Under Armour Vision and Mission Statement Analysis


Few other companies in the last decades have taken the world by storm like Under Armour.

From his humble origins, through exceptional quality, attention to its customers, and uniqueness of the design, the company founded by Kevin Plank (a former football player) in 1996 has grown into a global corporation quickly as few other businesses did in the past. Under Armour quickly became the US second-largest sports apparel company.

Competing in a tight market with big players like Nike and Adidas, to name a few, the X-based corporation has proliferated guided by its vision and mission statement as well as its core values.

Discover what they are in this article to understand better the Under Armour phenomenon.

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Under Armour Mission Statement

Under Armour's mission statement is “to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” 

A mission statement is a purpose for which a commercial corporation is alive, and the reason why it keeps its operations. Let’s analyze furtherly this mission statement:

  • To make all athletes”, Under Armour, in its mission statement underlines how, without any distinction of sex or demographics or even sports practices, it intends to provide the best solution in the market for its audience. In this case, the company goes clearly on which is their target market they intend to serve: athletes.
  • Better Through Passion,” passion is a huge component in Under Armour as a brand as it always tried and succeeded to stand as a genuine brand trying to give the best solution. If Under Armour would be a person, it would be your typical football player or college basketball team member.
  • Design” is a crucial component for Under Armour as it’s noticeable a difference in the design of its clothes and equipment for sports. It stands out, and it intends to both make athletes feel comfortable but confidence in their own skin, skills, and performance.
  • Relentless pursuit of innovation,” innovation had been of the most crucial aspect for Under Armour since its beginning in 1996. The company strives to give the best choice for its customers with the goal in mind of getting maximum performance without forgetting comfort. Under Armour clearly succeed in this intent in the past decades.

Under Armour Vision Statement

Under Armour's vision statement is “to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.”

The vision of the company comes back to its origin of being an innovator in the market. The company was the first to create performance apparel in the industry as a category with t-shirts that can give maximum comfort and performance to athletes when no other companies were even designing them.

In short, Under Armour intends with his vision to provide apparel that works with your body, regulates temperature, and enhances performance — combining science and innovation, bringing up another level of products, and striving for the best. 

Its superior focus on serving its customers – athletes – with products that solve their problems in a superior has served as a competitive advantage for the company. Under Armour, as shown by its vision statement, intends keeping this focus in the long-run.

Under Armour Core Values

Under Armour's core values comprise “love athletes, stand for equality, fight on together, create fearlessly, always connect, stay true, think beyond, and celebrate the wins.”

Integrity and keeping an eye on human beings besides the products, whether they are customers or employees, has always been huge for Under Armour, which invested heavily in the city of Baltimore, where it has headquarters as well.

It is keeping an agile and entrepreneurial team, as well as the named passion present in the mission statement, as well has been the key that made it possible for this brand to distinguish from its bigger competitors.

Fight on together; it’s an apparent reference to the fact that despite its big revenue numbers, it’s still a way smaller company than giants like Nike and Adidas.

Under Armour Headquarters

under armour headquarters

Under Armour headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

Address: 1020 Hull St., Baltimore, MD

Under Armour Slogan

Under Armour's slogan is “I will.” Which costed the company a lawsuit after Nike sued Under Armour for this.

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