KPMG Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

KPMG is an abbreviation for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler, a multinational company ranked amongst the so-called Big Four accounting services. It competes against businesses like Ernest & Young, Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

Based in the Netherlands, it has a network that spans 154 countries and over 207,050 employees. They specialize in financial matters like tax, financial audits, and advisory. Founded in 1818, the company has grown tremendously over the past two centuries and weathered two world wars. So, what exactly is the secret to their continued success? Well, KPMG’s mission statement seems to shed some light on it. 

KPMG Mission Statement and Analysis 

KPMG’s mission statement is: “To turn knowledge and understanding of information, industries, and business trends into value for our firms’ clients, our people, and the capital markets.”

Now for those who may not be aware, KPMG is a B2B service, which is also reflected in their mission statement. The statement clearly lays out that it has its clients’ best interests in mind. The use of “Knowledge and Understanding,” in the statement alludes to their growing network of highly talented people. It goes without saying that KPMG hires only the best financial experts. 

KPMG, in its mission statement, alludes to the fact that they understand every industry, which at first glance may seem outrageous, but it isn’t. “To turn knowledge and understanding of information, industries and business trends into value for our firms’ clients…” merely points to the fact that the company if and when required hires people who specialize in the financial matters of those industries so that they can cater to the needs of their clients. So, in a way, that network of talent we mentioned above contributes to the company’s ability to expand its network of clients across all industries. 

The statement also outlines that value isn’t just created for KPMG’s clients but also for their own people. By offering a handsome compensation, lifestyle, and career opportunities, which are hard to find anywhere else, but which also helps the company retain some of the best auditors and tax experts in the world. 

KPMG Vision Statement 

KPMG’s vision statement: “Distinguished by the learning opportunities offered, through a platform which shares the expertise, knowledge, and experience of professionals across a global network.”

Now from the get-go, you can see that KPMG’s vision is to be identified as the world leader in its space. However, not just leading in the services it provides other businesses but in the way, they cultivate and attract talent. 

KPMG offers employees the ability to learn, which is stated in the first half of the vision statement “distinguished by the learning opportunities offered…” KPMG offers employees numerous types of training ranging from seminars to talks. That allows employees to learn more and grow as a consequence, the second half of the statement clarifies how that learning opportunity is offered. 

“…through a platform which shares the expertise, knowledge, and experience of professionals across a global network.” Since KPMG has such a broad network of experts, it calls upon those experts to share their expertise with those who are starting out or are midway through their careers. So, those who are new benefit by learning from seasoned employees. For the company, it translates to a win-win situation. 

KPMG Core Values 

KPMG’s core values are: “Leading by example, working together, respecting individuals, seeking facts and providing insights, being open and honest in communications, commitment to communities, and acting with integrity.”

KPMG’s core values interestingly focus on building a comfortable and hospitable place for employees to work and not so much on helping or retaining clients. That’s understandable given the reputation of the company; their goal now is to make sure that they can attract and retain the best people for the job. 

The second half of their vision statement “commitment to communities, and acting with integrity” alludes to the company’s focus on giving back to the community. In the past few years, the company has taken many steps to help local communities through various programs that have stayed true to their vision statement. 

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