functioning CRM system allows you to see everything in one place and increase sales and customer satisfaction along the way if you have the right software package for the needs of you and your team.Discover what is the best CRM for digital marketing agencies based on our research, and increase your team's productivity today.

CRM For Marketing Agencies: What to Look For in a CRM Software Today

The best Customer relationship management (CRM) software tools for an agency provide several features and functionalities that teams use to improve productivity.

Each option provides several pros and cons to consider.

Contact Management

This functionality provides options to sales and service teams to segment customers into groups for better organization.

Opportunity Control

Lead scoring in a CRM lets an agency like yours reach out to prospective customers based on their likelihood to make a purchase.

Sales Analytics

Teams can create better campaigns by analyzing the results of their previous efforts. The most popular CRM software solutions allow you to collect data from domain traffic, social media, and other locations in the same framework.

Remote Access

Workers that receive access to a firm’s CRM while in the field can view information or receive alerts that make them more effective with each contact.

Email Integration

A dedicated email client inside the CRM interface makes it easier for staff to pull up previous interactions to offer the best customer care possible.

List of the Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Options

CRM software is forecast to be the largest revenue area for enterprise software spending by 2021. Several companies are developing products in this space to take advantage of that fact.

That means you must separate the CRM best solutions for your agency or business and team from the rest. These are the platforms that provide consistent results.



This CRM software works to fill an agency’s address book automatically while tracking all interactions with each contact. It offers accessibility on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

  •   Pros of Salesflare  
  • It provides an integrated internal chat function that improves team communication.
  • Marketing automation integration creates better customization for each contact.
  • Task management and segmentation make it easy to begin lead scoring immediately.
  •   Consof Salesflare  
  • It costs a little more per user than other platforms.
  • Because information about contacts they're automatically synchronized from Gmail or other integrations, afterward they need to be manually updated



Companies that only need the core tools of a CRM can use this software to meet their exact needs. It is a cloud-based solution that features document storage, mobile access, and a useful reminder system.

  •   Pros of Hatchbuck  
  • The email templates in the CRM are immediately useful for most agencies.
  • It provides a CRM dashboard that simplifies data analysis.
  • Additional tasks can get added to each email outreach effort.
  •   Cons of Hatchbuck  
  • The HTML design tool can be challenging to use immediately.
  • False positives sometimes come from the lead scoring system.



This platform reports that over 500,000 companies use it to operate internal departments or organize projects. It focuses on communication improvement while offering more assignment accountability.

  •   Pros of Podio  
  • The software allows you to map any process flow within an agency in virtually any industry.
  • It provides a high level of customization to make it exceptionally useful if someone on your team knows Javascript.
  • Project managers can build workflows that may improve productivity.
  •   Cons of Podio  
  • It requires a learning curve on its project sharing features.
  • This platform focuses on task and project management only.

“In our experience, there are a few factors for marketing agencies to consider—affordability, ease of use, integration with your marketing technology stack—when choosing a CRM. As an agency ourselves, we're currently using SharpSpring in our business. What we like about SharpSpring is that it's not just a CRM but a complete marketing automation suite too. This means our marketing and sales teams are aligned and singing from the same hymn sheet, and we're able to implement the full life cycle marketing from the same platform.”

Donald Chan

Donald Chan

Founder of digital agency IMPACT!


Nimble CRM

This software uses over 160 social media connections and app contacts to create an immediately unified management tool. It can work within multiple platforms, including other CRMs.

  •   Pros of Nimble  
  • Creating reminders to stay in touch with customers can happen at the same time the profile gets built.
  • Installing the software is a simple process, and the automated features make it easy to use immediately.
  •   Cons of Nimble  
  • It offers email limitations on the lower-tiered packages that could hamper some productivity.
  • Businesses can only integrate a single social media account of each type.



Companies using this solution can visualize their sales pipeline. It works to ensure conversations and essential duties don’t get missed with its intuitive user interface.

  •   Pros of Pipedrive  
  • The structure of the CRM is very comfortable to navigate.
  • A free trial is available to experiment with its usability.
  • An iOS app gives representatives access to information when out of the office.
  •   Cons of Pipedrive  
  • It limits the number of names on an email to 1,000.
  • Delays in customer service can happen if technical issues develop for agencies.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

Any agency that wants to keep all of their contacts in a centralized and customizable database should consider this CRM. Its design is meant to help companies that want to spend less time on data input.

  •   Pros of Hubspot  
  • It allows for an unlimited number of contacts, allowing companies to organize themselves around the CRM software.
  • Data reporting tools can offer daily, weekly, and monthly insights.
  •   Cons of Hubspot  
  • The number of search filters available limit an agency’s ability to find specific contacts immediately.
  • Users of this CRM must get to know the jargon used by the platform to fully understand its feature set.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM

Although only 15,000 companies are using this CRM right now, it still offers the potential to drive more productivity. It creates a platform that works to find new ways to interact with potential customers.

  •   Pros of Sage  
  • This software organizes client information with associated projects to create a one-stop resource for users.
  • It tracks incoming and outgoing projects, sales, and inventory efficiently.
  •   Cons of Sage  
  • It lacks report customization features, forcing agencies to use specific layouts in some situations.
  • Users must be precise when looking at a particular project or job number to find the desired results.
  • The platform lacks the option to upload CSV files.

To Sum Up

A CRM software is critical to the success of any business that wants to grow. It organizes your data in ways that no other tool can provide today.

Salesflare is overall the top choice CRM for small- to medium-sized marketing agencies. It offers an intuitive platform that makes it a straightforward process to build your first database.

You will also receive contact management, sales analytics, and email integration benefits with its installation. 

Now is the perfect time to organize your contact data. The best Agency CRM software will take care of that chore for you so that you can start selling more.

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