8 Best Slack Alternatives

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There's no denying the popularity of Slack. Over half a million people around the world rely on Slack to communicate with their colleagues, collaborate on projects, and carry out meaningful work.

When something’s as popular as Slack, it’s easy to ignore alternatives.

Slack has a lot going for it, but it's far from perfect. There are a lot of downsides to Slack, leading to teams seeking a better, more suitable service.

If you're looking for an alternative to Slack, here are eight options you should know about, along with key features and why you might consider them instead of Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Although it might lack the coolness factor of Slack, Microsoft remains a core part of the work environment for people around the world.

Microsoft Teams, a Slack alternative that forms part of the Microsoft Office environment, actually overtook Slack by many metrics, leading to a lot of media coverage.


So what are the reasons to use Microsoft Teams instead of Slack?

Integrated with MS Office 365. If your company is already using Microsoft Office products, it makes sense to use the built-in Microsoft Teams functionality. Otherwise, you risk inefficiency due to switching back and forth between different app environments.

Threaded Messages. One complaint from some Slack users is the app can feel a little chaotic and disorganized. Microsoft Teams has the capability for threaded messages, which many people feel leads to a tidier and more organized environment than Slack provides.

Meeting Scheduling. If you've taken the time to get a feel for the experience of using Slack, you may well have noticed that it often leads to a lot of discussions that fail to translate into actionable steps. With Microsoft Teams, you can schedule meetings directly, ensuring that moments of inspiration don't end up being wasted through inaction.

 Integrated Voice and Video Calling. There's no one perfect form of communication for every team out there. Some situations lend themselves to video calls, other times a voice chat is enough. Microsoft Teams gives you the choice of both methods, allowing your team to communicate in the way that they prefer.

Why You Should Consider Microsoft Teams Over Slack

The main reason to select Microsoft Teams for your collaboration and communication instead of Slack is if your team is already heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. If everyone is using MS Office as standard, it makes a lot of sense to choose Microsoft Teams as your Slack alternative.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a communication app aimed at organizations of every type and size, from small businesses through to government and defense. 

Let’s explore what Troop Messenger has to offer the world of specialist communication software. 


Which Troop Messenger features make it particularly appealing when compared with Slack?

Burnout Window. Depending on the nature of a project, and the types of messages needed to complete it, it might not always be desirable to leave a permanent record. If you're looking for a discreet way to message, Troop Messenger's Burnout Window might be the perfect solution. Consider it your way to send incognito messages – for whatever reason.

Forkout. Sometimes, the biggest inefficiencies in business communication come from having to relay the same information to different people, and different groups of people. With Forkout from Troop Messenger, you can specify exactly where a message ends up at the time of sending – saving you the wasted time of copying and pasting it into multiple chats.

Custom Messaging. Not every situation requires the same type of message. With Troop Messenger, you can send audio messages, often a quicker way to convey thoughts in some situations. You can also recall a message, avoiding the awkwardness of the ‘edited’ tag showing up on Slack. Troop Messenger also makes it easier to mute certain chats compared to Slack. 

Why You Should Consider Troop Messenger Over Slack

If you're running a governmental, NGO, or another specialist type of organization specifically catered to by Troop Messenger, you should definitely consider it carefully compared to Slack. 

The free version of Troop Messenger also provides more storage capacity than Slack.


Brosix is a serious, secure communication, and collaboration solution for enterprise.

If you're looking for a privacy and security-focused Slack alternative, Brosix is packed with features that make it a worthy contender.


So what are some of the most attractive features provided by BroSix?

End to End Encryption. With people working around the world, and often on public wifi or mobile networks, the importance of security for sensitive business communication cannot be overstated. Brosix provides high-quality encryption to ensure your sensitive communication stays private.

Quick Implementation. Perhaps you're hesitant to switch over from Slack due to the understandable worry of a long setup process, wasting time and resources that could be devoted to core business activities. Brosix prides itself on being easy to set up, meaning, its installation and implementation won't waste your time.

