Dean Graziosi: Net Worth, Books and Masterminds, Events, Wiki & Age

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Dean Graziosi net worth: Dean Graziosi is a real estate expert and internet marketer with an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars.

Sometimes, when I think about my future, my head starts to spin around. Every time I almost feel like I have a lot of dreams in my head, but they will always remain like that, I will never make them come true.

In these moments, I try to remember Dean Graziosi's history, to remind myself that, in order to succeed, I just need to believe in myself and never give up.

Dean Graziosi: A simple man from New York

Dean Graziosi is the embodiment of how a strong will and personality could help you go through all your problems and achieve the goals that you want to accomplish. Such as Dean Graziosi, you don't have to be some sort of Superman, but you just have to believe in yourself and work hard. But how to really follow his path and become one of the best entrepreneur possible?

Dean Graziosi is actually a very simple man. He was born in Marlboro, New York, in 1968. In the beginning, he was living in Marlboro, New York with his family. During his first years, he was raised by his grandmother, until he was 13, when he moved with one of his parents, the mother Gloria Post, along with his two older brothers. However, one of his parents was not in the picture. In fact, his father Paul Graziosi has divorced with his wife, while Dean was only 3 years old. He was living a simple low middle-class lifestyle, with his family having enough money but not too much.

His parents' situation affected his childhood, especially because of the economic situation. His family, in fact, has gone through many financial problems that forced them to move almost twenty times, until he was 19 years old. His family had to live off second-hand clothes and cheap food at the local supermarket. The family Graziosi net worth was, at the time, of $90 per week. Despite his parents' struggle, he has decided to not let this family issues worry him and bring him down. On the contrary, he was determined to gain strength from his past in Marlboro, New York, and to use them to his advantage. When he became older, he has made a promise to himself, to do his best to gain success and help his parents and two siblings, as much as he could. As a result, he has decided to not enroll in college and look for a fresh new start for his career. Who would have known that, many years later, he would have become one of the most brilliant and respected entrepreneurs and investors of the world?

Nowadays, he has left his hometown, Marlboro, New York, and he is now living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is passing his time with his family, made up of his amazing wife, Jonelle Ward, and his two children, Breana, born in 2006, and Brody, born in 2008. He is still an active part of the real estate world, taking full advantage of his big and various experiences so he could help people who need a guide or struggle to find their path.

Dean Graziosi: His first steps into the real estate world

He was only 20 years old when he has started working for his career. Despite he was at such a young age, he was already having a huge success, as he started a little business, when he started buying, fixing, and then reselling cars. Despite he has worked his way through the market, he still was without any real money. But he decided to take everything one risk at the time and buy a run-down apartment. In this way, he did not have any real money, but he was still able to close off his first real estate deal. It was a very important moment for the man, which made him choose his path down to the real estate market. He put all of his efforts in his first real estate investment, by working day and night to renovate the apartment, but all the struggle was not important to Dean Graziosi. In fact, he was only interested in discovering all that he could about this whole new world. In this way, he was able to start his own first business.

dean graziosi net worth

Even though one of his first deal was profitable, it was not a good reason for Dean Graziosi to indulge in his new money factory. In fact, he has dived all in the real estate business and continues his journey to the discovery of this alternative career path. For example, in 1998, he wrote and produced his first infomercial, thanks to the money that he earned from a program called ‘Motor Millions'. It was a show that he created, where he would explain to the people how to earn some money by fixing and selling cars. The show has quickly become very popular, with many spectators who would learn all the tricks of the field and would earn some money, just like Graziosi did years before. Over the years, he has achieved many goals and showed to the people how to effectively navigate in this real estate business. During his career, he has tried everything: at first, he just bought some real estate properties and fixed them, later he has bought many other apartments and houses so that he could hold rental property investments. Along his journey, he is now the proud owner of more than 400 properties.

