NBA Mission Statement Analysis and Vision


The NBA or National Basketball Association is one of the biggest and most prominent professional basketball leagues in America. The association represents 30 teams across the US and Canada. It is the premier men’s league, while the WNBA is the Women’s equivalent of the association. 

The NBA has over the years, enjoyed and continues to enjoy a great deal of success stemming mainly from fueling people’s passion for basketball. However, the association also conducts itself in a friendly, loving and fostering manner, which also happens to be part of its mission statement. That’s why a closer look at the NBA’s mission statement reveals a lot more than at first glance. 

NBA Mission Statement Analysis

NBA’s mission statement is: “At the NBA, we compete with intensity, lead with integrity, and inspire play. We do so by focusing on four key elements of our game. Integrity: We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, ethics and fair dealing.”

The NBA is a sports association and because of that one of the key ingredients for them is intensity. The more intense players and the association is, the more it will inspire others and keep people engaged. However, that’s just the tip of the NBA’s proverbial iceberg. 

The first part of the mission statement talks about competing with intensity. Now while basketball is an intense game, this particular section also alludes to the NBA’s mission to compete with other associations intensely too. After all, there is has to be a reason why the NBA is the most prominent association in North America and continues to invest heavily in marketing, advertising, branding, and its member teams. 

The second part of the mission statement talks about “integrity.” It is a value that many organizations may mention but rarely define. However, the NBA defines their integrity as being honest, dealing fairly, and being ethical. In the past, the NBA has exhibited what they describe as integrity when dealing with disputes.

Integrity for the NBA also alludes to the company using fair practices when competing in different markets.

NBA Vision Statement Analysis

The NBA does not have an official vision statement, which is strange for a sports association of this size. However, if you read the mission statement above carefully, it is in a way a vision statement too. 

By inspiring and competing with intensity, the NBA can assure a future of growth financially as well as expanding its influence. The NBA’s vision is evident from its website as it continues to expand into new markets and they do that by localizing many aspects of the association. 

NBA Core Values Analysis

NBA’s core values are: Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation

The core values of the NBA accurately reflect its conduct both with employees and people associated with it. However, what’s worth examining is the value of “innovation.” It appears out of place for a sports association because the rules are pretty much set in stone. But here it alludes to the company’s ability to use technological and financial innovation to grow and expand beyond its current boundaries. 

Teamwork and integrity help ensure that everyone works together for the betterment of the association. So, both of these values are as they should be and prove that the NBA relies heavily on both state basketball teams and the teams that work to make every game possible. 

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