25 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs (Recommended by an Entrepreneur)

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For my entire life, I've been an entrepreneur.

We’re peculiar people. Often we think differently and get satisfaction and reward from activities and actions that others would prefer to avoid.

That’s also why the best gifts I receive are from fellow entrepreneurs.

If you want to give the perfect gift for your loved one or a friend who is a business owner, read on.

Here are some perfect gifts for entrepreneurs.

#1 Blinkist Book Summaries


Let’s admit it. In a certain period of the year, we’re just packed with work and deadlines, and it’s tough to find time to read.

But this doesn’t mean that you do not have to learn something new every day. Blinkist offers 5 minutes summaries of non-fiction books, an excellent option for those who seek knowledge in its most compacted expression.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their skills in any field their business is lead to. I found Blinkist very practical due to the way the information is summed up to be assimilated by the reader. One of the best European startups named by Wired in 2016 at your hand as a gift is not a pure coincidence. This would be an exceptional gift for those entrepreneurs that lack time to read. No wonder it was the gift of my sister for last Christmas, and I loved to use it while traveling or taking a short trip on the metro.

#2. Brain.fm

brain.fm review

Brain.fm is my companion for productivity, meditation, and when I want to relax.

It offers scientifically-backed music that is neither too distracting (like often Spotify) nor too boring (like your typical YouTube classical music focus playlist.)

No wonder it's one of my favorite subscriptions to gift to friends and family.

#3. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses helps to find peace at sleep


Sleep is crucial to make your brain work well and take on the next challenge with all your energy and mental resources.

Unfortunately, the blue light emitted by our mobile phone, laptop, and some other electronic devices, when used at night, gives a signal to your brain to remain awake, ruining the quality of your sleep.

Blue light also accounts for headaches and macular degeneration consequences of too much use of computers during the day.

The goal of Swanwick Sleep was to make blue light blocking glasses cute and stylish to wear.

I bought a pair too, and I have to say that these glasses are pretty resistant, not mentioning environmentally friendly as well, due to his petroleum-based plastics that also makes it flexible and light for you to wield it, that's why I choose them instead of the others.

#4. An Audible membership is an excellent gift

Warren Buffet is famous for having said: “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Entering the mind of other business leaders and fellow entrepreneurs is invaluable.

Knowledge is power, and sometimes that power can enter through ears. Lots of entrepreneurs I know prefer to listen to audiobooks instead of reading text. An audible membership it’s such an ideal present, as it allows you to find exclusive audiobooks that couldn’t be listened by other ways, I think this is a blast of a gift for entrepreneurs, access to information is always useful, no matter how.

#5. A ‘I turn coffee into money' mug is a funny option.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and serve a cup of black coffee that will sustain you during most of the day in a pleasantly white bowl that says such an optimistic statement. This definitely might be of help in your money making process. I find this coffee mug great because it keeps chocolate hot, its practical 11 oz size brings comfort when carrying it and makes it easy to bring it around everywhere I go.

#6. A business magazine subscription

An entrepreneur has to be always aware of what’s going in the world, especially in the business world. That’s why a magazine subscription would be a fantastic improvement in the agenda to sharpen your thinking. It keeps the fresh news, numbers and the influential personalities inside the business.

I subscribe to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Foundr. I love them all because reading the stories in these magazines give me new ideas to apply to my own businesses that I wouldn’t have thought otherwise.

#7 A thermos stainless is the perfect partner.

I like to think of coffee nor as my fuel, but as my partner. It’s my favorite break, and even if I’m working hard, it makes my day more enjoyable immediately.

At places like Starbucks, bringing your own thermos makes you save money and helps the environment. You can then have your coffee or tea always with you.

It could be ideal for you to keep on movement or in some activity without any worries about it. I use a thermos almost daily to keep my coffee hot while at work and I have to say it is a practical advantage.

#8 A daily planner, the archetype of a moneymaker.

Having a plan for the day makes you more efficient because even if you’re not going to respect it, your brain has already decided what is going to accomplish today.

What would happen to a businessperson without plans? Everything would merely turn into chaos and crumble down.I  am sure you’d love to have everything under control, with all the central plans and alternative plans on the board in case something goes wrong, day planners have helped me a lot to categorize every single move I and others can make during the day, it makes everything easier.

#9 The Freedom Journal by Entrepreneur On Fire

This journal has sold thousands of copies to entrepreneurs, and for a reason. Have you ever imagined yourself setting several daily goals that once you reach every single one of them you just turn into a more successful businessperson? Then this ultimate journal would fit in your bag of needings.  A specific scientific proven list of strategies that helps to keep the focus and to increase productivity isn’t a typical item or at least one that should be ignored. With a massive list of more than 16 individuals that in 100 days have reached their goals and access to an app and an audiobook, the Freedom Journal is an outstanding option to take in thoughts as a gift for entrepreneurs, organized ones.

#10 massage

Busy people usually catch stress easily, the lots of work to do can lead the body to a disastrous episode of stress and anxiety. Some relaxation time is a very suitable gift for entrepreneurs as we’re daily victims of stressful situations. A complete body massage managed by specialists in a very peaceful and aromatic place can make entrepreneurs get in communion with their bodies.

Don’t think it twice; this could be an excellent idea to a gift as well as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to balance the damage done by stress, and to create a line of advance and organization with new and healthy energies.