Enterprise Control Features. When you’re running an enterprise-level communication and collaboration platform, it’s important to retain control over the features users have. With Brosix, you can ensure that any team member only has the level of access and control you grant them. You can also manage who is able to speak to who, ensuring appropriate and necessary communication is the only type that takes place.

Enterprise Branding. To increase the presence of your brand, you can set a custom logo to be displayed in the Brosix environment. You can also use Brosix to communicate with customers via your website’s live chat – a powerful feature not always found in other Slack alternatives. 

Why You Should Consider Brosix Over Slack

If your main concern is privacy and security, Brosix is an excellent Slack alternative. Use it to ensure your team can communicate and collaborate in the most secure, private environment possible.


While Slack is a good choice of communication solution for teams across many different industries, Mattermost has been created with the IT and Development sectors in mind.

Mattermost offers a superb open-source, privately hosted Slack alternative.


So what are the key features that make Mattermost an attractive alternative to Slack?

Self-Hosted. A big concern that many people have with Slack is the fact everything is stored on an external server. This leaves your company's data at the mercy of something outside of your control. With Mattermost, you can host the solution to your company's private server, leading to high levels of security and control.

More Supported Languages. Remote work has opened up the possibility for people from all around the world to come together and collaborate on projects. This often leads to a need for language support that goes beyond the most popular languages. Mattermost offers support for a greater number of languages than Slack, making it more inclusive.

White Label Capabilities. The open-source nature of Mattermost means it has full white label capability. You can make Mattermost look and function exactly as you want, and even offer a white label version as an additional part of your business service package.

UX and UI Customization. Being able to customize the interface and experience of using Mattermost for your team means that there is a greater sense of ownership over it. With Mattermost, you can customize the feel of using it for your team's needs and preferences.

Why You Should Consider Using Mattermost Over Slack

If you're looking for a privately hosted, DevOps centric alternative to Slack, Mattermost is a good choice.

Its open-source nature means you can get under the hood, understand how it works, and ensure it is customized to meet your full needs and preferences.



Automation continues to grow in its power and capability. Increasingly, teams of every type are using automation to eliminate the basic, repetitive, rote tasks that take up a team's energy and time.

Flock is a Slack alternative that has powerful automation features to let your team get on with their core work.


So what are the capabilities and features of Flock that make it a worthy alternative to Slack?

Diverse File Sharing. The ability to share and work on many different file types is a key requirement for modern teams. Flock offers support for a large number of different file types, making it quick and easy to work on various types of projects.

Offline Directories. Some communication tools are reliant on connectivity to function properly. With Flock, you can access your organization's full directory at any time, even when the app is offline.

Smart Channels. One of the automation capabilities that makes Flock so effective is its power to adhere to rules you set. You can save time on tedious admin by letting Flock do a lot of the work for you in terms of adding people to channels and groups.

Why You Should Choose Flock Over Slack

If you're looking for better automation than found at Slack, check out Flock. Consider its capabilities to see if it provides you with greater ease and power than Slack is capable of.


While Slack is an effective communications solution for many teams, it often isn't the best choice when it comes to workflow and getting things done.

If you're looking for a Slack alternative that prioritizes workflow, check out Ryver. It offers plenty of attractive features you may wish to consider instead of Slack.


Unlimited Messages, Searches, and Tasks. Depending on the version of Slack you use, you might find is frustrating to have a restriction on the number of messages you can store and searches you can carry out. With Ryver, you have unlimited search capability, and you can also create and manage tasks directly in the Ryver app environment.

Video and Screen Share. When it comes to collaborative communication, nothing beats the ability to connect over a video call, along with the option of seeing what your team is working on. The video call and screen share capability of Ryver allow for precisely that.

Automated Workflows. Automation offers untold benefits for teams. If you want to harness the power of automated workflow, Ryver is the app for you. Ensure smooth and efficient workflows with its automated capabilities.

