ClickFunnels vs. Unbounce: What’s The Right Platform to Grow Your Online Business?

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Pretty much every online business could do with a great landing page and sales pages to complement their website. The fastest and most effective way to get one up and converting traffic is to use a platform that specializes in landing pages. 

That would be great, but there are tonnes on the market, so how do you pick out the best platform for you? You've come to the right place, we've got your back. 

Clickfunnels and Unbounce are the two heavyweights of the industry, and they're a great place to start.

In this article, we're going to explore the two, layout the negatives and benefits for each so you can decide which is best for you.

An Overview


Founded by Russell Brunson in 2014, this tool is an online sales funnel platform for online businesses to market, sell, and deliver their products to the right customers. 

The software has in-built funnel options designed for different types of products and services. Experts in sales funnel creation have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This is essential for online businesses because without optimizing your funnels for sales means you're leaving money on the table. 

 It is also the best landing page software hosting solution for large, medium, and small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs looking to get their services online without the rigors of creating, designing, or hosting a website.

This landing page software is the ultimate business solution with interactive tools that enables you to navigate through the platform easily. 

As we've mentioned, the premier feature is the landing page builder, with its ability to customize your sales funnel to suit your company's goals. 

Users also have access to multiple tools to give your page the dynamism often necessary to attract paying clients.

Asides from looking good on large display devices, it works excellently on mobile phones. It is not compromised by screen size, resolution, or phone type. 

So if your product caters to the demography of mobile users, this landing page creation tool will give you all the functionality to create incredible mobile pages.

For online businesses, affiliate marketing is the best way to get your business out in the open. It allows you to tap into the network on your affiliates to promote whatever you are selling. This page builder has arguably one of the best affiliate programs. We like that it's easy to use and can easily be edited. 

Now you can market your services and be sure of making money in the process – no more wasted time.

This landing page creator is an all-inclusive sales funnel that enables you to do all your marketing tasks on one platform. With this software, you can track visitors on your page, calculate customer engagement with your page, promote the campaign, and respond to clients with numerous tools.

It has 22 different funnels serving distinct purposes that can be set up in minutes and that will help boost sales or push the brand that you are promoting. 

We're big fans of the squeeze funnel, which allows you to interact with your customers better and collect email addresses, so you can communicate with them later on down the line.

The 2-step tripwire funnel draws customers' attention to discounts or low prices on your page. It entices them to purchase a highly-priced product on the same page without much hassle. 

Customers have very short attention spans and can be impulsive, your tripwire needs to get people signed up and allow them to pay as quickly as possible before customers change their mind.

Overall, it is a flexible cloud-based software with seamless integration with support from CloudFlare security to ensure users are connected 24/7. It is compatible with various devices, including Mac and Windows.

Newbies to this platform get a 14 days free trial; this is enough time to navigate the length and breadth of the software. This also provides you with online, call-in, and numerous video tutorials to keep you up-to-date or solve a problem.


Ø Easy to customize and set up

Ø Choose between three funnels categories – lead capture funnels, sales funnel or event funnel to promote your brand

Ø Great value for money if you are looking to promote your company

Ø Create fantastic landing pages and market super easy

Ø Add or remove videos, texts, taglines, and images

Ø Downsell or upsell payments processes to your sales page


Ø Can get complicated without any prior tech know-how

Ø Not the best for paid ads

Overall, if your goal is to make sales, reach out with an offer and ensure customers make a purchase, it is the best starting platform for you.


Looking to gain more leads, customers, and sales for your brand? Welcome to Unbounce. A prominent name in the business industry, Unbounce has been providing online entrepreneurs with captivating landing pages for a decade. 

It allows you to create and publish immediately without any prior tech knowledge.

With this landing page builder, it is super easy to capture customers and direct traffic to your business, thereby generating sales and making money. This software is available in seven countries allowing you to expand and enhance your marketing skills to keep your current clients and reach out to potential new ones.

Unlike other landing page software, Unbounce stands out in several aspects; its excellent navigation and ease of use make it the ideal for small, medium, or large businesses. Additionally, it is excellent for private or commercial markets, and with its on-site customer support, using this landing page software is a breeze that everyone will enjoy.

