JetBlue Mission Statement, Vision Statement Analysis, and Core Values


JetBlue was founded in 1999 and was initially known as NewAir but has become a behemoth in the airline industry. One of the reasons for the astronomical growth is the airline customer-centric model. JetBlue offers more than a lot of domestic airlines, and onboard entertainment is next to none.

Did you know that JetBlue was the only domestic airline that made a profit after 9/11? After the attack, the airline/aviation industry took a nosedive in profit because people were afraid to take a flight. Even though at the time of the attack, JetBlue was relatively new, the organization was still used by a lot of people due to the expertise in their operation and its extensive network. 

JetBlue Mission Statement

JetBlue's Mission statement is: “to inspire humanity both on the ground and on air.”

One of the cornerstones of every organization is its mission statement, and JetBlue is not an exception. JetBlue is committed to proving a flawless customer experience, and the highest quality in service delivery propelled by its mission statement. For JetBlue, its mission statement is an incredible navigational tool, especially when it has to do with customer service and the future of the organization.

JetBlue is committed to giving back in numerous ways to the people it serves and also to encourage competitors and other organizations to do the same.  

This mission statement is exhibited in the way the organization goes about its day to day operation and also its concern towards the environment. JetBlue does not just serve its community but also ensures a better and safe environment for its customers and the nation at large. For JetBlue, a healthy environment is a nice goal that can make people and the destination they visit better and also foster better business practices. JetBlue's service to its customers and the environment ensure it become the only airline company in the world to win the best Domestic economy class and best domestic business class in 2018.

JetBlue Vision Statement 

JetBlue’s vision statement is “to provide the best rates for its clients for every destination.”

JustBlue is a relatively new airline founded in 1999 but has become one of the most popular domestic airlines in the U.S.A. One of the reasons for this is due to the competitive rates the airline offers to its customers. 

The vision statement captures two things. The first is to provide a competitive rate while the second is to provide flight services to every destination. JetBlue's competitive rates and its ability to fly to all destinations have ensured the organization becomes very popular. For many years JetBlue has become one of the cheapest airline carriers worldwide.

JetBlue Core Values

For JetBlue, its core values are the driving forces of its daily operation. The core values determine the airline's priorities, support its mission, vision statement, and help shape the working culture.

JetBlue Core values are a combination of the following

  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Passion
  • Fun

The Core values have helped set JetBlue on the right track and ensured a seamless service delivery for its clients. The organization is the 6th largest domestic airline in the USA, accounting for 5.5 percent of the entire market share

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