Many Integrations. These days, integrations are a key feature. If your team is already using one or many of the top business apps out there, there's a great chance you'll be able to integrate your existing stack with Ryver.

Why You Should Consider Ryver Over Slack

If you want the communication power of Slack, but with better workflow and automation abilities, check out Ryver. Its workflow and tasking system offers functionality that Slack does not.


Chanty claims to be a more intuitive, affordable, and AI-enhanced alternative to Slack.

So what are some of the most interesting features found in Chanty?


Simple Start. Not every business is in the tech sector or has a workforce automatically comfortable with setting up and using Slack. Chanty promises a more intuitive and faster set up process. If you want to spend more time chatting and collaborating, and less configuring, Chanty is worth a look.

Rich Content Types. Depending on the type of content you want to share with your team, it might require switching back and forth between different apps. Chanty allows you to view a rich range of content in the app, including YouTube, Coub, and GIF. 

Kanban Support. If your organization makes use of Kanban to reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency, you definitely want to check out Chanty. An upcoming update will provide full support for Kanban. 

Why You Should Consider Chanty Over Slack

If your team is looking for a quick and simple set up process, and to share many different types of content, Chanty is a worthwhile option. 

Chanty also provides an easy import option, making it simple to transfer over messages and data from another communications app.


Wire bills itself as the most secure collaboration platform, and it is packed with features that make it an especially attractive enterprise communications solution for teams based in the European Union.

It has also won awards for ease of use, such as the Capterra award in 2019.


So what are the specific features of Wire that make it a good alternative to Slack that you need to consider?

Secure External Communication. Sometimes, projects require the ability to communicate with people outside the organization. When this arises, security is an obvious concern. With Wire, you can invite guests into a secure room, allowing you to communicate externally with full peace of mind.

End to End Encryption. End to end encryption is increasingly becoming an essential requirement for enterprise, as it is needed to stop the wrong people being able to access your messages. Wire offers a complete end to end encryption across its entire range of communication methods, meaning you know its video, call, and text facilities are secure.

Externally Audited. With Wire, you don't need to trust the creators that it is a secure solution. Its open-source nature means it can be externally verified against security standards such as ISO, CCPA, GDPR, and SOX.

GDPR Compatibility. If your organization does a lot of business in Europe, GDPR compliance is vital. Failing to comply with this legislation can lead to large fines. Wire's EU servers and other privacy functions help to ensure your company won't fall foul of GDPR.

Why You Should Consider Wire Over Slack

If you're looking for the most secure communication possible, even with people external to your organization, Wire is a worthy choice. You don't need to compromise on security, and you can easily comply with GDPR if that's a concern for your organization.

Don't Choose Slack Just Because It's Popular

You now see that there is a wide range of alternatives to Slack out there.

While Slack is a great solution for many organizations and teams, it shouldn't automatically become your default choice without considering other options.

Think about the features that matter most to your company, and weigh up the costs and benefits of using Slack or another option.

Consideration Points For Evaluating Slack Alternatives

So what are some of the actionable steps you can take to evaluate whether to opt for Slack or an alternative solution? Weigh up the pros and cons of Slack compared to other apps in the following areas:

  • Cost.  How much will you have to spend on your intended communication and collaboration platform? Is there a free version? How limited is it? If you want to expand or shrink your team in the future, how will this impact on cost?
  • Capacity. Does your intended solution have a restricted capacity in any way? For example, does it limit the number of messages? Storage? Any other restrictions? If you want to overcome these restrictions, does the platform make it possible?
  • Security. What level of security do you require? Do you want a privately hosted platform? What form of encryption are you comfortable with?
  • Communication Methods. What type of communication does your team want to utilize? Do you need video calling, or the ability to call phone numbers?
  • Collaboration Capabilities. Do you need compatibility with a certain number of file types? What about screen share and whiteboard collaboration?

By getting clear on the above points, you equip yourself with the information needed to make an informed choice about whether Slack is the right choice for your organization. 

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