Keala Kanae – Net Worth, Courses, Scam?

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Keala Kanae net worth: Keala Kanae is an internet marketer with a net worth of approximately $3 million dollars.

Digital marketing seems like a perfect way to make money from home at this time when the world hits a global pandemic.

There are tons of internet gurus to teach you how to make a 6-figure income monthly.

Take it from Keala Kanae of Fullstaq Marketer – the same guy behind AWOL Academy.

At the same time, you've heard some reviews from past customers before and would like to know whether diving with Kanae is a good idea. Is it worth the time, effort, and investment with him?

Will your expertise and income expand given the tricks mentioned in their books?

Keala Kanae Net Worth

According to Forbes and Huffpost, Kanae earned his first $1 million in AWOL’s first year.

In 2017, his net worth grew to a massive $30 million.

Keala Kanae's net worth is somewhere between $30 million to $50 million.

Who is Keala Kanae?

Probably you've come across his ads on Facebook and YouTube where he shows you his mansion. You wonder if you get to achieve something like that. But it's too easy.

So, you may want to know whether the 37-year-old marketer is legit or not. Here's our complete review of Keala Kanae and his company, Fullstaq Marketer.

His early years

Keala was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on the humbler side of the neighborhood and lived off in public housing. His father was a docker and his mother was a house cleaner. The couple split when the young Kanae was just 13 years old.

Five years later into college, he and some friends got into the business of hotel parties where people pay to get into these parties.

This venture allowed them to launch nightclub promotions. It ended ‘miserably’ for them, with Kanae losing all of his money in the foray.

But, this fired up Kanae’s passion for business and marketing. Similarly to Tai Lopez and Alex Becker.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006. It was a feat for his family since Kanae was the first one in his household to graduate from college.

Early Careers

After graduation, the reality of his finances struck him. He had $20,000 in debt and was struggling with minimum wage jobs in a coffee shop.

In August 2012, Kanae said in an interview that had hit rock bottom. He couldn’t even afford to buy his girlfriend of 7 years a birthday present. Rather, he asked his mother if she had one old, used purse to give for his girlfriend.

He slumped on the hallway rummaging through old boxes until he made the decision not to be in that state ever again.

Eight months later, he quit his job and got into a couple of internet marketing jobs and made a good 5-figure income.

First online marketing ventures

During his college years at the University of Hawaii, Kanae already dabbled into the world of online marketing. He attended courses and events to stack his knowledge of digital work. For instance, he served as a social media internet marketer for various companies from 2000 to 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Among these companies are Smile Entertainment, Exodus Entertainment, KK Auto, Stanton Mortgage, and Oahu Lending. As a café barista in 2012, he earned around $300 before getting a good $10,000 with digital marketing.

Sometime then, Kanae met his business partner and co-founder, Kameron George, to form Empower Network, a multilevel marketing strategy (also known as a pyramid, network, or referral marketing). The program encouraged online users to partake in affiliate marketing. It filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

Around the years, Kanae and George formed Project AWOL, an online marketing program short for, “Another Way of Life.” The business partners pushed two more umbrella programs called, Global Affiliate Zone and Elite Push, with expensive courses on how to start with affiliate marketing.

The two programs were merged as Kanae and George rebranded Project AWOL to AWOL Academy in 2015.

However, the famous internet marketing academy and mentorship programs closed its doors in 2018. Kanae and George parted ways, but the former rebranded AWOL to Fullstaq Marketer in 2019.

We’ll discuss these ventures below.

How Keala Kanae net worth grew


Kanae published free e-books for those who may want to start with online marketing. It goes by three names: Freelance Marketing Secrets, Freelance Digital Secrets, or Freelance Secrets Download.

The e-book itself is legit, but it’s more of a nudge to AWOL Academy or Fullstaq Marketing as a paying member. But still, you’re no obligation to join. The book and email won’t ask for payment information or personal details other than the name, email, and etc. This is a lead-generating strategy to hook you up to join his program.


AWOL Academy and Fullstaq Marketer is an educational masterclass program about online marketing. The now-defunct AWOL program starts at $49 with an introduction to internet income. As you progress, the Masters Academy will cost you $5,497.

Likewise, with Fullstaq Marketer, the foundational training program costs $997 that talks about digital marketing and how to build a sales funnel.

If you join Kanae in his affiliate marketing program, you get to earn 50% of his sales.

AWOL Academy Reviews

AWOL Academy was a popular training program back from 2015 to 2018 formed by Keala Kanae and Kameron George. Their digital marketing courses teach you how to make money online even if you're a complete beginner or have little background in the industry.

The program became its own company after Empower Network had a disagreement over an affiliate program with Project AWOL in 2013. So, Kanae and George formed AWOL Academy in 2015.

Keala Kanae's AWOL even made it to the Inc 5000 for being one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Courses and Prices

The company has six paid courses that give users a solid foundation of what online marketing is. Each course upsells the buyer and gives off a more detailed account of creating a website, lead generation techniques, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and sales funnel.

Internet Income Explained

This course is an introduction to how sales work in the digital space. It consists of 4-set videos that discuss the founders, the business, and the marketing mindset to achieve results online.

Price: $49

Pro Academy

The 5-set modules teach you to create your funnel by setting up your hosting website, landing page, and business autoresponders.

Price: $99

Inbox Academy

AWOL teaches you all about email marketing and how to leverage the tool to market your business. Discussed here are how to have a responsive email list, bits of copywriting for email, and how to get leads.

