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Patrick Bet David is an Iranian-American entrepreneur. Founder of PHPAgency and the acclaimed YouTube channel Valuetaintment through which he shares insights and valuable content for up and rising entrepreneurs all over the world.

Patrick Bet David is an accomplished businessman, who has been featured on major publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN Money, Fox Business, and Business Insider. Some of the guests on his podcast were Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, and Tom Bilyeu, among many others.

As of 2020, Patrick Bet David’s net worth is estimated at $ 70 million approximately.

Early Life

Patrick Bet David was born in Tehran, Iran, on 18th October 1978. His parents are of Armenian and Assyrian origins. In 1980, a war started between Iran and Iraq, inducing Patrick’s family to flee the country before Patrick had to start serving for the military and possibly lose his life on the battlefield.

Patrick’s family spent the two following years in Germany at a refugee camp, before effectively moving to Glendale, California, in 1990 and being granted US citizenship.

Patrick often talks about how grateful he is of living in the land of the free, where he has found success despite all odds.

Teenage years weren’t easy for Patrick. The situation at home was tense, and he preferred to escape his house to spend most of his time on the streets. In high school, he didn’t have good grades, and in the meantime, he found a student-job at 14 years of age by lying on the application, since the legal age was 16. (source)

He was entrepreneurial from a young age. He was going to school with two backpacks: one had  books and the other was full of hats. He was buying baseball caps of losing teams, or those that didn’t have the best records, and reselling them for a profit.

He also collected beer bottles and cans to recycle and buy baseball cards. 

At school, overall, he had trouble focusing and paying attention to any subject other than math. In general, he didn’t do well with authorities as a young teenager.


After high school, David decided to join the US Army. Looking back, he considers the time he spent in the Army as one of his best decisions ever. It taught him discipline and structure. Furthermore, it got him tremendous knowledge learned from other people in his troops coming from all across the States.

While in the Army, his entrepreneurial attitude kept showing up as he was selling supplements bought wholesale to fellow members of the Army. After his time served in the military, before finding a new job, he did some small business activities online, like setting up websites and portals. He paid his bills mainly from the commissions he made on selling gym memberships.

While doing that, he wanted to become a professional bodybuilder. Still, he put aside his dream of becoming Mister Olympia for working at Morgan Stanley, where he got his first experience in the finance industry. Clearly, without a degree and no prior experience, he wasn’t very qualified, but his confidence and attitude opened the door for him. Also, a joke that Patrick left on his resume caught the attention of his future boss, and ultimately, the job.

After this first job experience in the wealth management sector, Patrick Bet David started working at Transamerica. This was his last job, before starting his own insurance company with 66 agents out of one office. Today his company PHPAgency (People Helping People Agency) has more than 10,000 agents in 49 states.

Besides that, Patrick reached notoriety thanks to his YouTube Channel “Valuetaintment.” He is passionate about sharing valuable lessons from both his entrepreneurial experience and from his guests, who are highly accomplished entrepreneurs and individuals.

Patrick Bet David Books

Patrick Bet David is the author as well of four books on business and self-help:

Not only an author but an avid reader himself, Patrick Bet David considers Napoleon Hill’s book “The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons” the best book for entrepreneurs to read.

Patrick Bet David’s Wife

Patrick Bet David is happily married to Jennifer Bet-David whom he married on June 6, 2009.

The couple has three adorable kids: two sons and a daughter. Patrick frequently posts his pictures with his family on his social accounts: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Patrick Bet David Religion

Patrick Bet David calls himself a believer in God, but has never shared his religious affiliation in an interview or a public video.

What You Can Learn from Patrick Bet David’s Success

  • Go all in. When Patrick Bet David started his own insurance company he invested all of his savings in the company. This created a “healthy” fear of failure to get things done and remain focused on the results. This confidence eventually motivated other people to join him. 
  • Shadow someone who is already getting the results you want. It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read (as much as Patrick Bet David quotes reading as his obsession).Patrick believes that having a mentor is way more powerful.
  • What is the company and who is the founder. These are the two things that people want to know when you start a new business. That’s why he cares so much about his personal brand.
  • Start and focus on one business first, then you can focus on others. That’s why he doesn’t focus on different businesses besides his insurance company. He doesn’t really monetize his YouTube channel as much as he could because he’s all in with what brings him the biggest results as he’s trying to bring innovation to the insurance industry.
  • Numbers don’t lie. Pay attention to the details. Results matter more than words.
  • Immerse yourself in a subject to study it and master it instead of bouncing from a topic to another.
  • Be decisive. After you make a calculated decision, move on it.
  1. I’m so impressed and hope one day to sitdown with you and pick your brain.

  2. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bet David in Atlanta at a PHP session. Not knowing then what i know now, that we have much the same American Dream/PHP(Ichooselovecampaign.org)! Looking for ways to unite and motivate people to be all that God wants us to be. Computers, media and film are my family’s passion. I’m honored to have met Mr. Bet David and hope to work with him in the future.

  3. 1. Mr Bet David lacks genuine courtesy.
    2. Mr Bet David lacks original ideas.

  4. Judith Rupright August 6, 2020 at 11:45 pm

    I join PHP AGENCY in April 2020, I haven’t met Patrick in person but i have on zoom. I enjoy listening to what he has to tell about the company and his tips are great to use. I was so excited when he even called out my name in a zoom meeting. Love working for this company

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