Vans Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values Analysis


Vans began as a manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and apparel in 1966 under the name, “The Van Doren Rubber Company.” McCown De Leeuw and Company would purchase the business 20 years later for almost $75 million.

Since 1996, Vans has been the primary sponsor of the Warped Tour. The company also supports snowboarding, motocross, surfing, and BMX professionals. 

Vans’ Mission Statement Analysis

The Vans mission statement says that the company is “the original action sportswear company grounded in youth, authenticity, and individual style.”

Four critical observations are available from this statement.

  1. “Original action sportswear company.” This verbiage separates Vans from their competition. It says that other organizations might come and go, but you can rely on the stability and quality of the products provided by this brand.
  2. “Ground in youth.” This statement is a clear message to a targeted demographic. It says that their styles and designs have the intent to be desirable to young people. It also suggests that if you’re older and don’t like what they produce, then that’s a natural response to feel.
  3. “Authenticity.” How do you ground yourself in authenticity? Staying true to yourself isn’t an easy process on some days. Vans suggests that if you purchase the products they make that reflect your personality, then it is easier to show the world who you are.
  4. “Individual style.” Vans uses this moment to reinforce the idea of the “Off the Wall” approach. Instead of following the crowd, buying their products will help you stand out from it.

Vans states that its mission is their purpose. The company also says that its approach is “Off the Wall.”

The definition of that phrase refers to a specific state of mind the brand wants to create. The goal is to encourage customers to think differently while seeking creative moments of self-expression.

Vans’ Vision Statement Analysis

The vision statement from Vans says the purpose is “to enable creative expression – and inspire youth culture – by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self.”

Have you ever changed how you dress or talk to fit in with others?

Vans uses its vision statement to use their products to be an encouragement to others. Instead of creating something that encourages conformity, the brand uses individuality as a marketing tool. 

People are connected like never before. Our digital networks create a global culture that lets us learn from each other. When we all value uniqueness, then the world becomes a vibrant place to live. Vans uses this diversity as a selling point, and it underlines so in its vision statement.

What is Vans known for? Vans’ Core Values Analysis

Vans began as a family-owned shoe company in Southern California, inspired by an owner who dropped out of school at the age of 14. It has grown over 50 years to become a leading platform for creativity in a variety of industries.

The core values of the company keep Vans grounded in its early self-expression. This approach uses consumer-focused products that work to elevate individual creativity. Vans wants each customer to become the best in the world at what they do so that repetitive purchases become a possibility.

Marketing a lifestyle can limit the number of prospects a business can target. Vans uses this approach to its advantage because of the core value of individualization. 

Vans Slogan

The slogan of Vans is ‘Off the Wall’

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