Over the years, Unbounce has revolutionized its ease of use to give users an interactive experience designing and developing their website. This quality has set Unbounce as one of the fastest and efficient customizable page builder services on the market. 

As a result, users can create more convincing and unique pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars to attract more customers. It has one feature that sets it apart. It has the first Artificial Intelligence re-route feature, for smart-traffic

It automatically directs customers and visitors to your landing page. This means you'll have a higher probability of converting them to paying clients on the sales pages.

Although fully compatible with desktop, it does provide 100 percent mobile optimization with scrolling widgets and captivating backgrounds. 

Unbounce enhances customer experience on your page, but also makes conversion easy. So if your brand has more interaction via mobile, Unbounce will ensure your customers are glued to your service to make a purchase.

With Unbounce, you are not limited to the number of pages you publish, nor are you restricted to the domains. To ensure you get the job done right the first time, Unbounce has various templates to cater for computers and mobile designers for all your design needs.

The service complies with global data privacy and security standards, including PCI-DSS, CASL, and GDPR.

 A 14-day free trial is available for users. Still, you have to input your debit or credit card details before you can proceed.


Ø Amazing software to create incredible and captivating pages

Ø Manage and monitor your customers through a single account

Ø Enjoy 99.99 percent up-time almost anywhere in the world

Ø Intuitive, interactive, and seamless integrations

Ø Cloud-hosted service available on Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and web-based devices

Ø Add your personal touch to all pages with zero knowledge about HTML and CSS


Ø The downtime can catch you unaware, and it is terrible

Ø A touch-up of your page on a computer can affect your mobile application

Overall, if your goal is to design incredible landing pages that convert visiting customers effortlessly, Unbounce is the best software your business needs today.

Comparing features

Landing Page Functionality


ClickFunnels are, no doubt, one of the masters of building landing pages. It has over 22 templates designed to cater for different purposes so it can have a ready-made fit for your business. 

For example, if you want to design an email autoresponder that attracts customers at the click of a button, it is as easy as choosing one of the many funnels.

Furthermore, it is pretty idiot friendly. All your need is to drag ‘n' drop without any need for measurement, resizing, readjustment, or other finicky features.


When just focusing on landing page creation, Unbounce has a clear advantage over any other competitor on the market. As a landing page software, it is an astounding landing page builder that has over 100 templates pre-designed to fit most categories. This landing page software makes it super easy to get instant results and generate significant interactions from customers when published.

Unbounce's drag ‘n' drop features are not quite as user-intuitive or clean-cut as others, but it's editable templates more than make up for that.


It's tough. Really tough. If you want to pick a template that you know will convert, Unbounce is the winner, hands down. But if you want to use an easy page building software, that you can edit existing templates or build your own, Click funnels is the best, by far. When you add the funnel features that ClickFunnels have, which is their bread and butter, you have to pick ClickFunnels as the winner.

Upsell and Downsell functionality

We don't need to split these two platforms and analyze them separately because only one of the platforms has these features. That's ClickFunnels.  

Clickfunnels enables the user to introduce a product or service to the consumer on the page. The up-sell then allows you to redirect them to another offer on another sales page. The concept being, they have their card ready to make a purchase, what better time to promote something else to them?

The up-sell and down-sell are a way of adjusting the price for a more significant ROI.

However, Unbounce does not have these options. It focuses on landing pages and conversions. That's not a slight at all. It has excellent conversion rate optimization on all its pages. It generates lead and converts customers. It has pop-ups and sticky bars that capture the consumers' attention to a product or service, but not to persuade them to make a purchase. So lots to love, but it doesn't handle up-sells and down-sells.


We recommend the best sales funnel system on the web, Clickfunnels. The whole idea of owning an e-commerce store and pursuing customers is to make sales. For entrepreneurs, this is a deal-breaker to which Unbounce's competition takes the crown.

Technical support

Both products offer excellent technical support, but Unbounce is compatible with web-based, Windows, iPad, Mac, and Android devices. Its opponent only supports Windows, Mac, and web-based devices.

It makes Unbounce a more versatile platform for various systems, including simple and complex ones.


Our winner, without a doubt, is Unbounce for obvious reasons. It gives users a wider variety of platforms, which they can connect easily. That does not, in any way, compromise the capabilities of its opponent. It does limit consumer usage.