Price: $447

Conversion Academy

In this lesson, users get to convert are taught how to convert their leads by improving sales and marketing techniques to turn prospects into buyers. It’s a more in-depth guide to copywriting and storytelling methods to capture the attention of customers.

Price: $1,797

Traffic Academy

Getting traffic through paid ads is the main topic for this discussion. While it doesn’t talk about Google Adwords, it teaches you how to get traffic from social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Price: $2,997

Masters Academy

This masterclass focuses more on work productivity, management, money matters, the law of attraction, and mindset to start your online journey.

Price: $5,497

AWOL Elite

AWOL Elite allows you to work with AWOL’s digital marketing team and get a direct insight into what it’s like to earn online.

Price: $9,997

AWOL Academy Review: What people say about the program

AWOL courses are legitimate and have a ton of in-depth outlook over the industry. Kanae had the full experience of being an internet marketer and what he said reflects his years of experience.

That being said, the coaching is easy to grasp and perfect for those who wanted to start earning online. On the other hand, it’s pricey for people who are broke but want to have a shot at digital marketing.

What’s more, they advertised inclusive online tools used in their business. For a beginner marketer, no one has $500 to $1,000 in their pockets. The program guaranteed a $10,000 back in three months if you work hard – but, that’s not an easy feat.


1.  Lessons are easy, yet, in-depth for a full insight of the digital world

2.  Keala Kanae is a legit online marketing coach with real background experience

3.  AWOL also provides one-on-one coaching set to the users’ learning pace


1.  It’s pricey as the program progresses and there’s a lot of alternate learning materials found online that’s cheaper (or free!)

2.  The courses are somewhat ‘pushy’ when ‘encouraging’ existing clients to buy upsell marketing courses – making it sound shady and like a scam

3.  There’s a need to exclusively purchase the tools used in the courses

What happened to AWOL Academy?

The popularity of AWOL Academy seemed to fade over time and the business was caught up in all of its complaints. According to the Better Business Bureau, AWOL is not even BBB-credited.

A lot has been going down with AWOL Academy, and Kanae decided to part ways with George in 2018. But his training model flourished and even continued under the brand, Fullstaq Marketer.

What is Fullstaq and is it another kind of AWOL training program?

Fullstaq Marketer Review

Kanae rebranded AWOL Academy to Fullstaq Marketer after he parted ways with George. Its headquarter is still in Las Vegas, Nevada. AWOL Academy came under the scrutiny of the public which further pressured the company to change.

It follows the same business model of making money online through affiliate marketing. It offers training programs, coaching and support, and Fullstaq community.

Courses and Prices

The company has so far two available courses and two more upcoming training programs. These are Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, and Masters Labs.

Fullstaq Accelerator

The program is a comprehensive course for those seeking an introduction to online

marketing. Likewise, the training course teaches you how to set up your sales funnel, convert leads, and create your website.

Fullstaq 101

This guide consists of three in-depth training videos to help you start your online business.

Fullstaq Onboarding

The program welcomes you to the community where you can connect and network with other online marketers to help you in your business.

Fullstaq Edge

The course is akin to self-development where it teaches you of productivity and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Funnel Labs

This segment shares how to set up a sales funnel and how to convert leads to purchases with email marketing.

Overall, the whole course costs $997. The price is still heavy for an aspiring affiliate marketer, but it costs lower than its previous program back at AWOL Academy.

Traffic Labs

After purchasing the Fullstaq Accelerator, the program will nudge you to buy Traffic Labs. This course will help you leverage paid ads on social media to generate leads. In short, the module is similar to Traffic Academy and costs at

$1,997 – $1,000 short than the previous course.

Fullstag Marketer Review: What do people say about the program?

It’s too similar to AWOL Academy’s courses, but only a few hundred dollars off. Nonetheless,

that doesn’t mean it’s lighter in our pockets. As of now, many people are still referring Fullstaq Marketer as AWOL Academy and provided the same reviews, whether they’re positive or not.


1.  It’s cheaper than AWOL Academy while providing the same information depth as its predecessor

2.  There’s a 30-day refund, money-back policy if you’re dissatisfied with your order

3.  It comes with a certification


1.  Just because it’s cheaper than AWOL Academy, money like that don’t come very often

2.  It has a lot of hidden costs behind the hefty prices already

3.  While the course comes with a certification, the business is not accredited by BBB

Upcoming courses

Conversion Labs and Masters Labs are similar to the predecessors – Conversion Academy and Masters Academy. The former will also teach users on persuasive copywriting and storytelling techniques to hook leads.

Meanwhile, Masters Labs will talk more on tax planning, money management, and investing. They also have the Fullstaq Elite for $5,800 ‘reserved’ for people who are serious on their internet marketing journey.

So, is Keala Kanae and Fullstaq Marketer a scam?

Keala Kanae means well in helping other people succeed online. He’s had years of experience as an internet marketing coach to assist people in earning their 5-figure income and more.

However, the prices of the products are a concern for many people who would rather invest in cost-alternative courses. Not to mention, they’ll need it to purchase websites, social media ads, and online tools to help them get started.

What’s more, the way AWOL Academy and its Fullstaq brand don’t hold well in its marketing pitch. They sound shady and scam-like because they push customers to buy their upsell programs most of the time. This upselling always makes people think that’s how AWOL got its profit from.

Nonetheless, these problems can be slaked if one works hard enough to return their investments. It’s not easy, but it works for some people.

Is Keala Kanae a scam? No. The man has a solid track record of experience and success online. It can be seen in his programs how much depth of knowledge he possesses amasses all through the years.

But, should you plan on purchasing their courses? If you have $6,000 and the passion to work hard, then, why not?

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