This was my girlfriend’s gift last year for my birthday 🙂

#11 A decent notebook

A wonderful gift for entrepreneurs who love to write and build the way they accomplish their missions is a decent notebook. Journals, daily notes taking, schedules, ideas scratched in primitive ways, a list of activities and thousands of other functions can be found on entrepreneurs who have received such a functional gift. their durable finish and the sober colors that enlighten the covers are experiences at the time of writing.

I use my Moleskine notebook every single day!

#12 Bluetooth Headphones/Airpods

For entrepreneurs who do several things at once and do not have for us to read or watch a video, a Bluetooth Headset or Airpods is an infallible solution. You can work or go the way to the office and at the same time hear an audiobook, without having to deal with annoying cables. Do not worry because an annoying noise interrupted your moment; this item offers the sound just for you.

#13 Waterproof notepad for the shower

Entrepreneurs are always searching for ideas; there’s no rest, any place, any moment and any activity can unleash their creative side, bathrooms are not an exception. In such a wet place like the shower, writing can be a real challenge, and when an idea invades a mind, it must be written or painted quickly before it vanishes. This gift could get treasured by an entrepreneur who’s always giving birth to new visions, even when taking a shower. the waterproof notepad for the shower is a perfect gift for entrepreneurs, specially designed to resist water, to draw, and to organize the events and work you have on mind but can’t easily materialize.

#14 Adjustable Laptop Stand

Ideal for those entrepreneurs that are in an eternal journey to find their place on earth or you can work from home with an adjustable laptop table. It is ergonomic because it is compact, you can adjust it to the height you need, and it is light enough to take it anywhere, also has a built-in USB-powered fan that prevents overheating of your computer. team. Another of its functions is that you can use it as a support for a book, notebook or as a TV tray.

#15 Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

A comfortable workspace guarantees productivity; if you want a flat surface to be used as a desktop, an Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter can help you. It is ergonomic and easy to use, you can adjust it according to your need, the best of all is that you do not need tools to assemble it. Personally, I like it because it provides stability and gives me enough space for homework.

#16 A Dream Journal

A dream journal is a perfect gift for everyone; it helps you to know the capacity of your mind and helps you find inspiration and creativity to do your job. Sometimes the most powerful and wonderful ideas come through dreams, for an entrepreneur, it is important to take note of each dream, each thought, and each reflection and thus achieve growth, develop in each area that is proposed and achieve the goal.

#17 Meditation Online Program

gifts for entrepreneurs

To find tranquility, sometimes you need time for yourself, to meditate and reflect on the day or on the actions that can improve in your life. An online meditation program is an excellent tool that allows you to descend to the depth of the soul and find all the wonderful things that make you a creative, capable, audacious and powerful, also helps you eliminate the annoying and negative ideas of yourself.

#18 ‘Mindset' headphones

While you work there is the bad luck of enduring all kinds of noises in the office at the office, the mindset headphones is an easy gift for an entrepreneur who spends a lot of time on the computer. They use EEG technology to help improve your concentration while you work, also possess an ergonomic design that does not hurt your ears, fits your head preventing them from slipping.

#18 Donate to their favorite charity or cause

For the person who has already everything. Donate to a cause is an act of solidarity can change the life of one or more people, not only benefits others but also oneself. Regardless of the cause, you want (people, environment, animals) the fact that we know that we are helping solve problems in the environment around us makes us feel good and also allows us to show that solidarity. Altruism, and empathy are current and necessary values, that I’m sure your loved one will appreciate.

#19 NeuroGum

Neurogum could be a good option for those who feel stressed and deconcentrated as it can help you access the full potential of your brain. It uses the best and most innovative ingredients that increase the energy levels and metabolism of brain cells.

Another good feature is that it accelerates the communication of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, therefore, improves concentration and enhances memory.

#20 Skillshare

Skills are what make you money and bring your business forward. You can learn new business skills with Skillshare. As well as new hobbies such as how to take and edit beautiful photographs, paint or design programs. It is a training website, and the perfect gift for an entrepreneur is a project which offers knowledge and tools that will help you master the visual arts, also has a calendar with courses where you can choose which of the live transmissions adjusts more to your schedule.

#21 eBook Reader

The questions we ask ourselves often have answers in the books and an eBook reader such as a Kindle is a wonderful gift that offers knowledge in the palm of our hand. You can create a portable library that will help you not only to entertain you but also to reinforce the knowledge and highlight areas of your choice. It also offers tools to grow as a person and as a professional.

#22 Sleep Tracker

‘What you measure, you control’ they say. And you want to truly measure your sleep, as it largely accounts for your mental and physical performance as an entrepreneur.

My sister once gave me this as a gift, and it helped me since then to make control more about the outcome of my sleep. You want to consider it.

#23 Scribd

I discovered Scribd last year and let me tell you. I loved it so much that I referred to most of my friends to it.

Scribd gives you unlimited books and audiobooks at a flat rate! The library’s immense with always new books uploaded. This is indeed an outstanding and affordable gift for an entrepreneur.

#24 Brain Octane Oil

Entrepreneurs usually love coffee. Have you ever heard of the possibility to upgrade your coffee?

Brain Octane Oil helps to feed your brain. You can add it to your coffee to not only enhance the taste but also to help your loved one get the most out of his coffee break.

What's is the best gift you ever received or gave? Comment below

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