Why Social Media Is Bad for Entrepreneurs and Ambitious People

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Be on social media.

Build your personal brand.

That’s something we all hear all the time.

Buzzwords… Yes, but it’s true.

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name them, can be infinitely powerful and cost-effective tools to promote your business, land your dream job, and create new connections.

How do I know?

Just in the last year, my posts on Social Media have been seen by more than 6 million people.

137,676 views on a single post on LinkedIn, for free thanks to Social Media Marketing

Despite my young age, being active on Social Media allowed me to meet and connect with mentors and make new friends in my industry.

Yet, why am I here advocating against Social Media?

You know the mantra… ‘Failure it’s part of the process‘.

‘Fail big, fail fast’ they would say at Silicon Valley.

And I agree.

Don’t get me wrong, failing sucks and you want to minimize it, but it's part of the process.

And from what I’ve seen the ones who move forward are those who failed more.

Just because that’s how innovation and profit are created most of the times.

It is by losing huge deals, starting companies that never worked out, and by losing money and time, it’s how I later got the ideas for my most successful businesses.

So why is Social Media can be bad in the case of ambitious people?

Because it makes you afraid of failing.

When I was considering turning this blog from a simple way to attract clients for my agency into more of a magazine to empower entrepreneurs and ‘hustlers’ these are the first questions that I asked myself without even realizing:

“What my social media friends will think?”

“What my followers will think?”

Now compare this with when I was 13 years old kid that started one of the biggest video games online magazines in my country.

I didn’t care!

Myself checking Social Media while traveling in Poland. Art of Canvas.

If I had stopped thinking about what my friends or social media people were thinking back then, I would have never done one of the things that I'm most proud of today.

Also, with social media, you’re now flooded with potential comparisons to your business and your life.

It leads to overthinking and anxiety for stuff that isn't even real: “Oh, but this other guy I’ve seen on LinkedIn is not approaching this the same way.”

It leads you more to think that you might be wrong, when really. It depends.

Everyone has its own path.

After years I realized that what I truly enjoy doing as an entrepreneur.

The kind of businesses I like to run.

This makes me perform better because the vision that I want to make reality it's exactly what I want.

My approach is different from the one of others in my industry, and it’s based on my past experiences, skillset, natural and learned inclinations, and you know what?

It’s fine!

Now, I’m not advocating to delete your social media channels if they’re necessary or helpful to your business or ‘hustle.’

At the same time, be aware of this effect because it can easily lead you to fail exactly because you were trying to avoid it.

What do you think about the effect of Social Media on Entrepreneurs and Ambitious individuals? Comment below

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