Dean Graziosi and his first project: how to teach real estate business

But the road to the new real estate empire of Dean Graziosi has not been easy or very fast. After a while, when he saw how his career was slowly taking around, he decided to take a further step, and, in 2002, he decided to found Dean Enterprises, LLC. This great company had the purpose of not only being the base of his real estate empire but also produce and create some formats and infomercial, who could show the history and the efforts of his new brand. In fact, he is aware of all the hardships and the struggles that he had to face, in order to earn his place in the real estate market. However, he also is recognizing how not all people should be forced to inconveniences, in order to find their success and earn money. He has learned, during his career's first years, that there are way easier and simpler ways to enter in the real estate world. So, he decided not to hold them back and show people how to achieve their beloved dreams.

One of his first experiments in the field has started in 2002 when he is at the head of the show ‘Think a little Different'. Dean Graziosi was trying to launch a real estate training course that could help real estate beginners on how to be a successful businessman avoiding many unnecessary mistakes. As the course has enormous success, he truly understood the huge potential for teaching to people all his secrets, so he decided to go along this path.

Dean Graziosi the writer: how to be a real estate through his books

During his career, he has dwelled into the world of writing. In fact, he has published many different books, in order to fully explain his career and how to be a successful investor and real estate agent, such as he did. In his bibliography, he explored his work from the very first years of struggle, up to the peak of the success that he has experienced, with his struggles and joys.

dean graziosi net worth

Dean Graziosi has written his first book in 2006, as in the same year he published the known title, ‘Totally Fulfilled', in May with the publishing house ‘Vanguard Press'. His first book has been hugely appreciated, as it was nominated in the best-seller hit list on the New York Times. In the book, Dean Graziosi is describing in every detail the ‘core' of the philosophy behind his career. He is especially explaining the approach that he uses in every business deal in order to face every obstacle and conquer not only the real estate world but also fulfillment in life.

After this first win in the publishing sector, Dean Graziosi has continued in his journey to the education of the public in the real estate business. So, he has published again, with the same publishing house, in 2007, a book called ‘Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today'. This recent work became one of the masterpieces of Dean Graziosi, reaching success in a heartbeat. According to charts, it was the fastest and best-selling real estate book of 2007 and 2008. The real estate entrepreneur and writer has also paved his way in the best-seller lists of many other important companies, such as NY TIMES, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and

A couple of years after, he published, in January 2009, the third addition to his bibliography, a new real estate guide called  “Profit From Real Estate Right Now”. The book is a leading beacon for all the newbies in the real estate sector, where Dean Graziosi carefully explains each step that will bring the pupil to discover the world of investments and the proper manner to how to achieve them. With his new book, Dean Graziosi is reaching once again the top of every reading chart,  surpassing within 90 days the monthly sales of the previous bestseller. 

The list of Dean Graziosi's works, however, does not end here. In fact, he has published many other books about his experience in the real estate world, such as “Your Town Your Profits” and “30 Days To Real Estate Cash”. Both of these books have reached and surpassed after all the groundbreaking records that he has accomplished during his career.

Dean Graziosi has also tried many other paths, in order to spread his knowledge to people in the public, as much as he can, creating yet again one of the best options for teaching his followers the best way to perfect their career and earn money in an easy way. In 2003, he has founded the ‘Dean Graziosi Success Academy‘. In this school, he would receive all the people who would professionally work in the real estate business or simply embark themselves on a journey through the entrepreneurship, by showing them how to invest in real estate. Dean Graziosi has reached to a team of high expertise professionals, in order to create a unique yet complete curriculum, who could teach to everyone, from the fresh beginners to the more experienced, the secrets to success and a profitable empire. Later, in October 2006, he has decided to change its name and call it simply ‘Success Academy', to give it an image of boldness and polished looks, that he wanted to portray.

The secret to the success: Dean Graziosi's strategies, one house at the time

From the beginning of his career, it was clear that Dean Graziosi is one of the brightest minds in the real estate business. However, he never made any mystery about his affairs and he is always very clear about his preferred strategies when he embarks on a new journey for a new real estate. Despite the preferences he has explored during his career many different options have provided him some success. Dean Graziosi has shared, during many of the events that his team has organized, his tips and tricks on how to approach every technique and the right time to use it. These are some of them:

