One Funnel Away Challenge Review

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Russell Brunson is the creator of the One Funnel Away Challenge, which is presented as a complete transformational training that can help you to launch or grow your business online. Your first step towards million-dollar results.

Even if you have zero marketing experience at the beginning of this program, the information that Brunson’s team provides in the One Funnel Away Challenge it’s supposed to take you from zero to hero in just 30 days.

Too good to be true? Read on my review to discover whether you should consider joining the One Funnel Away Challenge or not.

Who Should Consider Joining the One Funnel Away Challenge?

While the challenge can be helpful for both beginners and savvy online entrepreneurs if you’re just starting out and dreaming about having a million dollar online business one day this the OFA challenge is perfect for you.

After all, the quickest way to get a specific result is to put yourself on the shoulders of the “giants” that have already accomplished what you’re trying to achieve.

The One Funnel Away allows you to save trials and errors that the million-dollar entrepreneurs featured in the challenge like Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen had to go through and that you can save yourself from enduring.

Learning how to ride a bike is more manageable if someone that already knows how to do it teaches you. You will not have to fall and hurt yourself hundreds of times before you learn, because you’ll have someone keeping your bike and helping you out. 

Imagine now another kid is too arrogant to ask their parents to teach them how to ride a bike, while you will have fun and enjoy the freedom of riding with your bike, the other kid will probably give up after the hundreds-fall and walk or take the bus for the rest of his life. I know because a friend of mine did that, at 27 years old he still can’t ride a bike because he gave up, imagine how limiting.

The reason why I still invest in training programs like the OFA challenge is that I know well this point. And even if sometimes I got fooled by too good to be true or coaching programs that simply weren’t a good fit, I’m now enjoying a freedom lifestyle, managing my business from across the world, while those that laughed at me are still in their cubicles.

I remember a friend of mine laughed at me when I told him I invested 500 dollars in a coaching program. He thought I was crazy and that I could have spent it onto something else instead of onto this “online business thing.” Funny how I now make three times his salary as a management consultant, while not having to deal with any boss crazy demands or going to a cubicle every morning.

I reinvested all of the money I was making from freelancing jobs into either my business expenses, or business education, so I would never recommend you the OFA if I believed it is a waste of time and money for you. I want to make sure you get results as quickly as possible because I know well the struggle of seeing your friends having a nice paying job while you’re struggling to keep your ends meet with your business.

Things to Consider Before Joining the One Funnel Away Challenge

Clickfunnels launched the One Funnel Away Challenge this year to help both beginners and more advanced online entrepreneurs get unstuck with their business following step-by-step training and information.

·         The One Funnel Away Challenge is created to help entrepreneurs solve their problems related to ineffective marketing and client acquisition by showing them a step-by-step program to follow.

·         It can work for any business in any industry, but this program works better when there isn’t an established process in place already.

·         Before signing up for this training program, you should have a product or service ready to sell that potential customers can access. If you don’t have any, no worries, you can promote other people products through affiliate marketing.

If you only had one funnel to use and 30 days to fix your company or establish a new one, what would the exact steps be that you would follow?

There are 30 different training, created by established industry experts, which you’ll receive after purchasing this challenge. Then you get to apply this training to your ideas, building a foundation for a successful outcome.

If you are looking for a shortcut to fast cash, then the One Funnel Away Challenge is not the right investment. You must put in the time to learn what it takes to turn prospects into customers. It is 30 days of challenging work where you will get support from an engaged community of like-minded and from your expert coaches.

What Is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a step-by-step training created to help you get everything that is necessary to develop a successful path – so-called funnel building, for potential customers to follow and buy from you.

It outlines the specific steps that you must include to reduce the opportunity for a customer to say “no” to your idea. I enjoyed the fact that the period of pre-training that occurs with this program focuses on making success become your primary mindset. It eases the nervousness that always comes when starting a new venture because you find the belief that you have in yourself.

Then you will follow a four-week training series that will take you through the essentials of a sales funnel. The first week covers your story, the hook, and what it takes to build an attractive offer.

The second week takes you through the process of how to test your hooks and stories while creating moments of epiphany for your future customers.

During week three, Russell Brunson’s challenge shows you how to construct a high converting sales funnel that will carry your leads closer toward a sale. Then you get to find out how to “make it rain” during the final week of the program.

Here are the pros of the One Funnel Away Challenge that I discovered.

·         The challenges are simple enough for anyone to use them.

·         You feel productive because there are specific steps to follow.

·         It can transform your idea or business in just 30 days.

·         It helps you to believe more in yourself and have the right mindset.

·         The cost of the 30-day program is about what you’d pay for a meal out with your family.

·         There are substantial resources that you get to keep after completing the program.

There were a handful of disadvantages to think about with this program as well.

·         There is an initial investment you must make to start the program.

·         You will have daily homework to complete.

·         It can be a challenge for someone unfamiliar with marketing or sales funnels to get up to speed right away if you don’t take time to study and apply for the course when starting it.

·         You must have a desktop or laptop to use the entire training program.

