Marcus Lemonis Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2020)

Marcus Lemonis Net Worth and Life Story

Marcus Lemonis was born in Beirut. Because of the constant conflict in Lebanon, he qualified to move to the United States as a child. After graduating with a political science degree, Lemonis accepted his first job at his adopted grandfather’s car dealership in South Florida.

He turned this set of experiences into an eventual career as a serial entrepreneur. Lemonis’s time with his grandfather led him to see the potential of the RV market, an idea that was reinforced after a 1997 meeting with Lee Iacocca.

This journey would eventually lead him to become the CEO of Camping World and the head of his own company.

As of 2020, Marcus Lemonis’s net worth is estimated at $900 million.

How Marcus Lemonis Built His Fortune

Marcus Lemonis began to grow his net worth through his negotiation and consolidation skills instead of being an innovator or investor. He spent several years looking into creative ideas and then folded the best ones into a portfolio under his control.

This approach to business was even how he met his wife, Bobbi Raffel. She was leading a company called Runway, and the pair met in 2016 at a trade show.

Raffel sold her business to him, and then Lemonis combined her brand with two others: Courage b and Denim & Soul. This new women’s boutique was branded as MARCUS. There are now 18 locations currently operating, along with a large e-commerce platform.

Before he became a TV star, his usual wardrobe was a blue sports coat and khakis that didn’t fit well. His approach is proof that anyone can turn a small business learning experience into an opportunity to run a multibillion-dollar company.

What Is the Net Worth of Marcus Lemonis?

As of 2019, Marcus Lemonis has a net worth of approximately $900 million. As the longtime CEO of Camping World, he also directs a public company with a $2.2 billion market cap. It is the largest service provider and retailer of RVs in the United States.

He is also the head of an umbrella company named Marcus Lemonis LLC. More than 20 businesses worth $75 million come under his direction in this secondary effort.

Lemonis is also the star of the reality TV show The Profit that regularly airs on CNBC. It is the most-watched original series in the history of the channel. About 40,000, small business owners apply to appear on the show annually.

He has also produced video lessons with Inc. that have helped to grow his brand and influence in the industries in which he is active.

What Is Marcus Lemonis Doing Today?

Besides his responsibilities with Camping World, CNBC, and his LLC, Lemonis continues to help businesses find ways to solve problems.

He provides them with funding and marketing assistance in exchange for an equity percentage of the business. This approach to entrepreneurship diversifies his portfolio, helping his net worth stay consistently high.

“Stay focused, work hard, know your numbers, and be disciplined,” is the best advice that Lemonis offers. “If you do those things and take care of your people, the likelihood of being successful is very high.”

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