OptimizePress vs Clickfunnels – Read This Before You Make Your Choice

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Your business online idea is ready and you want to get started selling your products. 

There is only one thing that is stopping you now from making massive money online: Having a reliable sales funnel builder that will help you maximize sales while dramatically reducing technicalities so that you can focus on what matters.

OptimizePress and Clickfunnels are both top-notch solutions for building high-converting and effective sales funnels easily for your online business. They’ve both been around for years.

However, there are some crucial differences between the two. Let’s see what they are so that you can discover what’s the best solution for your needs and budget.

These page builders provide the necessary tools to create profitable websites for your business.



OptimizePress is plugin that operates on WordPress. It can be used to build landing pages, sales funnels, sales pages, membership sites, and much more, while still remaining in the WordPress environment.

It is newbie friendly, while still offering advanced features.

The major limitation with OptimizePress is that you will need to have WordPress installed already to make it work, which isn’t a big deal. 

Even some of the less expensive hosting providers on the market like Siteground and Bluehost, will install WordPress for you with a few clicks and at no additional costs. You’ll then simply have to install OptimizePress as a plugin.

There are pros and cons of using WordPress as a content management system. There are some security issues which compared to Clickfunnels don’t exist. 

At the same time, it will give you lots of freedom, and you will be able to save money too as WordPress is for free and OptimizePress way cheaper than Clickfunnels.


  • Customization

You can customize everything on your pages using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor that OptimizePress offers. This feature helps your website look unique and stand out to customers. It will give you the chance to create a high-converting page while still maintaining your brand identity and personality. You can customize the site's logo/header, text's font, sizes, and colors. OptimizePress offers over 500 fonts from Google.

  • Templates

Furthermore, OptimizePress includes 60 templates ready to use for a website or web page, and premium purchases include over 280 templates. Their team has templates for every type of niche. You have a lot of options to find the perfect design for your business and customers. Test different designs before picking the right one for you when you launch your website.I personally built everything out of templates when I use a landing page builder, simply because they don’t require me to hire a web designer. Also templates are handy to save lots of time, as they’re already good looking and ready for conversions.

  • Membership Sites

OptimizePress offers advanced tools for creating membership sites and protecting your content. It also to integrate with your favorite payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) If you are providing a service with a subscription, then OptimizePress can create a site for memberships. Customers discover your product's funnel, and then sign up for a subscription automatically, without you having to add each new subscriber yourself.

  • OptimizeCheckouts

OptimizeCheckouts is an exclusive feature for OptimizePress's Suite package. When your customers are about to buy something, many of them will think about it twice when they’re about to insert their information at the checkout page. That’s why having a tool that allows you to create a checkout page that instills trust in your potential buyers it is key. Other solutions in the market requires you to use an external software like Paykickstart to do this, while OptimizePress has this feature already built-in which allows you to save money and hassle from integrating a separate.

OptimizePress Pricing

  • Essential – $99 Per Year

  • Business – $149 Per Year

  • Suite – $199 Per Year

  •   OptimizePress Pros  
  • The plug-in is very easy to use and provides an excellent user experience.
  • Customization of fonts, sizes, and colors and pages.
  • Hundreds of stunning templates are available for many purposes.
  • Checkout pages plugin directly integrated.

  •   OptimizePress Cons  
  • OptimizePress might have compatibility issues with some themes and plugins in WordPress.
  • You will need to pay for web hosting
  • OptimizePress's customer support it’s slower than the competition to respond. This can be a major problem when you are on a tight deadline.



Clickfunnels was one of the first software that offered a complete, all-in-one solution for building sales funnels and landing pages ready to convert.

The goal of the company is to simplify as much as possible the creation of high-converting funnels so that you can sell your products and/or services without having to spend countless hours learning how to code or dealing with slow and tedious platforms.

In short: Clickfunnels is built to help you generate leads and sales the easiest as possible. Differently from OptimizePress, it will manage your domains and websites, so that you will not have to deal with WordPress or other more complicated CMS if you don’t want to. They have ready-made and tested funnels and pages built to help you sell ebooks, stores, webinars and many other kind of products and services.

You do not need to purchase a domain with Clickfunnels. They provide domains, and provide tools to users to create pages, monitor them, and set up emails with customers. These are essential things for every successful business.

Clickfunnels provides all of the tools necessary to create a successful sales funnel and website, all in one place. It has 37 templates and elements usable to create your page. These templates include Home Page, Store Front, Thank You Page, etc. This saves you the time and stress from building everything by yourself.

  • Free Trial

Clickfunnels offers a free 14-day trial unlike many of its competitors competitors. This allows potential customers such as yourself to test their platform. I recommend trying it to learn if it fits your needs and elevates your business.

  • Drag & Drop

Clickfunnels has an easy editor for dragging and dropping designs to create sale funnels. You can add texts, fonts, buttons for functions, color, banners, etc. It is a very simple system to learn.

