Russell Brunson Net Worth and Story

Net Worth: $37 Million
Born:March 03, 1980
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2020

If you’ve spent more than a year in the Online marketing world, you have probably at least heard of Russell Brunson.

Russell is among the most successful and inspiring online entrepreneurs in the world today.

Over the past ten years, he has built a following of millions of entrepreneurs, and he is acknowledged for popularizing the concept of sales funnels through his software venture ClickFunnels.

Russell published and sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books aimed at assisting upcoming entrepreneurs like you in starting and growing a successful venture.

Russell is a self-made entrepreneur. As of 2020, Russell Burnson’s net worth is estimated at $37 million.

His primary goal is to inspire and have more people benefit from funnels and entrepreneurship.

Russell Brunson’s background

russell brunson net worth

He was born in Provo, Utah. When he was a child, his family moved to Sandy, Salt Lake where he spent his childhood with his brothers. At the age of 12 years, he developed the ‘weird’ hobby of collecting junk mails. They fascinated him! He couldn’t wait for listening to commercials on the radio or TV after school.

He quickly started practicing his entrepreneurial and marketing with everything he could. These media ads defined his path to success as they also served as real entertainment to him. Whenever business opportunities presented themselves, he would venture into them to understand matters of art and science.

Growing up, Russell Brunson was involved in sports wrestling. Given how much he loves to win, he became the State’s champion while in high school. In his senior year, Brunson took second place countrywide which earned him a ticket to college. All through university education, he learned essential concepts such as hard work, competition, and winning. These values made him earn a position among the top ten wrestlers across the country. By the time he was graduating college, he had already made a name for himself in the sports arena.

Dan Kennedy was instrumental to Russell Brunson’s career. This professional is known to influence millions of entrepreneurs in platforms such as boot camps, conferences, and letters. This business coach, advisor, and editor helped him get started, and for that reason, he accredits Dan Kennedy for the much that he has accomplished. This entrepreneur has become the sensation he is today from learning and taking advice from his mentors.

His early career

russell brunson net worth

Russell Brunson’s first breakthrough in business came after successfully selling potato gun DVDs online. Through this business, he joined the Internet marketing industry and has since become one of the most influential experts on the topic across the globe. Unlike most people who strive to find formal employment upon completing the college education, Russell Brunson had already earned his first million by the time he was graduating.

During the initial years of his entry into online marketing, his sales portfolio was combined with a broad range of products. He sold items ranging from software, coupons, coaching books, tech services to t-shirts and consulting services. In this first major endeavor, Russell Brunson achieved top ranking having prompted 1.5 million leads. Several companies awarded him a Ferrari for his achievements. Like most successful people, he worked while observing possible solutions to curb existing challenges. A few years into the business, he realized the need for sales funnels to enable technology. This niche led to start an innovative service provider called ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson’s role at Clickfunnels

russell brunson net worth

Given the dynamics surrounding the launch of a new business, he had to team up with Todd Dickerson to launch the software company in 2014. ClickFunnels is a company that specializes in software as a service (SaaS) has grown to a $360 million business venture since its establishment. By 2017, ClickFunnels had served about 55,000 customers who earned the company $100 million. This organization is currently among the fastest-growing ventures in the United States.

At Click Funnels, he works with some of the most brilliant minds in the business. His team is comprised of tech gurus, designers, marketers, and coaches. Among the core people in his company are John Parkes who works as the head of advertising, Ryan Montgomery, the chief tech officer, and Dave Woodward, the business development lead. His director of operations is Brent Coppieters, one of the most innovative people he works in collaboration with. Together, this team of professionals has created more than 2.1 million funnels and anticipate to do more in the coming years.

Russell Brunson Wife

Russell Brunson has been married with Collette Brunson, childhood sweetheart. Together they live in Boise Idaho and they have 5 children.

Russell Brunson accomplishments and philanthropy

russell brunson net worth

With the help from numerous entrepreneurs, Russell Brunson has published over a quarter million books that promote the concept of sales funnels. Through his teaching and training of software matters, he has successfully made more than 200 millionaires. He has written books that have empowered many people to excel in their businesses. Some of his best sellers include DotCom Secrets, a book that elaborates on how you could grow your business online.

He has also written 108 Proven Split Test Winners, another great piece of work that tells you how to benefit from a website you have created. Russell Brunson has also authored The Funnel Hacker’s Cook Book, a guide for beginners looking to adopt ways to grow their businesses. A majority of people who have read these pieces have had their ideas reborn and become profitable.

Russell Brunson is married to Collette Brunson and is a father of five children. Whenever he looks at his children, he is prompted to help other young people going through difficult childhoods. This empathy forms the basis of his humanitarian contributions. Therefore, apart from wanting to make people productive, he is also committed to matters of philanthropy and community building. At Click Funnels, he runs a charity arm that funds non-profit entities like World Teacher Aid.

He has customized his business operations such that whenever a new funnel becomes active, one dollar is given out charity. Apart from the United States, he has stretched his charity operations to Africa. Since he began involving himself in community activities, he has successfully built several schools in Africa to promote education in low-income settings. He is also keen on matters of sex trafficking which is currently a menace in this modern society. His company is developing a documentary, Operation Underground Railroad to raise awareness of these inhumane actions.

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