We're talking chalk and cheese with these two platforms. For sales, ClickFunnels sets the standard. The funnels, the squeeze pages, and upsells and downsells combined squeeze every last sale from your traffic.

 Its payment integration is seamless and easy to do. All payments are easily monitored and moved to your sales pages. This creates room for accountability and fund management.

Unbounce, on the other hand, has mastered conversion optimization on landing pages. They made is a science; it's completely driven. They've set the bar across all platforms. ClickFunnels actually do an excellent job with CRO, but Unbounce is the GOAT. 

  Social Media and Third-party Integration

The ClickFunnels platform integration allows you to take your business marketing strategy up a notch. It offers seamless third-party integration through its API, including secure payment gateways and autoresponders. For businesses that desire a social media presence, this landing page software is the way forward. It enables you to integrate your social media platforms to implement your marketing plans, gain more visibility, and make sales. 

Furthermore, its third-party integration is available with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Freshsales, Kajabi, Constant Contact, HubSpot, ZenDirect, and ManyChat, among others. Integration with social media accounts allows you to post your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more effortlessly.

Unbounce is no slouch, either. It has several applications and business systems. It integrates with Zapier, MailChimp, and others. Its integrations are in-built, saving you time and money without having to code or leave your dashboard. The system has over 60 integrations that are super easy to use.


This is a tough one. ClickFunnels has a barrage of integrations way more than Unbounce that caters to a business' specific needs. The clear winner is ClickFunnels for the uncountable number of integrations and features to help you improve your marketing strategy and make sales.

 Page customization

Just because it has in-built templates doesn't mean you cannot add a personal touch to your page. Both allow you to edit your page until it is perfect for the purpose. Both Editor tools allow for easy drag-and-drop elements, playing around with shapes, position, colors, and designs to make your page impactful to the consumer. 

Both platforms have a variety of options, each designed to be intuitive, and both heads and shoulders above almost every other competitor focused on this niche in the market. 

With Clickfunnels, it has lots of components that add value to your page. With a simple yet intuitive design, it allows you to create numerous funnels in a few clicks.

Unbounce looks more complex, but it is super easy to use even if you know nothing about coding. It is the perfect tool to add personality to your landing pages. With Unbounce, you get the exact design you imagine and can make it function as desired.

Like Clickfunnels, you can drag and drop easily. However, Clickfunnels, you do not have to struggle with rows and columns while trying to create the perfect landing pages every time. An extra feature on Unbounce is the choice of fonts, there are over 800 fonts to choose from, it is incredible.


The ability to create custom pages is undoubtedly one of the best tools for businesses. Clickfunnels offers an incredibly intuitive platform, while Unbounce gives you access to beautiful templates and fonts (a lot too).

We think each product offers something exceptional to the consumer; we would love to call it a draw. Unbounce landing page software takes the flag on this one because of the control limitation and blocks on ClickFunnels.

 General Support

We've covered support, so I thought now would be a good time to look at the general support you have available to you. ClickFunnels is so broad, and the team knows that perfection can only be achieved with the right support structure. Customers get help through numerous sources, including online training, live support, email, and phone. Furthermore, if a complaint is above the capacity of the service agents, you are quickly redirected to someone who can help.

Unbounce, on the other hand, treats you special and will live chat with you to ensure your problem is resolved for as long as it takes. 

We love that they follow up to ensure the issue is no longer a bother.


It goes without a doubt that Unbounce has the best customer support system in the industry. They're not so multi-channeled, but their service is so good they don't need to.

Pricing: Unbounce vs ClickFunnels

Both goliaths offer a 14 day trial period. Clickfunnels provides a trial under two of its packages and a free demo on the most expensive. The free trial requires inputting your credit or debit card details. 


3 pricing options include: Unbounce 3 pricing 

 The Essential plan: billed annuallyat $74 per month has everything you need to get started on the platform. It includes; 75 landing pages, 8 published pop-ups and sticky bars, unlimited users and domain, dynamic text replacement SSL encryption, Google Single sign-on, and A/B testing.

 The Enterprise plan: billed annually is $399 per month has custom-built tools, including a “launch specialist and success manager to help you maximize your ROI.” It also includes access to more than 375 landing pages, 40 pop-ups, and Sticky Bars and the entire Unbounce platform.