  • Follow-Up Funnels

One of the best tools from Clickfunnels is Follow-Up Funnels. It’s an marketing automation tool that will help you to to your customers and nurture this relationship overtime using emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and others. Follow-Up Funnels provide information about your customer's transactions and behavior on your websites. You can send personalized emails about interesting products to earn new sales.

  • Membership Management

In addition, Clickfunnels include a database to manage your memberships and protect your content.  It allows you to create different levels or types of memberships for your customers. You may add videos and eBooks to your membership site. Maintain records and analytics of their accounts.

  • Online Events

Clickfunnels also provides the feature to run online events. You can host live webinars for your customers. In addition, you may store previous presentations and run them on your funnels for new customers can view previous presentations.

  • Pre-built Sales Funnels

These pre-built sale funnels have high conversions for many types of niches. You can take full advantage of these templates by ClickFunnels.

  • SEO Optimized Pages

SEO can be one of the most powerful channels to generate traffic for your business. Clickfunnels has a built in plugin that will help you optimize pages for search engines and get more traffic from Google.

Clickfunnels Pricing

  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • Startup – $97 Per Month
  • Full Suite – $297 per month
  • Funnel Hacks – $997 for Six Months
  • Funnel Hacks – $1997 A Year
  •    Clickfunnels Pros  
  • Very easy to use
  • ClickFunnels provides analytics to display how well your funnel are doing
  • Lots of pre-built and ready-to-use high converting sales funnels for every need
  • Builder lets users drag and drop media without requiring learning how to code.
  •   Clickfunnels Cons  
  • It’s harder to migrate to another platform once you start using it. 
  • ClickFunnels does not offer 24/7 support. You may have to wait long hours or a day before receiving assistance.

OptimizePress vs. Clickfunnels: Features Face to Face

Clickfunnels and OptimizePress are both great products with each with its strength lying in a particular area. In this section, we move on to weighing the features that both software products share against each other.

Drag & Drop Builder

clickfunnels editor

OptimizePress was the first company to introduce the tool to drag and drop items to build a website. Then, many companies such as Clickfunnels followed this new type of service, and in some cases surpassed OptimizePress. Clickfunnels has a user-friendly editor to build your pages. Users can see the changes as soon as they drop items.

Unfortunately, OptimizePress has not updated their tool for dragging and dropping items. It was a great tool in 2014, but competitors offer better versions of the same tool. It may take users several attempts to adjust their site's design to fit their needs.


funnel example

Clickfunnels also offers a 14-day free trial unlike OptimizePress. You may try it before you buy it. I highly recommend getting the free trial to learn if Clickfunnels is a good fit for your business.

Unfortunately, OptimizePress does not offer a trial for potential users like you to try their product. The company displays a video of a demo. However, a demo obviously does not provide the same experience as a trial with the ability to use the software. OptimizePress offers a 30-Days no questions asked money backed guarantee instead.

Membership Sites

OptimizePress provides better tools for creating a membership than Clickfunnels. They allow you to offer private content, training courses, and digital products such as eBooks. OptimizePress also is able to accept payments for you, and it also protects your content with the option to set rules for downloads. The only downside is you must create each pages for your membership site.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels provides many of the same features. It add new customers automatically, maintains records of your customers, and provide an easy to navigate site for customers. However, Clickfunnels lacks essential features for membership sites. It does not track a user's progress. It also does not include surveys and discussions for users to communicate to your or other members.


OptimizePress has a huge advantage over Clickfunnels. As long as you continue using WordPress and your hosting provider, you will have complete ownership of the pages of your website. Your business can save any important files if you decide to switch services for your funnels.

While using Clickfunnels provide you a more hands-off experience because they will manage every single technicality, at the same time you will remain bounded to the platform and migrating your pages and content to another platform will take time. Leaving Clickfunnels can be a huge hassle for business owners.


Both OptimizePress and Clickfunnels have templates with amazing features for users. OptimizePress offers more templates to users. OptimizePress's startup includes 60 templates and Clickfunnels only provides 37 templates. Users have more options for their business's design with OptimizePress.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, both OptimizePress and Clickfunnels are not well-known for offering the fastest and most reliable customer service. Neither service quickly resolves problems for their customers. OptimizePress is known for taking a lot period of time to acknowledge and resolve problems. Clickfunnels does not offer 24/7 support for their users.


Finally,  OptimizePress crushes Clickfunnels in a battle of prices. A membership for one month of Clickfunnels costs the same price of a membership for one year of OptimizePress. That is a major difference in pricing. $99 gives you a full year with OptimizePress. Clickfunnels does not compete in this area.


All in all, OptimizePress and Clickfunnels provide good services for funnels and websites for businesses. 

  • If you want more flexibility and you’re on a budget, go for OptimizePress.

  • If you want to speed up the growth of your business and completely forget the technicalities behind creating high-converting sales funnels to sell your products, go for Clickfunnels.

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    Are there any other similar companies with a little bit better customer service on their products that you would recommend?

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