Nintendo Mission Statement Analysis and Vision


Founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi the company initially made and sold ‘hanafuda’ playing cards. However, over the years through the 60s the company had tried its hand at many small niches with mixed success.

Later, Nintendo abandoned all of those previous ventures in favor of producing toys. It was the advent of the computer that spurred Nintendo to get into the video game industry. By the 1980s, it became one of the biggest video game developers and console manufacturers in North America and Europe. The company is known for treating its customers like gold.

For Nintendo, its customers matter, and that’s evident in its mission statement and core values, which is something we’ll examine in this article. 

Nintendo’s Mission Statement and Analysis

Nintendo’s mission statement is: “We believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality but to treat every customer with attention, consideration, and respect.”

A broad overview of Nintendo’s mission statement reveals that it has two significant goals, the first being delivering quality products and the second being treating everyone with respect. Respect is a huge part of the Japanese ethos, which is why it is no wonder that its part of Nintendo’s mission statement. 

Nintendo’s strive to deliver quality products has put it at the forefront of the video game industry. For instance, the Nintendo Switch isn’t a processing powerhouse like perhaps the Xbox One but provides quality and unique experience. 

Treating “every customer with attention, consideration, and respect” is the leading reason why Nintendo has such a large, growing, and loyal following. Consumers know that the company stands by its products and offers customer service that’s second to none. 

Nintendo Vision Statement

Interestingly Nintendo does not have a vision statement. However, the company’s history clearly shows that its vision is to have a positive impact on people’s lives. In a way, they want to change people’s lives for the better. 

A look at Nintendo’s product line and the games they offer reveals that its hardware and software are in a league of its own. Games like Mario Cart, Legend of Zelda, etc. may not be the most graphically intense but deliver a fun and memorable experience. 

Nintendo Core Values

Flexibility, uniqueness, sincerity, and honesty.”

Nintendo’s core values encompass more than just the company’s stance but every individual employee. Its ability to be “flexible,” allows Nintendo to embrace new ideas while staying true to their commitment of delivering fun and unique experiences. 

“Sincerity and honesty” are two core values that are clearly reflected in the way Nintendo advertises and markets its products. Unlike the competition, financial figures, sales figures, and other aspects of the business aren’t fudged in favor of raking up sales or creating hype.

Nintendo has been criticized in the past for not competing with other companies like Sony head-on, the fact is that their core values don’t include competition but instead foster uniqueness. That is what sets Nintendo apart from all others in the industry but with its own unique fan base and niche.

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