The Premium plan: $149 per month, is the recommended plan for all. It contains all essential tools to create 150 landing pages successfully and 16 pop-ups and Sticky bars. It also gives you access to seamless integrations, conversion tools, and client sub-accounts.


They like to keep their pricing shrouded in mystery a little. You start the trial on the $297 product, but they also offer a starter subscription. The starter package has some limitations with the number of funnels, pages, and visitors.

The standard plan: You get 20 funnels, 100 pages, and a limit of 20,000 visits each month. 

The platinum plan: You don't have the same restrictions. The only limitation you have is on custom domains, which is limited to 9. 


It's horses for courses because the tools serve a different purpose. However, we don't want to duck the question, we'll pick a winner. Unbounce wins because they offer more for less. 

Stand Out Features

To create landing pages, there are one or two unique characteristics to consider, like A/B testing, pop-ups, sticky bars, and drag and drop, which now comes as standard. 

Dynamic Text Replacement

Relevance is the key to remaining viable online for entrepreneurs, and Unbounce's DTR feature is the best way to stay relevant. This feature upgrades the landing page with the current keywords or parameters to boost relevance and generate leads via PPC. The Dynamic text replacement increases visitor conversion and improves the quality score of your Google AdWords.

Split Testing Capabilities

Both products landing page software have A/B testing abilities. It allows a user to find out if a page will deliver the set purpose when launched. Split testing capacity is absent in Unbounce, which gives Clickfunnels an edge over it. It enables users to test different portions of their sales funnels for better optimization. The A/B testing also allows users to make side by side comparison of a single landing page against another.

Sticky bars and pop-ups

Although Clickfunnels has numerous funnels that allow you to convert visitors into sales, it does not have this unique feature that Unbounce offers to users. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds to capture customers and what better way than with sticky bars and pop-ups. These two features increase conversion and draw the visitor's attention to what you want them to see or do.


If you are collecting data and personal information from visitors online, you need to ensure the platform can offer 100 percent security and privacy. Unbounce offers the protection you need, including automatic SSL encryption, multifactor authentication options, HTTPS for all web-based pages.

You will require a sign in with your LinkedIn account to verify and use the following features. Clickfunnels does not offer you all these security and privacy choices.


Both products are exceptional and highly effective software to boost your online marketing presence to make sales, but there are some very distinctive differences between the two giants. It is advisable to have a better understanding of what your needs are before choosing the tool that will deliver results for you.

Unbounce allows you to:

Ø Drag and drop landing page templates

Ø Create instant pop-ups for your website

Ø Add sticky bars and thank you page

Overall, Unbounce is a decent tool that enables you to generate incredible landing pages. 

Need a landing page that converts visitors to customers, sign up on Unbounce website today

If you decide to go with this, you have a variety of templates, integration, and features at your disposal. It is pound for pound the best tool for lead capture generated from landing pages. 

With Clickfunnels, you have access to the following features:

Ø Countless templates and tools to build landing pages and A/B testing

Ø Conversion and sales funnels to generate money

Ø Seamless integrations with countless apps

Ø In-built email marketing software to capture clients in the best possible way

Ø In-built affiliate program for online marketers

It is the ultimate marketing and sales software on the market. It has outstanding features and tools that will set any entrepreneur apart online. If your dream is to create landing pages that generate leads, convert customers, and make money, nothing beats it.

So, you've read the review. What do you think? Because if you don't have a clear idea of which tool is better for you by now, we've not done our job right.

These are the best of the best, just at slightly different things. For lead generation, for landing pages that convert better than any other, it's Unbounce all the way. Of course, you can create your own killer landing pages that convert equally as well, or even better but you'd need to have the expertise and time because it's not something you can read a couple of articles about and master. Plus, you'll need to spend money on pages to optimize over a period of time. So, Unbounce has done that for you. They are literally the best at creating converting landing pages.

On the flipside, Clickfunnels are the Yoda of creating sales funnels. There are now many options available, but they are the OG of the industry and, in many ways, still the best. 

If we have to pick one, and we really don't want to, then all-in-all Clickfunnels give you more. You can learn to create converting landing pages, which is what most expert online marketers end up doing, and you get all the funnel creation tools that Unbounce just doesn't offer. Both great tools, but we'd recommend ClickFunnels.

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