  • wholesaling – this is a short term investment strategy that can profit you great amount of money and make increase your yearly net worth. In this case, you can take full ownership of the property, at a lower price and then you can decide whether you want to resell it to another investor or not.
  • With assignments contracts – it is a purchase contract, where you can control an entire property, without actually buying it. You, as an investor, will give all your responsibilities and rights to the buyer. At the end, with this method, you will only receive the profit from it, usually at closing, while they will take everything care of the buyer.
  • Purchase and Back-to-Back Closings – Here you can purchase the property and in a relatively short time, you will receive it. Then you will close the deal with the buyer.
  • Fix & Flip – this is a short term strategy, which has been proven quite effective and popular. You will purchase a property that later you will need to fix, mostly with some simple cosmetic procedure. However, this will increase the value of the property, so you will be able to resell it at a higher price and profit from the hard work that you put into it. These kinds of strategies will mostly work with other investors or retail consumer buyer. Despite all of this, it will be more complicated, because the deal will be divided into three parts: at first, you will buy the property, then you will do the rehab to the property and at the end, when you will sell it to the buyer. So, you have to possess a steady amount of money that you can invest on the property on your own.
  • Buy and Hold Strategies – These strategies are quite appreciated by many real estate agents, since they will become a huge part of your net worth for life, taking advantage of the ownership on the property. Most of the time, these strategies are used by people who will inherit some properties from their family, without capital gains taxes due. However, it can also be applied by other new investors, in the field. It may take a longer time than the other strategies and a bigger amount of money to invest, but they will be worth it. Especially if you will rent them, you will obtain a great and steady income in your net worth, despite all the costs that you will have to sustain.
  • Less Traditional ones – Dean Graziosi has experienced, over the years, many different strategies which might seem unconventional or less traditional but have brought him great success. Some of them may include buying tax liens and mortgage notes. Despite taking more attention on details and investments, they can be highly profitable and increase your net worth. Many of Dean Graziosi events are revolved around these strategies, where his students may learn the different techniques and tricks of the field.

The enormous experience that Dean Graziosi has earned on the field has brought some wonderful results. He is able to fully take advantage of this great and various knownledge, teaching to all the real estate amateurs how to success and not repeat his same mistakes. He was also able to build form humble origins, a great empire that will profit for years and years. Dean Graziosi net worth has been the prove to all his admirers of how these strategies, proven by years of experience, will be the perfect solution for investing in the real estate business.

Dean Graziosi Net Worth: How much is worth this Entrepreneur?

Defining the net worth of such a great entrepreneur and businessman such as Dean Graziosi is not that simple. As has been shown, Dean Graziosi has achieved so many goals over the years, that it is not possible to calculate perfectly how much he ears yearly. In fact, he can count on many different assets and businesses that will profit and will all together flow in his net worth. However, we could at least try to gather all the data that is available on the internet, in order to understand how much is the amount of Dean Graziosi net worth.

For example, we can analyze how much net worth Dean Graziosi has when it comes to its real estate empire. As has been stated before, until this year, Dean Graziosi can count more than 400 properties. This is, in fact, the primary source of his income, the main part that makes his net worth increase year after year. It is very clear, especially when it comes to analyzing the other sources of income in his net worth because all of them revolve around the real estate world. He has also many other books and infomercials about its competence in the real estate job that has been up to these days present in the top charts of every magazine and newspaper as a bestseller. He has his own academy for teaching all that he has learned during the years, plus all his companies. He is one of the top-ranked real estate builders and educators of the country and ha held many incredible events, which has reported a huge following, even with the passing of years.

In total, Dean Graziosi net worth should be at least 50 million dollars or more. It is difficult to affirm this data because thanks to his incredible work ethic and sense of business, every day he reaches new peaks of success.

Dean Graziosi recently launched a product on how to create your own masterminds with Russell Bruson and Tony Robbins.

Dean Graziosi: an example in the real estate world

It is clear that the life of Dean Graziosi has not been easy, as he had to face many adversities and obstacles since his childhood. However, as it has been shown, since the old days in Marlboro, New York, that he understood from the beginning which is the best option to follow, when you feel in disgrace. Dean Graziosi has not let his trouble affect and determine his life, but he took all the challenges on his path and transformed them into a tool, which could help him define his career and consequently, his success. Dean Graziosi is a big example of how our origins and problems are not fixed and mostly, do not limit us. If we all could have the strength and the will of Dean Graziosi, we could all be happy and make our dreams come true.

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