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Lewis Howes knows a thing or two about accomplishments 🙂

Besides being the voice behind one of the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes, “The School of Greatness,” where he interviews guests like Tony Robbins and Daymond John, among the others and a wildly successful entrepreneur.

From being bullied in school and struggling to find his own way, Lewis began pursuing sports in his teens as his Mission in life. However, when he suffered a career-ending injury during his first season playing football professionally, his plans and life got shaken. 

But Lewis didn't let this event stop him from achieving “greatness.”

Thanks to his businesses, as of 2020, Lewis Howes has a net worth estimated at $10 million.

Who Is Lewis Howes? Life Story and Wiki

Lewis Howes was born on 16 March 1983 in Delaware, Ohio. 

In the first years in school, Lewis struggled not only to make friends but as well to do well in classes. He had trouble reading and got sent to a special school.

Tall and goofy in his aspect and manners, back then. “I remember many times saying to school teachers, principals, and my parents that I wish I were dead,” said Lewis in one of his articles

However, things changed for the better when Lewis finally found a positive way to express his feelings: sport. Football in particular.

Lewis began acing sports competitions until he reached an NCAA record for receiving yards in one match in 2002 when playing for Martin Luther College.

He left college to start playing professional; however, “two games into his first Arena League season, he collided with a wall while diving into making a catch and snapped his wrist. He played the rest of the season with a broken wrist, and after the last game, he underwent corrective surgery that ended his football career.” (source.)

From Football to Business

The injury shook Lewis Howes's life. He dedicated his own life to the goal of playing sport at the highest level, and now he just couldn't. He had to reinvent himself.

He spent one year and a half jobless at his sister's house trying to start an online business. Eventually, he made it! His training and consulting on how to use LinkedIn for sports professionals kickstarted, and Lewis began earning a healthy income. Enough to sustain his life in New York City, where he started training with an elite team of handball.

Since then, Lewis has amassed successes over successes. From his top-ranked podcast to writing a bestselling book, All of these accomplishments got him in the circles of The Ellen Show and other prestigious media outlets.

Lewis Howes Podcast: School of Greatness (lewis howes tony robbins)

‘School of Greatness' is the podcast that Lewis Howes has launched in 2013 and is now one of the most listened shows in the self-development industry.

Some of the past guests include successful businessmen and celebrities like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Tai Lopez, and Tim Ferriss.

Lewis Howes Books

Lewis Howes is the author of two books:

How Old Is Lewis Howes?

Lewis Howes was born on 16 March 1983. He is 36 years old. Despite this fact, he maintains an impressive physique as you can see in one of his photos shirtless

Lewis Howes Height

Lewis Howes is 1.93 m height.

Lewis Howes Birthday

Lewis Howes has birthday on 16 March.

Does Lewis Howes Have a Wife or Partner?

Lewis Howes has been for many years now in a relationship with model and TV host Yanet Garcia. The couple is not married, though.

Lewis Howes Inner Circle

On his website, Lewis offers a membership for upcoming and beginning entrepreneurs to help them get results faster, called Inner Circle.

Where does Lewis Howes Live?

Despite traveling frequently, Lewis Howes spends most of the year in sunny Los Angeles, California.

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