If you are a coach, realtor, marketer, or blogger, then the One Funnel Away Challenge can give you practical tools that will transform how your prospects approach your idea. Every business in any industry can benefit from this information.

Features and Benefits of the One Funnel Away Challenge

After registering for the OFA Challenge, you will receive immediate access to several tools that can help you to encourage more prospects to turn into customers.

1. The 30-Day Video Mission

The first product included in the One Funnel Away Challenge is the 30-day video mission that Russell Brunson offers. This tool is the four-week video training that takes you through each step of the funnel creation process. You will discover new strategies in this area to follow, how to identify negative mindsets and gain access to valuable tips that allow you to see how everything works.

This series of videos is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You receive daily homework that you must finish every day to make it through this program. It is possible to skip a day here or there if something happens, but you must put in the work if you wish to experience success.

Then you will start to learn what it takes to create a productive sales funnel for your idea or business. Each week offers a specific set of steps to follow that builds your knowledge sequentially. The lessons stack on top of each other to simplify the learning process as you apply what you learn to your core ideas each day.

2. The 30-Day Training Series

You will also receive a 30-day training series by Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. Their advice can help you to refine your sales pitches, write better contracts, and understand the current business climate better. It works to reinforce the fundamental knowledge that you’ll receive with Russell Brunson’s videos.

If you do not have an idea to turn into a business yet, then this training series works with the other videos to help you know what needs to happen before you attempt to offer a finished product or service.

You can apply the wisdom offered by Larsen and Stoian to your affiliate marketing work as well. As long as your business is to sell something, then the OFA Challenge helps you to become better at what you do.

3. The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

I appreciated the inclusion of a physical workbook that you can use to chart your journey through this 30-day challenge. This tool gives you more in-depth options to customize the process so that you can create meaningful prospect interactions. It includes a checklist of different reminders or tasks to complete every day, areas for brainstorming new ideas, and additional resource links that deepen your marketing knowledge. Each video training links directly to the mission you have to complete daily.

You will find that the workbook has plenty of open spaces in it when browsing through the material for the first time. This design is purposeful because it gives you a chance to jot down ideas as they come along. There is also a checklist included with this part of the One Funnel Away Challenge that helps you to stay on schedule.

4. The 30 Days Hardcover Book

Another part of the program I liked is the 550-page “30 Days” hardcover book. It asks some difficult questions of you, such as, “What would happen if you lost all of your money?” Could you recover if you lost everything? Over 30 chapters, you will receive several action plans that can help you to see the big picture. I had several “a-ha” moments while reading those pages.

The goal of this tool is to help you become the next member of what Russell Brunson calls the Two Comma Club. It is given this name because your net worth has two commas in the number once you become a millionaire.

5. Bonus MP3 Player

An MP3 player comes with the One Funnel Away Challenge as well to ensure that you can listen to the audio recordings of this 30-day plan wherever you happen to be. You receive the playback from previous challenges right there on the device, which means you don’t need to worry about file transfers, data corruption, or compatibility problems. Larsen and Brunson both provide additional content that works to enhance your marketing knowledge without being overly technical with their advice.

With a total of 51 recordings to use, there are more than 40 hours of training that you can use while you go about the business of daily life.

6. Interview Series

As part of the One Funnel Away Challenge, you will receive access to the Virtual Summit Videos for 30 days. This tool allows you to benefit from the experience of 30 experts who created success for themselves while taking advantage of what the Internet offers. Their strategies can help you to create a business plan that can guide you toward the success you want as well.

These experts will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, often showing through visual representation why their methods can help your idea to find a new market.

7. Behind the Scenes Access

There are behind-the-scenes interviews with the experts who are part of the Two Comma Club that can help you to glean new insights into the structure of your prospect interactions. This part of the program allows you to see the precise sales funnels each participant used to make it to $1 million. Then you can adapt their strategies to create your positive outcomes.

8. Post-Training

The final part of the program involves post-training, guiding you toward what your business needs over the next 90 days to keep creating successful outcomes. You will also receive a congratulatory t-shirt and certificate for completing the program.

What is useful about this part of the One Funnel Away Challenge is that it prevents you from becoming stuck because it shows you the path forward. The provision of a a community is a fantastic addition to held you accountable even after the challenge, and why not, to meet new like-minded people. You also have the option to go through the challenge again if you want continued access to the limited-time tools that are part of this program.

What Others Are Saying

The social media reviews about the One Funnel Away Challenge are generally positive. Although there are the occasional voices that are upset about the amount of work that this program requires, this isn’t a surprise as many people out there are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and they don’t understand that they will never be very successful if they don’t pour in the work. Most of the people that enrolled in the OFA challenge seem to appreciate the marketing knowledge this program offers.

A Final Thought on the One Funnel Away Challenge

If your business does not convert prospects into customers like you think it should, then there could be a problem with your funnel. I experienced this issue myself.

The One Funnel Away Challenge restores the belief that you have in yourself, and it will give uplevel your marketing and business skills. It will show you specific ways to solve the problems your business faces during the conversion process while helping you to build a story that solidifies the value of your brand.If you’re just starting out or want to uplevel your online business, it is time to challenge yourself today!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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